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Forum » talent bug in Driftmoon 1.0?

talent bug in Driftmoon 1.0?

wyrlon (guest) 11 years ago

was there a bug when selecting talents in 1.0 gog version? I could have sworn i lost a talent point by selecting gold fish twice but only getting 1 point... when I try to reproduce after upgrading, it now seems ok, but since I loaded an old save I potentially have 1 point less.

Thanks for an amazing game.
ville 11 years ago
Thanks for the info wyrlon, it's the first I've heard of anyhting like that. It doesn't happen to me by just testing, so either it's something that happens rarely, or it's something that was already fixed somehow... I will keep a lookout for it happening again.
Forum » talent bug in Driftmoon 1.0?

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