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Forum » Ludum Dare anyone?

Ludum Dare anyone?

NeoGangster 10 years ago
It's starting in around one hour.
Ludum Dare link

Anyone from here in? Ville?
I'll be joining the jam and here's my profile page in case you wanna stalk me.
If anyone from here joins, let me know so we can stalk and motivate each other to actually finish our shit

Let's have some fun making games in 48/72 hours.
ville 10 years ago
I'd love to join one of these someday, but I'm a one project at a time guy. I'd have to finish what I'm making before starting in a competition.

I like the premise of your last year's entry by the way, the laboratory thing. Can I steal that for Notrium 2?
NeoGangster 10 years ago
I can only recommend joining lududm dare as it only takes one weekend and it's really a lot of fun
The idea generation phase is always especially fun as I talk the theme over with friends and we have really fun ideas most of the time.
If you wanna see what idea I'm developing this time then you might consider reading my small day 1 recap ^^

Steal as much as you want as long as you make a good game with it
I hope I can finish the lost lab at some point in the future. There is so much I still want to do with it.
NeoGangster 10 years ago
It's over... at least for me
As the end draws closer I decided to finish it with my latest stable build.
I'm pretty happy with how the game turned out

Link to my game

Now it's time to play and rate other games
Forum » Ludum Dare anyone?

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