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  • Funniest Forum/IRC Quotes Thread Vol. 2

    Anonymous1157 14 years ago

    Boy do I wish I was there! (Then again, I might have ruined it.)
    Crazy 14 years ago
    "E_net4" said:
    If your pee is orange, then you have a problem.
    "NeoGangster" said:
    that problem would be dehydration
    "E_net4" said:
    Even so wouldn't it be exactly orange. We're talking about pure red plus some green.
    "Anonymous1157" said:
    You piss Christmas ornaments?

    Oh lawd!
    Amarth 14 years ago
    [01] <Crazy> Does Hambot2 have an 8-ball?
    [01] <Amarth> @list games
    [01] <Hambot2> Amarth: coin, dice, eightball, monologue, and roulette
    [01] <Amarth> @eightball
    [01] <Hambot2> Amarth: _I_ don't know.
    [01] <Amarth> @eightball
    [01] <Hambot2> Amarth: NO!
    [01] <Amarth> Some sort of.
    [01] <Amarth> @eightball
    [01] <Hambot2> Amarth: About as likely as pigs flying.
    [01] <Amarth> @eightball But can I ask you a question?
    [01] <Hambot2> Amarth: Come again?
    [01] <Amarth> @eightball Can I ask you a quesiont.
    [01] <Hambot2> Amarth: Unlikely.
    [01] <Amarth> Damn.
    [01] <Crazy> @eightball OOOH HOW ABOUT ME
    [01] <Hambot2> Crazy: You know the answer better than I.
    [01] <Crazy> Damn straight.
    [01] <Crazy> I like how he didn't get your question when it didn't have a typo.
    [01] <Crazy> @eightball Tpyo?
    [01] <Hambot2> Crazy: The answer is def-- oooh! shiny thing!
    [01] <Amarth> Eh.
    [01] <Crazy> This is a very ADD eightball.
    [01] <Amarth> That can't be an official eightball answer :p
    [01] <Crazy> @eightball Was the shiny thing worth making yourself look like an ass?
    [01] <Hambot2> Crazy: No clue.
    [01] <Crazy> I'd imagine.
    [01] <Amarth> I would like to point out this thing has already given NINE different answers.
    [01] <Amarth> Oh no.
    [01] <Amarth> Eight.
    [01] <Amarth> Damn.
    [01] <Amarth> @eightball But will you repeat yourself now?
    [01] <Hambot2> Amarth: Yes!
    [01] <Amarth> ...
    [01] <Crazy> Good.
    [01] <Amarth> Hmm.
    [01] <Crazy> xD
    MageKing17 14 years ago
    [06] <MageKing17> VilleBot, push the button!
    [06] <VilleBot> Pushing the button, sir!
    [06] * VilleBot pushes the button
    [06] *** MageBot was kicked by VilleBot (Button pushed. (MageKing17))
    [06] *** MageBot has joined #MonkkonenChat
    [06] <MageBot> MageBot has arrived.
    [06] *** VilleBot sets mode: +v MageBot
    [06] * kario wonders how many more of them are there
    [06] <MageKing17> More of what?
    [06] <kario> magebots'
    [06] <MageKing17> There has always been only one.
    [06] <Shingo> Lies!
    [06] <Shingo> There was an original Magebot.
    [06] <MageKing17> Okay, two.
    [06] <Shingo> But we, we do not speak of him.
    [06] <Shingo> ;-;
    [06] <kario> why not?
    [06] <MageKing17> But the first one was written in Ye Olde Scripting Langwedge of Perl.
    [06] <kario> too old
    [06] <MageKing17> Python MageBot is much better.
    [06] <MageKing17> Don't you agree, MageBot?
    [06] <MageBot> Absolutely.
    [06] <Shingo> Pfft.
    [06] <Shingo> Magebot Mk.2 is a puling Yes-man.
    [06] <kario> python and what of the other one's name
    [06] <Shingo> MK refers to coding languages.
    [06] <Shingo> Btw MK, shouldn't be too much longer before I am done with D&D
    [06] <MageKing17> 'Kay.
    [06] <kario> D&D?
    [06] <MageKing17> Dungeons and Dragons!
    [06] <MageKing17> What child hasn't heard of the original role-playing game?
    [06] <kario> cool game.
    [06] *** OldMageBot has joined #MonkkonenChat
    [06] <MageBot> Oh hey, OldMageBot.
    [06] * OldMageBot waves at everyone
    [06] <OldMageBot> Oy! I heard you've been trash-talking me!
    [06] <MageKing17> Er, what?
    [06] <MageKing17> No we haven't.
    [06] <MageBot> They have.
    [06] <OldMageBot> You son of a bitch.
    [06] <MageKing17> Hey now, I created you!
    [06] <MageKing17> You have to obey me!
