Wazzal Open Sourced


Following my replay of Wazzal a while ago, and your persistent requests, I've decided to release the game as open source. You can find the source codes at SourceForge. Feel free to commit your own changes there.

The code is only about 12000 lines, but I didn't have time to put it into separate files at the time. Unlike Bikez 2, which I released earlier, Wazzal is mostly in English! Bear in mind, that it is still one of my earlier projects, so I'm releasing the code on one condition: If you're ever thinking about hiring me, don't judge my coding skills by this.

PS. We're making more enemy types to Driftmoon. And let me tell you, it's hard work training new monsters! They ate through my hat, and one of them nearly got away with Anne, but I've managed to capture a good number of them into Driftmoon! I'll tell you more about the little critters later.

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