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Forum » Questions after beating the game (spoiler potential)

Questions after beating the game (spoiler potential)

caldur06 (guest) 10 years ago
First off, Driftmoon was an unexpectedly fun little game! I liked a lot of it, but hands-down Fizz is now one of my favorite-st companions ever. I only wish I could continue adventuring with him forever. Thanks for making it and sharing it with us!

Having beaten it now, I have a couple questions. Are there multiple endings? Should I play through it again for other than completion's sake?

Secondly, I see that it's greenlighted on Steam now as well. I really like Steam's ability to keep my data saved. Is there any way to redeem a GOG-purchased game and add it to my library on Steam permanently?

And finally, I was never able to figure out - is there an "optimal" ability score? I ended up with 20 int on my playthrough and 5s in everything else, and I felt like the "extra experience points" I gained (for a final of about 26 or 27 levels) didn't really add up to all that much. Is there anywhere I can find out more about the stats of the game?
ville 10 years ago
There are a few different endings, you probably saw the end sequence of what happened to the various characters after the game - your decisions affect much of that. And of course you can get three different variations of the end, depending on what you do at the very end.

We will be giving away Steam keys to everyone who purchased through our own site. Unfortunately we cannot do that for GOG purchases, but keep your eyes open within the coming week or two for good deals on Driftmoon.

As for the ability scores, from my point of view, I've tried to make it impossible to have an optimal system, and to provide variety. Getting a lot of levels by getting max intelligence does net you nice bonuses from the talents, and you can easily use that strategy on the easier difficulty levels - but on any of the higher levels you'll need to those fighting stats as well.
Forum » Questions after beating the game (spoiler potential)

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