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Alien question

Zombie medicine 17 years ago
Ther are some questions abaut alien that i whana now.
1.Is it true that when you morph to 1000 that the alien can lay eggs?
2.If true how do they lay whait in the nest till a baby come or what?!
3.How much babys can you have?
I will ask more question lather when i remember,you know im in a hurry.
Of cours you can ask others race,thingis or whatever do you whanna
Pete 17 years ago
You dont lay eggs, you find them.

So in essence, you can have as much babies as you can find eggs, but I cant remember right now how much eggs are out there.

And no I am NOT going to tell you where the eggs are, it is obvious enough.
Grim Reaper 17 years ago
"Pete" said:
You don't lay eggs, you find them.
Actually, you CAN lay eggs. You just gotta make a nest first.

As for the number of babies, I'd say you can get as many children as you can lay eggs.

And you wait for the egg to hatch into a larva, then feed it with the corpses of the opposite alien race (blue alien larva eats brown alien corpses and vice versa). Then you just keep feeding the alien after it evolves from larva to keep it at full health. Perhaps even get the bugger to grow up.
Pete 17 years ago
Hm. I always thought you get to stal the eggs from the big nest where the queens are and them hatch it in your nest...
Anonymous1157 17 years ago
You do. Those are for Humans to be able to take advantage of pets.

... And there IS a question thread.
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