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a shortish story

sharx1 18 years ago
i wrote a story that i think is good and i would like your oppinion if any modders would like to use part of it for ideas feel free to do so but put me in the creditts and email me story is below
sharx1 18 years ago
A fate unfolded
back from the worst day of the week in school i just wish something would change i wish i wern't human all it is being human is learning then working, which is not fun to me. I have nout to do so i will just sleep like always... little did he no that it was all about to change that night he did go to sleep but he dident wake up in the morning, instead he changed he sub-consiosly produced a cocoon in his sleep and dident wake for at least a week. During that week the cocoon was examined and reexamined but the scientists couldn't detect life so they put it in a moor and forgot about it. Which alone was a mistake. The 'boy' broke the cocoon and smashed open the moor doors... i didn't think my wish was acctually a reality but i cant dwell on it i must escape this planet without being captured i recall all the knowledge of my pearents during my transformation i must use it to good use and build a space shuttle to escape this planet to a nearby system where i will have more time to upgrade my shuttle into a ship.

The plan
i got hold of a pen and paper and thought of my plan and all the consiquences but i thinck they are a risk i need to take for the good of my race but i have a strange feeling of clawing things to shreads and making my own brood but i must escape i MUST! My plan is to hich a ride on a cargo boat to america where i remember there being a space programme i belive by the name NASA. I also belive they will have everything i need but it will probably be heavily guarded after that i will take the base for myself and make my shuttle after that i will lanch off and say a sweet goodbye to this deadly and dangerous planet.

The start of a long journy
i must travel back home and gather a few surplies i am on the outskirts of london which isn't to far from my house so i will start running i find in this form im a lot faster and healthyer and a much higher staminer so i should be able to run all the way. But i cant stay on the road which will complicate things and if i want to reach there before dark i had better get started... i am on the street of my old house i must be quiet and sneaky but its not too hard now. Im at the front door i silently thrust my claws through the lock and break it and slowly open the door i hurry to the kitchen and gather some food along with warter and some sort of energy drink (it may come in handy) also a box of matches and a folding knife. I hurry upstairs along the wall leaveing big indents where ive peirced the wall to grip it and i hurry into my room where i grab a few books and other odd bits for entertainment as it will be a long journey. I swiftly leave the house and head for the port where i know there are boats that go to america.

Trouble at the docks
im at the doaks creaping onto the boat that is about to depart carrying food and shugar to america i creap to the lower deck and fing a coasy hiding place just as i settle down to sleap and preserve my energy a siren goes off alerting all boats to not set sail. They have probably seen me on a CCTV camera. i immediately thinck i must hide and avoid the partrols this is important and if i am captured hear i have no chance of getting off the planet i immediately pull open the vent behind me and clime in replacing the cover behind me. In the vent it is freezing and i wont be able to stay in for long without getting hurt or even killed. Im inches away from being unable to move but the oat sets of i try to reach for the vent cover but cant move im frozen stiff panick sirges through me like a ice stake im inches from deth i belive when i feel wormth the heaters must have turned on or warmed up and slowly i begin to thaw out.

Landing near Evanston IL
i can see the NASA base on the horizen as i creap off the ship and hurry out of town i must eat after the long journy and my body tingles as if it wants to change again but not entirely just improve i must rest soon and let it else it may force it to happen anyway even if i were in the most dangerous situation. So i will find a sutable area and rest for i belive it will happen tonight. By the end of the day i have coverd half the distance i need to and the most important and chalenging part of my journey lies just ahead like a tiger readying to pounce on its pray. This is the 2nd week scince i changed and ive coverd half the world i cant chicking out now over night i did change my eyesight is better and i can see clear at night as a human sees during the day. I make my way to the base its tower looming over me i stand a small speck against it i must take out the cameras one by one this will be hard but i must prevail i MUST!