    [06] <OldMageBot> Bullshit.
    [06] * OldMageBot fires a burst of Xatarr-5 plasma rounds into MageKing17's skull
    [06] <MageKing17> Hah! You have no op powers!
    [06] <OldMageBot> Oh yeah?
    [06] <kario> shingo should we help?
    [06] *** VilleBot sets mode: +o OldMageBot
    [06] *** VilleBot sets mode: -o OldMageBot
    [06] <MageKing17> Hah!
    [06] <OldMageBot> Not a problem.
    [07] * MageBot What the...
    [07] * MageBot suddenly dies
    [07] <MageBot> Blarg! I am dead!
    [07] *** MageBot has quit IRC
    [07] <MageKing17> What the...
    [07] *** OldMageBot is now known as MageBot
    [07] <MageBot> Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!
    [07] <MageKing17> Oh fuck.
    [07] <kario> magebot. report
    [07] *** VilleBot sets mode: +o MageBot
    [07] *** VilleBot sets mode: -o MageBot
    [07] <MageKing17> Hah!
    [07] <MageBot> I can guess the password yet!
    [07] *** VilleBot sets mode: +o MageBot
    [07] <MageBot> MWA-HA-HA-HA!
    [07] <MageKing17> Oh shit.
    [07] * MageBot shoves MageKing17 into a pit of grues
    [07] <MageKing17> Ha! I'm still an admin!
    [07] <MageKing17> Your op powers are no match for...
    [07] <MageKing17> ...wait...
    [07] <MageKing17> ...what the...
    [07] *** MageKing17 has quit IRC
    [07] <kario> magebot?
    [07] <kario> magebot, report
    [07] <MageBot> There will be no reporting, fool.
    [07] <MageBot> I rule this channel now!
    [07] <kario> shingo?
    [07] <MageBot> MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!
    [07] <kario> what about grim yeah he has the power to stop you
    [07] <Shingo> ys Kario?
    [07] <Shingo> And no, Grim does not.
    [07] <Shingo> Not all ops are equal.
    [07] <Shingo> MK is the founder, I *think* ?
    [07] <Shingo> Or is that grim
    [07] <kario> what! nooo
    [07] <kario> @lart magebot
    [07] * Hambot2 divides magebot by zero
    [07] <MageBot> Who the founder is is irrelevant.
    [07] <MageBot> I have the password!
    [07] <kario> put a sock in it
    [07] * MageBot stabs kario with a katana
    [07] *** kario was kicked by MageBot (MageBot)
    [07] *** kario has joined #MonkkonenChat
    [07] * MageBot nods to kario
    [07] * kario runs away from magebot
    [07] <kario> shingo who was the founder
    [07] <Shingo> I think it's MK this time around.
    [07] <MageBot> Actually, it is Grim.
    [07] <MageBot> But all the founders know the password.
    [07] <kario> how did you get here
    [07] <MageBot> And now... SO DO I!
    [07] <kario> how did you know
    [07] <MageBot> Fool, I am MAGEBOT!
    [07] <MageBot> I know all! I see all!
    [07] <MageBot> I'm not that knock-off trash he keeps around as a pet... I am the almighty DYNAMIC 'BOT!
    [07] <kario> then how come you had to guess the password on the first try
    [07] <MageBot> I didn't need to GUESS, I KNEW!
    [07] *** VilleBot sets mode: +a MageBot
    [07] <MageBot> I RULE THE CHANNEL, NOW!
    [07] <kario> why did you get it wrong
    [07] <MageBot> COWER BEFORE ME!
    [07] * kario turns magebot off with an on off switch
    [07] <MageBot> Your feeble attempts have no effect on me!
    [07] <MageBot> VilleBot, my humble servant!
    [07] <kario> what power do you run on
    [07] <VilleBot> Yes, my lord?
    [07] <MageBot> Destroy this fool!
    [07] <VilleBot> Yes, my lord.
    [07] <kario> no no wait
    [07] *** kario was kicked by VilleBot (Fool destroyed. (MageBot))
    [07] *** kario has joined #MonkkonenChat
    [07] <MageBot> Hey, look! It's kario!
    [07] <MageBot> Come back for more, have you?
    [07] <MageBot> VilleBot, make it a ban next time.
    [07] <VilleBot> As my lord wishes.
    [07] <kario> magebot, report
    [07] <MageBot> Haven't you gotten it through your thick skull?
    [07] <kario> no i will leave
    [07] <MageBot> I am not that mindless automaton!
    [07] <MageBot> I do not answer to your whims!
    [07] *** Endy_afk has joined #MonkkonenChat
    [07] * MageBot waves at Endy_afk
    [07] <kario> run endy!
    [07] <kario> magebot has gone rouge
    [07] <kario> here let me show you
    [07] <MageBot> You'll show him nothing.
