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the Best and Worst of Notrium v1.2

ZeXLR8er 20 years ago
hi everyone. :bounce
just out of interest, could all my fellow notriumaniums share with us their favorite (or least favorite) new changes or features of notrium v1.2?
it could be things like the the new map system, the time bar, the weight system, the new map system, the... well, i'll leave the rest up to u.

:thmbup :thmbdn
Quanrian 20 years ago
I like most everything in the new version.

:thmbdn I'll have to give a thumbs down to the new enemy AI though, while it is somewhat more diversified the enemies are now incredibly stupid and I almost feel bad for them now as I kill them. Even after shooting an enemy if you're out of range they're not going to come for you, they'll just try and scurry back their original spot. Some enemies seem to be exceptions but those are the ones you can't see so its easier to accidentally cross their visual range. They also seem to roam about way less than they used to. It may just be the difficulty I was playing on, but even Normal they should at least have a reaction to being shot.

:thmbup I definately want to give a thumbs up for the Friendly AI, its fairly well done and its something that has been requested for a very long time.

:thmbup Alot of people probably hate it, but I like the new weight system, while some of the weights certainly are off it serves its purpose pretty well, which is to keep you from stocking up too easily. The purpose of it is mainly to make you have to set up at least one base where you store all your stuff. So when you find a heavy and probably vital item you can stash it there.

:thmbup More Weapon Special Effects finally ! There is now 5 options instead of 1 for a Weapon's Special Effect and that certainly helps diversify the weapons even further.

:thmbup I'm a weapon nut so naturally asides from the Weapon Special Effects you can pick the Visual Effect that happens when a Weapon hits, not to mention two new lazer colors

:thmbup This is a twofer. Who doesn't like the new Map System It may be slightly limited in some ways but now you can really design the layout and together with the new Portals your options are very open indeed.

Well thats all I can think of for now, overall I like the new version.
Shekinahguild 20 years ago

I must say that i have enjoyed Notrium alot...both versions.

In fact I loved the change in general as I am an addict already and needed some new challenges.

The whole map enhancement is great... though a larger map would be in order to fully take advantage of this feature. With luck, someone who has gads of time will build a mod with such vast turf....

I am still learning the many weapons combinations and I like the ballance thus far between parts, power, time of use, etc.. nice job!

I also agree that the enemy is an easy target now since they are border lurker prone.

My one and only beef is the singular food replicator chip for the replicator.

You can't take 100 rations with you to a new holdout.. so.. um,... I can live with things the way they are since now the maps seem to center around the small starting area... and this is obviously a great place to stash your stuff.

A+ for the game though.. I needed to say this since I have enjoyed many hours of play time and have yet only probably played a small percentage of total game hours before I move on.

The concept is great.. though, I must admit that I am a bit slow following a few things yet this only furthers my resonve to discovor things like.. what the heck is the green world globe and the green alter deal about? HuH??!! I love to suffer until I find out.

Playing Notrium is a reward for my patients in seeking creative games.
ville 20 years ago
The AI definitely needs a boost. I'm planning on rewriting portions of it and testing it thoroughly.
ZeXLR8er 20 years ago
Ok, lets see...

:thmbup i give an absolute thumbs up to the new weight system. when your playing notrium v1.11 and you look in your inventory and see that u have 143 alien meats, 54 alien corpses, 34 assorted weapons, 12 long metal poles, 22 fuel cells, 12 fuel converters, 7 computer units, etc, etc, it makes you think 'shouldn's the race im playing with be called superhuman?'

:thmbup the new map system is great and it makes modding so much easier. The only downside is when you download the game it only comes with about 5 areas to explore, unlike all the areas you get in v1.11. still, its pretty easy to just copy Random Area half a dozen times. (maybe Quanrian you could do that already in the new expansion u r making? a simply huge map made up of dozens of areas would be great to play; almost every area you enter would be new to explore and it would make the new l.r. scanner invaluable.)

