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weird enemies

TL3237477 20 years ago
I simply don't understand why enemies constantly smash into your ship and then shoot you dead! How do you get those new ships!

and I don't understand the point of trying to take over a ship with 8 enemies and 4 allied units... I keep finding this impossible...
ville 20 years ago
It's a difficult game. There's no magical tip to help you fight better. Just keep taking over enemies you can kill, gradually building your fleet until you can finally win the biggest enemies.
Crazy 20 years ago
the end was veeeery dissappointing and easy for me. i just blasted them away with the laser. way too easy. Otherwise a great game.
Toko 19 years ago
whats the trik?
Crazy 19 years ago
ZeXLR8er 19 years ago
I think he means 'Whats the trick for winning'.
Toko, if you read the other messages, you'd see that Ville had just said there was no trick.
iceman 19 years ago
dude, just try to do the missions.... thats all i did and i compleated it in about 20 mins!
Wicked 19 years ago
Iceman, I know you're new and all.. but what's the point of posting on old posts that are hardly read?
Nuts 19 years ago
I think that this is cool to chat over and over, until you die.
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