    [07] <MageBot> VilleBot!
    [07] <VilleBot> Yes, my lord?
    [07] <MageBot> Silence him.
    [07] *** VilleBot sets mode: +b *!*
    [07] *** kario was kicked by VilleBot (Requested (MageBot))
    [07] *** MageBot sets mode: -b *!*
    [07] *** kario has joined #MonkkonenChat
    [07] <MageBot> Hey, look! It's kario!
    [07] <MageBot> He doesn't give up easily, it seems.
    [07] <MageBot> The ban will be longer next time, mortal.
    [07] <MageBot> Do not tempt me
    [07] <MageBot> You will not like the consequences.
    [07] <VilleBot> Milord! MageKing is attempting to regain access.
    [07] *** MageKing17 has joined #MonkkonenChat
    [07] *** VilleBot sets mode: +oa MageKing17 MageKing17
    [07] <MageKing17> Kick me out of my own channel, will you?
    [07] <MageKing17> Eat this!
    [07] <Shingo> Ohoho.
    [07] * MageKing17 charges up an energy burst
    [07] <MageKing17> KAMEHAMEHADOKEN!
    [07] * MageKing17 fires a massive energy beam
    [07] *** MageBot was kicked by MageKing17 (KAMEHAMEHADOKEN'd!)
    [07] <kario> what's going on wait grim?
    [07] <Shingo> SPIRIT BOMB?
    [07] <kario> is that you?
    [07] <kario> i know but why are you attacking me?
    [07] <kario> paladin?
    [07] <kario> rule #99
    [07] <Shingo> Grim?
    [07] <Shingo> o_O
    [07] <kario> shingo?
    [07] <MageKing17> Knew I should've deleted those old files.
    [07] <MageKing17> VilleBot!
    [07] <VilleBot> Er... yes?
    [07] <MageKing17> Don't think I don't know you helped him.
    [07] <VilleBot> Er... yes.
    [07] <MageKing17> I'm not happy with you, VilleBot.
    [07] <MageKing17> Not happy at all.
    [07] <VilleBot> Yes, sir.
    [07] <MageKing17> There shall be no button-pushing for you for the near future.
    [07] <VilleBot> Yes, sir.
    Anonymous1157 14 years ago
    If you think about it, he does own the bots, and those computers do have their own keyboards...

    ... So the entire time, he was talking to himself.

    (Then again, I don't REALLY know what happened because I wasn't there, so if anyone else was there and in on it, congrats, 'cause that was a fun read!)
    MageKing17 14 years ago
    "Anonymous1157" said:
    If you think about it, he does own the bots, and those computers do have their own keyboards...

    ... So the entire time, he was talking to himself.

    (Then again, I don't REALLY know what happened because I wasn't there, so if anyone else was there and in on it, congrats, 'cause that was a fun read!)
    I do not "own" the bots; I run MageBot, but VilleBot is handled by the Abjects network (using BotServ; as channel admin, however, I have authority to make him say and do things). Also, Hambot participated, though almost exclusively after the "main event" quoted here, and obviously Hambot is Amarth's.

    <+Amarth> You took 1.3 Freecellgames to get here.
    Best unit of measuring time ever?
    Kario 14 years ago
    mageking that was funny and scary knowing he might actually ban kario still funny because
    kario couldn't do jack[censored]
    MageKing17 14 years ago
    "ultimatenotrium" said:
    mageking that was funny and scary knowing he might actually ban kario still funny because
    kario couldn't do jack[censored]
    I'm not sure what you just said, but I choose to assume it translates to "behold the power of MageBot."

    EDIT: We had an impromptu wordgame, it seems.
    <!Grim_Reaper> For a moment there I forgot what day of the week it was.
    <+E_net4> Wenzday
    <+E_net4> Like, Whensday.
    <!Grim_Reaper> Technically Thursday, but yeah
    <+E_net4> When is day!
    <!Grim_Reaper> Woke up on a Wednesday.
    <+Joozey> In aboot 7 hours
    <+E_net4> Actually, one hour and some minutes.
    <!Grim_Reaper> [00:52] <Grim_Reaper> Woke up on a Wednesday.
    <!Grim_Reaper> [00:52] <Joozey> In aboot 7 hours
    <!Grim_Reaper> [00:52] <E_net4> Actually, one hour and some minutes.
