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The ending (no spoilers)

stubbie 11 years ago
Well I finally finished. It is a fantastic game. I loved it.
I just wanted to comment on the ending(s).
It was great.
A lot of games have terrible endings and it leaves a player with a bad taste in their mouth. A bad ending can actually ruin a whole game, especially a linear game like Driftmoon.
But the (real) ending in Driftmoon leaves you feeling satisfied and uplifted. It totally completes the game. Thanks for going to the extra effort to make it so special.
A hint: save at the porthole before descending.

Oh btw. It recorded that I played Driftmoon in this latest playthrough for 960 minutes. Pretty good value in my books.
ville 11 years ago
Thanks Stubbie! Always love to hear what people think about the game, and hearing that they like it gives me a nice warm feeling.

We really did work on that ending for a long, long time, and there are actually four different alternatives.

Edited 11 years ago
Forum » The ending (no spoilers)

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