:thmbup the new weapon special effects are great

:thmbdn like quanrian said, the enemy ai needs improving

:thmbup :thmbup :thmbup :thmbup overall, i think its a great game and i can only find one small fault. it definitly takes the prize for being the best game iv ever downloaded!
ville 20 years ago
It isn't that difficult to make new maps, expect more in near future. If Quanrian doesn't put them in the expansion, I will at least make a few in the upcoming version (it will take a good while until I have time to make it though).
Quanrian 20 years ago
I do plan on making several areas and not only that, but per usual I'm going to introduce some new gameplay elements that should hopefully spice things up a bit. The majority of the areas I am going to add are going to be hidden, they'll use the portal system and at times you will need a key type item to operate them.

Now one thing I do have to warn you about, is that once I add the areas I've got planned it will at least change one or more of the endings and so while it may not be as different as night and day, you are going to notice some signifigant differences and improvements.

I actually was going to start working on it the other day, but lucky me after catching two colds this month I was blessed with a stomach virus as
Koffi 20 years ago
:thmbup yeh great i love to hate the weight system but it is way more balanced

:thmbup yeh easily better than 1.1 and more fun

hope ya get better quan so you can get on with some werk
Quanrian 20 years ago
Thanks much for the kind words and I have begun seriously working on the Expansion, though you may not see it until AFTER the next update, since it doesn't fully support everything the way I want it and I'm never happy to fudge things if I don't have to. If it is a long while till the update to Notrium than chances are it'll be integrated into the update and so that'll save you the trouble of multiple downloads
ville 20 years ago
Don't count on update to Notrium anytime within the next month. I'm on my well deserved study break, plus with my computer suddenly formatted I've been set back a little with my plans. I'm currently on my backup machine trying to figure out how to reconstruct the filetable.
ZeXLR8er 20 years ago
oh yeah, i forgot one thing in my :thmbup :thmbdn.

:thmbup a big thumbs up to the rg health meter. The only downside is that it makes hidden creatures easy to find. its going to make it a bit hard for my mod, since i have got plenty of new creatures that you are not supposed to know are there until you bump right into them.

maybe in the new update there could be the option of disabling the health meter. it wouldn't make modding that much harder, since it would probably look something like this:

-1//show health bar, -1=no, 0=yes 1=only once attacked (neutral creatures only),
85;//corpse item number in items.dat, -1=nothing, -2=whole corpse vanishes when dead
1;//corpse item amount
1;//attack type, 0=shooting attack, 1=close combat
1;//show on radar 0=does not show, 1=does show (small dot), 2=does show (big dot)
0;//AI tactic. 0=hunter, 1=coward, 2=neutral
1;//show footsteps, 0=no, 1=yes
0;//die after how many seconds, 0=doesn't die
-1;//spawn creature, -1=nothing
0;//spawn interval, -2=on any death, -1=on timed death, 0=never, 1<=time in seconds
-1;//eat item number from items.dat, -1=nothing
-1;//eat event -1=nothing, 0=increase health by parameter0, 1=die when eaten amount parameter0 and spawn creature if spawn_creature set, 2=spawn new creature when eaten amount parameter0, 3=change into creature spawn_creature when eaten amount parameter0
0;//eat parameter0
1.50;//movement speed
1.50;//turn speed
1;//how many weapons are listed below
23;//weapon number
3;//number of hit sounds listed below
groan0.wav;//hit sound
groan1.wav;//hit sound
groan2.wav;//hit sound
3;//number of die sounds listed below
groan0.wav;//die sound
groan1.wav;//die sound
groan2.wav;//die sound

bold is the new option.

it probably isn't the most inportant thing in the world but it is one of those small things which make making a good looking mod hard.
Quanrian 20 years ago
That's logical and probably wont even be that hard to test so I'm sure that will get added to Ville's list. I've got my own list
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