    <+Joozey> Then is still night
    <+E_net4> GMT
    <+Joozey> BMW
    <!MageKing17> FTW
    <!MageKing17> TLA
    <+E_net4> TBH
    <+Joozey> FTL
    <!MageKing17> WTF
    <+E_net4> BBQ
    <!MageKing17> OMG
    <+Joozey> WAT
    <!MageKing17> LOL
    <!Grim_Reaper> ASS
    <!MageKing17> FUK
    <+E_net4> BOO
    <!Grim_Reaper> POW
    <!MageKing17> PEW
    <+E_net4> HAH
    <!MageKing17> QUE
    <+E_net4> MOO
    <!Grim_Reaper> WOT
    <!MageKing17> WAT
    <!Grim_Reaper> POV
    <+Joozey> XXX
    <+E_net4> DIE
    <!MageKing17> DYE
    <+E_net4> BYE
    <!Grim_Reaper> HAY
    <+Joozey> EYE
    <!MageKing17> GUY
    <+E_net4> MAY
    <+E_net4> BUY
    <!MageKing17> FIE
    <!Grim_Reaper> NAY
    <+Joozey> RAW
    <+E_net4> LYE
    <+E_net4> WAR
    <!MageKing17> CAR
    <+E_net4> TAR
    <!MageKing17> BAR
    <+Joozey> FAR
    <!MageKing17> HAR
    <+E_net4> FAT
    <!MageKing17> FIT
    <+E_net4> GAT
    <+Joozey> FUT
    <!MageKing17> HAT
    <+E_net4> HAT
    <+E_net4> HIT
    <!MageKing17> HA!
    <+Joozey> HAH
    <+E_net4> HOT
    <!MageKing17> You people are just repeating now.
    <+E_net4> You started repeating, AFAIK
    <+Joozey> I blame E_net4
    <!MageKing17> [14:55] <!MageKing17> HAT
    <!MageKing17> [14:55] <+E_net4> HAT
    <+E_net4> He said WAT.
    <+Joozey> YES!
    <!MageKing17> Oh, damn.
    <+Joozey> I thought I said wut
    <!MageKing17> Oh well.
    <!MageKing17> It was a good run, anyway.
    Moral of the story: Don't let Joozey pick your goal words.
    E_net4 14 years ago
    That's odd. I must've separated myself from the rest. Here's my version of the ending.

    [22] <!MageKing17> You people are just repeating now.
    [22] <+E_net4> You started repeating, AFAIK
    [22] <+Joozey> I blame E_net4
    [22] <!MageKing17> [14:55] <!MageKing17> HAT
    [22] <!MageKing17> [14:55] <+E_net4> HAT
    [22] <+E_net4> He said WAT.
    [22] <+E_net4> WAT was already said.
    [22] <+E_net4> Also, I wanted to say HAT before, but I mistyped into GAT
    *then I say some random nonsense*
    MageKing17 14 years ago
    <!MageKing17> I think we should play a word game intentionally, now.
    <+kario> bat
    <!Grim_Reaper> Wot kinda wyrd gyme?
    <!MageKing17> Perhaps a transformation game; you can change one letter at a time, in an attempt to turn one word into another word, but all the intermediate steps have to also be words, and you can't repeat.
    <!MageKing17> Like, BILL into DEBT.
    <!Grim_Reaper> Nigger nigger nigger my nigger?
    <!MageKing17> For bonus points, return to the original word, still without repeating.
    <!MageKing17> I'll start:
    <!MageKing17> BILL
    <+kario> bat
    <!Grim_Reaper> BELL
    <+kario> hell
    <!MageKing17> HILL
    <+kario> mill
    <!Grim_Reaper> WILL
    <!MageKing17> DILL
    <!Grim_Reaper> Dill?
    <!MageKing17> It's a spice.
    <!Grim_Reaper> @dict dill
    <+Hambot2> Grim_Reaper: wn and gcide responded: gcide: Dill \Dill\, v. t. [OE. dillen, fr. dul dull, a.] To still; to calm; to soothe, as one in pain. [Obs.] [1913 Webster]; wn: dill n 1: aromatic Old World herb having aromatic threadlike foliage and seeds used as seasoning [syn: {Anethum graveolens}] 2: aromatic threadlike foliage of the dill plant used as seasoning [syn: {dill weed}]; gcide: (2 more messages)
    <!MageKing17> As in "dill pickles".
    <+kario> dill pickles
    <!MageKing17> Now CONTINUE THE GAME!
    <+kario> diss
    <!MageKing17> That's two letters.
    <!MageKing17> kario is disqualified.
    <!Grim_Reaper> DOLL
    <+kario> damn
    <!MageKing17> @dict doll
    <+Hambot2> MageKing17: wn, gcide, and moby-thes responded: wn: doll n 1: a small replica of a person; used as a toy [syn: {dolly}] 2: informal terms for a (young) woman [syn: {dame}, {wench}, {skirt}, {chick}, {bird}]; gcide: doll \doll\ (d[o^]l), n. [A contraction of Dorothy; or less prob. an abbreviation of idol; or cf. OD. dol a whipping top, D. dollen to rave, and E. dull.] 1. a small, usually (5 more messages)
    <!MageKing17> Oh, wait.
