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Thank you to the developers

thanksforthefun (guest) 11 years ago
I appreciate the time you spent making this game. I requested a feature, to map controls to my mouse, and it was in an update. Thank you. I recommend this game to anyone who wants a fun, playful adventure. I enjoyed it from start to finish. With this game it is apparent that you care about the people who play it, and want them to have a fun experience. Thanks for the fun time. I'll always be back to check out your games and recommend them to my friends. I really liked the neat items like the boots that lit the ground so you could find your way around mazes, and the characters that went with you on your journey.
Anne 11 years ago
Great to hear you've had such a fun time with Driftmoon, and thanks for letting us know about it!
Forum » Thank you to the developers

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