In the lair of the beast
i crawl on all fours around and above the cameras at the enterance and take them out with 1 slash of my claws. I remember a game i played with an alien like me on i belive it was called notrium but i have more important issues than computer games the sercurity guy will have noticed two cameras being distroyed. But maby luck is on my side and he is asleep but i cant count on it. I enter through the main enterance and climb up the wall and onto the roof i slowly creep through the corridor and spot a camera its pointing right at me but no alarm has been raised i hurry to it and take it out to i may have luck on my side for once i thinck to myself. But then again a patrol hurrys round the corner and down this coridor they walk right below me and i jump down and slash the back of the neacks of the two back people which results in a quick and silent death boath good for me and the guards i slowly take out the ten guards this way and devour there bodys savouring the tast of freash blood in my mouth and a full stomach also knowing that ther is little evedance to the next squad of guards to patrol this corridor. I carry on running along the cealing taking out every camera i spot and working my way to the center chamber where i belive they have a shuttle that isent totally working but can go into space. On my way i go past a science lab where i see loads of long coils of wire i immediately thinck of a propultion system and it being a crutial part in it also there is a magnet there so i creap in and take them boath all i need now is full tanks and an engine. And maby a chasie but i just need a sheet of metal for that. I take out another three patrols devouring the bodys for food and to remove some evidence and finally reach the main chamber where true was my belife a lone shuttle stood i enter it and find that the crude propulsion system already installd has everything else i need i scavinge them and chuck out the rest scatterd around the room are sheets of metal. Inside the shuttle is a life support system aswell. I pick up a welding torch and quickly get to work on making the propulsion system whish consiststs of the wire wrapped around the mangnet like a coil which charges the battery which ignights the fuel in the engine to power the piston which turns the magnet which makes the energy to charge the batery and start the cycle again while the battry sparks off a bigger engine which are the thrusters and give liftoff as well as powering the lights, wepons and life support. The wepons consist of a coil of wire which is charged with huge amounts of elecrticity that it creates an electro magnet wich accelerates anything magnetic that goes through to high velocitys much faster than a bullet from a gun. After the electro magnet is made a tank shell or something of that mass is sent through it therefor being hurled incredably fast at the enamy ship. After i have made a crude space able shuttle i test the engiens which roar healthely and seconds after that enough power is produced to light the ship and power the life support and with an eaven healthyer roar the thrusters gain life and propel me into space minuits later with a satisfying beep the wepons are online too with plenty of ammo.

The not so uncharted space
i set a course for the sirius prime system and enter my quarters to prepare for my body changing again. I start to drift off to sleep when a warning beeping comes from the ship computer i immediately shake myself awake and run to the controls to see a vell-os javalin in front of my ship i slow the ship down to a stop and stare in awe of what im seeing the vell-os are a telepathic race much more powerful than the psionic race and even as io look at the javelin i know that the telepath is at least a t2 telepath which are still extreemly dangerous. I feel a strange pressure in my mind and then he speakes directly into my head “who are you, you onli have to thinck your reply i will hear it”
i thinck back to him “i am a lost creature trying to get home” and the strange rumballing of the vell-os replyes “ah so young yet so wise you mush be an arak hugar” i reply “aye that i am but you would already know as your race usualy knows everything” but in a strange mocking voice it replyes “that was not a wise comment but still you are learning i may help but i may not, that vessal your in is unlike any i have ever seen where did you get it” i simply state “i dident get it anywere i adapted a human shuttle that couldn't evern go a lightyear never mind 10 000 000 i am going to upgrade it when i get to my destination” he simply replyes “your wepons are stronger than many other races why should souch a small ship need souch large wepons” i reply “for protection” he just says ok and flyes away and i carry on my journy arriveing at sirius prime the next day with a bigger pull towards making my own brood.
sharx1 18 years ago
btw that is the start kinda and im in the middle of finishing the rest that took me about 2 hours lol and if you have ideas or comments for the next chapters post them hear ty
Idiota 18 years ago
If you have comments on someone, comment on him over PM. It's a private and fast way of telling someone a thing or two and more importantly, it keeps topics from going off-topic.

This of course refers to you, Grimsy and Mageking. I know you mean it well.
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