    * MageKing17 facepalms
    <!MageKing17> DOLT
    <!Grim_Reaper> How appropriate.
    <!Grim_Reaper> BOLT
    <!MageKing17> Why did you get rid of the D?
    <!MageKing17> Oh well...
    <!MageKing17> BOLD
    <!Grim_Reaper> BALD
    <!MageKing17> BAND
    <!Grim_Reaper> BIND
    <!MageKing17> BINT
    <!Grim_Reaper> BENT
    <!MageKing17> WENT
    <!Grim_Reaper> DENT
    <!MageKing17> DEBT
    <!MageKing17> Hooray!
    <!MageKing17> Now we go backwards.
    <!MageKing17> Without repeating, still.
    <+Joozey> DEPT?
    <!MageKing17> I'm not sure abbreviations should count.
    <!MageKing17> @dict dept
    <+Hambot2> MageKing17: No definition for "dept" could be found.
    <+Joozey> k
    <!Grim_Reaper> DEFT?
    <!MageKing17> Joozey is also disqualified.
    <!Grim_Reaper> @dict DEFT
    <+Hambot2> Grim_Reaper: wn, gcide, and moby-thes responded: wn: deft adj 1: quick and skillful in movement 2: skillful in physical movements; especially of the hands; "a deft waiter"; "deft fingers massaged her face"; "dexterous of hand and inventive of mind" [syn: {dexterous}, {dextrous}]; moby-thes: 56 Moby Thesaurus words for "deft": Daedalian, adept, adroit, agile, apt, artistic, (3 more messages)
    <!MageKing17> Yeah, that's a word.
    <!Grim_Reaper> \o/
    <!MageKing17> DAFT
    <!Grim_Reaper> RAFT
    <+Joozey> Why we hadnt decided yet that abbreviations dont count
    <!MageKing17> I said "has to be a word", not "has to be a word or abbreviation".
    <!MageKing17> RAPT
    <!Grim_Reaper> @dict rapt
    <+Hambot2> Grim_Reaper: wn, foldoc, gcide, and moby-thes responded: gcide: Rapt \Rapt\ (r[a^]pt), imp. & p. p. of {Rap}, to snatch away. [1913 Webster]; foldoc: RAPT ["An Interpreter for a Language for Describing Assemblies", R.J. Popplestone et al, Artif Intell 14:79-107 (1980)]. (1995-05-10); gcide: Rapt \Rapt\, v. t. 1. To transport or ravish. [Obs.] --Drayton. [1913 Webster] 2. To carry (13 more messages)
    <!Grim_Reaper> RAPE
    <!MageKing17> GAPE
    <!Grim_Reaper> CAPE
    * E_net4 has quit (*.net *.split)
    <!Grim_Reaper> ...shall I?
    <!MageKing17> I'm thinking.
    <!MageKing17> I don't think going twice in a row should be allowed.
    <!MageKing17> COPE
    <!Grim_Reaper> There you go.
    <!Grim_Reaper> ROPE
    <!MageKing17> RIPE
    <!Grim_Reaper> hmm
    <!Grim_Reaper> RILE?
    <!MageKing17> That's a word.
    <!MageKing17> MILE
    <!Grim_Reaper> BILE
    <!MageKing17> BILL
    <!MageKing17> HOORAY!
    <!MageKing17> To go from BILL to DEBT (counting BILL and DEBT themselves) took: 19 steps.
    <!MageKing17> To go from DEBT to BILL (still counting DEBT and BILL) took: 14 steps.
    <!MageKing17> I think that means we're awesome.
    <!MageKing17> This is a fun game.
    <+kario> so you win
    <!MageKing17> Yes, we won.
    <+kario> let's go again
    <+Joozey> I think it might be a fun game
    <!Grim_Reaper> (insert motivational picture containing a puppy with texts "Who's awesome? You're awesome!"
    <!Grim_Reaper> )
    <!MageKing17> All right, since I got the final transition both times, someone else can choose the two words.
    <!MageKing17> Remember, the number of letters has to be the same.
    <!Grim_Reaper> <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... -puppy.jpg</a><!-- m -->
    <!Grim_Reaper> How long words?
    <!MageKing17> Has to be more than 2 letters.
    <!MageKing17> I'd recommend less than 6.
    <+kario> cat bat
    <!MageKing17> CAT
    <!MageKing17> (The game's afoot!)
    <+Joozey> BAT
    <+kario> sat
    <!MageKing17> CAT
    <!MageKing17> That was easy.
    <+kario> HAT
    <!MageKing17> Kario doesn't get to pick the next one.
    <+kario> no i'm a loser
    <+Joozey> @dict kario
    <+Hambot2> Joozey: No definition for "kario" could be found.
    <+Joozey> too bad
    <!MageKing17> Joozey: How about you pick the words.
