Driftmoon Updated

A year ago I ran a short test with four different Driftmoon icons on the Play Store, and we found out that the icon with the businesslike skeleton was the most interesting one. (The skeleton by the way is Quan Sixfingers, who doesn't have an extra finger on his hand, but rather his wife has hidden some of his fingers due to a strange marital argument). For a year now Anne has been bugging me that the skeleton will make people think this is just another fighting game, so to prevent any trouble like poor Quan is having, I've updated our icon. Posting it here I just now noticed it looks quite a bit like this picture of me and Anne. I wonder what that means.

To celebrate our new icon, I've updated Driftmoon! New release 1.8.6 also brings some bugfixes:
  • Driftmoon is now available on the Microsoft Store!
  • Fixed mystery box bug.
  • Fix the trapped fly escaping before the player met him near the end fortress.
  • Fixed Bill sometimes dying from explosion near the end fortress.
  • Fixed Mother Wolf sometimes getting killed before the player even met her.
  • Various minor bugs and fixes.
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