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Bump Maps and Roofing In Driftmoon

Zenuel 11 years ago
Hey! Perhaps this is something I'm just completely dumbfounded on, but I'm trying to wrap my head around the '3D Effect: Bump' tool when creating new terrain.

Currently no matter how I modify the shape it just gives me this bizarre jagged shape, and while trying to use said shape to make roofing; it doesn't exactly look right. Is there a step I'm forgetting, or perhaps a folder for bump maps that Driftmoon uses?

My most sincere thanks in advance, thank you for your time! :3
ville 11 years ago
Ah, another button that's a bit mislabeled. The bump-button should actually be called "Make bizarre bumpy shape thingy". That's a remnant from way back, should probably not be used, but was left because some mods still use it.

If you want to do roofs similar to how they're done in Northrop, just check how those maps do it, perhaps even copy a roof from there. They're just done by adjusting the z position of an individual point. But a better and nicer way to make a roof would be to use a 3D modeling tool, Blender for example. Any program that can output an .obj format will do.

The obj format that Driftmoon expects is:
-include normals
-include texture coordinates

Driftmoon doesn't support any kind of bump-mapping (at least yet), but to balance that off it works in most computers.
Zenuel 11 years ago
Oh wonderful! Thank you, and I've actually found a great use for that "Make bizarre bumpy shape thingy" button, it makes absolutely wonderful rocks!

Thank you so much for the help!
Forum » Bump Maps and Roofing In Driftmoon

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