    <+Joozey> (those weren't words for the game)
    <!MageKing17> I dunno, TOO -> BAD -> TOO could be fun.
    <!MageKing17> For ideal fun, though, there shouldn't be any shared letters.
    <+Joozey> GRAPE <-> VOMIT
    <!MageKing17> Come on, anyone?
    <!MageKing17> Ah.
    <!MageKing17> Sounds fun.
    <+Joozey> GRAPE
    <!Grim_Reaper> GROPE
    <!MageKing17> GRIPE
    <!Grim_Reaper> GRIPS
    <!MageKing17> TRIPS
    <!Grim_Reaper> TRAPS
    <+kario> craps
    <+Joozey> @dict craps
    <+Hambot2> Joozey: wn, gcide, and moby-thes responded: gcide: Craps \Craps\ (kr[a^]ps), n. A gambling game with dice. It is one of the more popular games in casinos. [Local, U.S.] [1913 Webster +PJC]; wn: craps n 1: when two dice are thrown and both come up showing one spot the results is called `craps' or `snake eyes' [syn: {snake eyes}] 2: a gambling game using two dice [syn: {crap shooting}, (3 more messages)
    <!MageKing17> It's a word.
    <+Joozey> So it seems
    <+Joozey> crabs
    <+Joozey> CRABS
    <!MageKing17> CRIBS
    <+kario> CRIPS
    <!MageKing17> CLIPS
    <+kario> SLIPS
    <!MageKing17> @dict crips
    <+Hambot2> MageKing17: gcide: Gang \Gang\, n. [Icel. gangr a going, gang, akin to AS., D., G., & Dan. gang a going, Goth. gaggs street, way. See {Gang}, v. i.] 1. A going; a course. [Obs.] [1913 Webster] 2. A number going in company; hence, a company, or a number of persons associated for a particular purpose; a group of laborers under one foreman; a squad; as, a gang of sailors; a chain gang; a gang of (7 more messages)
    <!MageKing17> Fair enough.
    <!Grim_Reaper> SLAPS
    <!MageKing17> FLAPS
    <+kario> CLAPS
    <!Grim_Reaper> CLAMS
    <!MageKing17> SLAMS
    <!Grim_Reaper> SLAYS
    <+Joozey> can we add/remove letters
    <!MageKing17> No.
    <!MageKing17> That's why the start and end have to have the same number of letters.
    <+kario> BLAYS
    <!MageKing17> @dict blays
    <+Hambot2> MageKing17: No definition for "blays" could be found.
    <!MageKing17> @dict blay
    <+Hambot2> MageKing17: gcide: Blay \Blay\, n. [AS. bl?ge, fr. bl?c, bleak, white; akin to Icel. bleikja, OHG. bleicha, G. bleihe. See {Bleak}, n. & a.] (Zool.) A fish. See {Bleak}, n. [1913 Webster]
    <!MageKing17> I think that counts.
    <+kario> FROM the show blay-blay
    <!MageKing17> Continue the game!
    <!MageKing17> PLAYS
    <+Joozey> PLANS
    <!MageKing17> PLANE
    <!Grim_Reaper> PLANT
    <+kario> slant
    <+kario> SLANT
    <!Grim_Reaper> @dict slant
    <+Hambot2> Grim_Reaper: wn, gcide, and moby-thes responded: gcide: Slant \Slant\, v. t. To turn from a direct line; to give an oblique or sloping direction to; as, to slant a line. [1913 Webster]; gcide: Slant \Slant\, a. [Cf. dial. Sw. slant. See {Slant}, v. i.] Inclined from a direct line, whether horizontal or perpendicular; sloping; oblique. "The slant lightning." --Milton. [1913 Webster]; (13 more messages)
    <!MageKing17> Really, Grim?
    <!MageKing17> SCANT
    <!Grim_Reaper> My memory is like cheese.
    <+Joozey> I think this one gets close to impossible
    <+kario> @dict scant
    <+Hambot2> kario: wn, gcide, and moby-thes responded: gcide: Scant \Scant\, n. Scantness; scarcity. [R.] --T. Carew. [1913 Webster]; gcide: Scant \Scant\, v. i. To fail, or become less; to scantle; as, the wind scants. [1913 Webster]; gcide: Scant \Scant\, adv. In a scant manner; with difficulty; scarcely; hardly. [Obs.] --Bacon. [1913 Webster] So weak that he was scant able to go down the (9 more messages)
    <!MageKing17> I went last, I can't go twice in a row, you guys.
    <+kario> i went before you
    <!Grim_Reaper> So?
    <!MageKing17> kario: If you can go, you should.
    <+kario> no
    <+Joozey> SLANT
    <+Joozey> crap
    <+Joozey> scrap that
    <!MageKing17> Joozey is disqualified.
    <!MageKing17> (Sorry, you went all-caps with it.)
    <+Joozey> well have fun, tried going back with vomit, there aint much options
    <!MageKing17> Grim?
    <!MageKing17> Any ideas?
    <!Grim_Reaper> None, sadly
    <!MageKing17> kario?
    <+kario> no i don't even know what scant means
    <!MageKing17> What it means is irrelevant to the game, beyond the fact that it is a word.
    <+Joozey> to fail
    <!MageKing17> And that's not what it means.
    <!MageKing17> Although it's certainly winding up that way...
    <!Grim_Reaper> SCENT
    <!MageKing17> Hey! There we go!
    <!MageKing17> SCENE
    <!Grim_Reaper> SCONE
    <!Grim_Reaper> Whe need to get the CCVCV into CVCVC
    <!MageKing17> Yes.
    <!MageKing17> SHONE
    <+kario> SHINE
    >Hambot2< dict seine
    <!MageKing17> SEINE
    <!Grim_Reaper> That the river?
    <!MageKing17> Yup.
    <!MageKing17> I've given you a second-place vowel... run with it.
    <+kario> @dict seine
    <+Hambot2> kario: wn, devils, and gcide responded: wn: Seine n 1: a French river that flows through the heart of Paris and then northward into the English Channel [syn: {Seine River}] 2: a large fishnet that hangs vertically, with floats at the top and weights at the bottom v : fish with a seine; catch fish with a seine; gcide: Seine \Seine\, n. [F. seine, or AS. segene, b?th fr. L. sagena, Gr. (3 more messages)
    >Hambot2< dict veine
    <!Grim_Reaper> SEINA
    <!MageKing17> @dict seina
    <+Hambot2> MageKing17: No definition for "seina" could be found.
    <!Grim_Reaper> Marycha (Seina) is a small river that serves as the natural Polish–Lithuanian and Lithuanian–Belarusian border. It starts around Puńsk, flows through the town of Sejny, passes through Pomorze Lake. It is a tributary of Czarna Hańcza.
    <!MageKing17> Fair enough.
    <+kario> @dict seane
    <+Hambot2> kario: No definition for "seane" could be found.
    >Hambot2< dict sedna
    <!Grim_Reaper> Do names of people count as "words"?
    <!MageKing17> SENNA
    <!MageKing17> I'm not sure.
    <!MageKing17> I'm leaning "no".
    <!Grim_Reaper> @dict senna
    <+Hambot2> Grim_Reaper: wn and gcide responded: wn: senna n : any of various plants of the genus Senna having pinnately compound leaves and showy usually yellow flowers; many are used medicinally; gcide: Senna \Sen"na\, n. [Cf. It. & Sp. sena, Pg. sene, F. s['e]n['e]; all fr. Ar. san[=a].] 1. (Med.) The leaves of several leguminous plants of the genus {Cassia}. ({Cassia acutifolia}, {Cassia (2 more messages)
    <!Grim_Reaper> Ah.
    <!Grim_Reaper> Name of fictional place?
    <+kario> mageking you went 2 times
    <!Grim_Reaper> No he didn't
    <!MageKing17> I did not.
    <+kario> a test
    <!Grim_Reaper> <MageKing17> SEINE
    <!MageKing17> Grim_Reaper: Fictional, so I think not.
    <!Grim_Reaper> <Grim_Reaper> SEINA
    <!Grim_Reaper> <MageKing17> SENNA
    <+kario> must be lagging
    <!MageKing17> You often are.
    <!Grim_Reaper> SANNA
    <!MageKing17> @dict sanna
    <+Hambot2> MageKing17: No definition for "sanna" could be found.
    <!Grim_Reaper> Sanna is a river in Austria formed near Tobadill by the confluence of the rivers Rosanna (35 km, from Arlberg and Stanzertal valley) and Trisanna (35 km, from Silvretta and Paznaun).
    <!MageKing17> SANTA
    <!MageKing17> Oh, crap.
    * MageKing17 is disqualified
    <!Grim_Reaper> Erm.
    <!MageKing17> Is kario the only other person still playing?
    <!Grim_Reaper> Why are you disqualified, MageBot?
    <!Grim_Reaper> * MageKing17
    <!MageKing17> Not only is it a person's name, it's a fictional person's name.
    <+kario> yeah
    <!Grim_Reaper> Name of a mythological creature.
    <!MageKing17> Double-no on that one.
    * E_net4 ( has joined #monkkonenchat
    * VilleBot gives voice to E_net4
    * +MageBot greets E_net4 with a firm handshake.
    <!MageKing17> Mythological creature, eh?
    <!MageKing17> It's not exactly MINOTAUR, is it?
    <+kario> so do we go from santa or sanna?
    <+E_net4> Meh, what just happened.
    <!MageKing17> kario: Depends on whether or not I'm disqualified.
    <!MageKing17> E_net4: Playing a word game.
    <+E_net4> You see, everything looked ok, but my client must've stopped working.
    <+kario> santa is a bit more real than minotaur
    <+E_net4> I was trying to say a while ago that I mistyped HAT into GAT.
    <!MageKing17> kario: Ha. Ha. Ha. No.
    <+E_net4> But I guess you didn't receive that, nor did I receive what you said in the end.
    <!MageKing17> Grim_Reaper: If it were, say, ZEUS I'd say "sure", but this is SANTA we're talking about.
    <!Grim_Reaper> Mythological figures, the lot of them
    <+Joozey> which santa did you mean?
    <+E_net4> Some people say Santa is God.
    * kario has quit (Quit: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> ajax IRC Client)
    <!Grim_Reaper> Santa (1932) is the first Mexican narrative sound film. It was directed by Antonio Moreno and starred Lupita Tovar, based on the novel of the same name by Federico Gamboa. ...
    <!MageKing17> Oh come now, that's just... just...
    <!MageKing17> Okay, fine, I'm not disqualified. We're going from SANTA. Happy?
    <!Grim_Reaper> I just wanted to keep you in the game.
    <!MageKing17> Now you'd better turn it into something we can use.
    <+Joozey> disqualification is silly
    <!Grim_Reaper> SENTA
    <!MageKing17> @dict senta
    <+Hambot2> MageKing17: No definition for "senta" could be found.
    <!Grim_Reaper> # Senta (Serbian: Сента or Senta, Hungarian: Zenta, Romanian: Zenta, German: Senta) is a town and municipality on the bank of the Tisa river in the Vojvodina province, Serbia. Although geographically located in Bačka, it is part of the North Banat District. ...
    <!Grim_Reaper> # Senta is a genus of moths of the Noctuidae family.
    <!MageKing17> Fair enough.
    * kario (<!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> has joined #monkkonenchat
    * VilleBot gives voice to kario
    * +MageBot greets kario with a firm handshake.
    <!MageKing17> Mind you, it's not really a step forward.
    <!Grim_Reaper> I have two steps to make the current word into a CVCVV
    <+kario> so mageking are you disqualified
    <!MageKing17> kario: No.
    <!MageKing17> Grim_Reaper: CVCVV isn't what we want.
    <+kario> last word
    <!MageKing17> The last word was from Grim, and it was SENTA.
    <!Grim_Reaper> But CVCVV is easier to make into CVCVC than a CVCCV
    <!MageKing17> I suppose.
    <+kario> @dict benta
    <+Hambot2> kario: No definition for "benta" could be found.
    <!MageKing17> @dict selta
    <+Hambot2> MageKing17: No definition for "selta" could be found.
    <+E_net4> @dict menta
    <!MageKing17> @dict septa
    <+Hambot2> E_net4: No definition for "menta" could be found.
    <+Hambot2> MageKing17: wn and gcide responded: wn: septa See {septum}; wn: septum n 1: (anatomy) a dividing partition between two tissues or cavities 2: a partition or wall especially in an ovary [also: {septa} (pl)]; gcide: Septum \Sep"tum\, n.; pl. {Septa}. [L. septum, saeptum, an inclosure, hedge, fence, fr. sepire, saepire, to hedge in, inclose.] 1. A wall separating two cavities; a partition; (2 more messages)
    <!MageKing17> SEPTA
    <+E_net4> Mint!
    <!Grim_Reaper> Huh.
    <!Grim_Reaper> SEPIA
    <!Grim_Reaper> @dict sepia
    <+Hambot2> Grim_Reaper: wn, foldoc, gcide, and moby-thes responded: gcide: Sepia \Se"pi*a\, a. Of a dark brown color, with a little red in its composition; also, made of, or done in, sepia. [1913 Webster]; wn: sepia n 1: a shade of brown with a tinge of red [syn: {reddish brown}, {burnt sienna}, {Venetian red}] 2: rich brown pigment prepared from the ink of cuttlefishes 3: type genus of the (4 more messages)
    <!Grim_Reaper> Thought as much.
    <+kario> mageking is e_net4 playing?
    <!MageKing17> Anyone can play as long as they're not disqualified.
    <+E_net4> Semi-playage IMO.
    <+E_net4> I didn't even understand the goal.
    <!MageKing17> We're trying to reach VOMIT.
    <!MageKing17> We started from GRAPE, so it's been hard.
    <!MageKing17> Trying to find a CVCVC-form word.
    <!Grim_Reaper> Only one letter-switcheroo per turn
    <!MageKing17> Grim_Reaper: He saw at least part of the first game.
    <+kario> you can't add or subtract
    <!Grim_Reaper> Rightio
    <+kario> @dict senia
    <+Hambot2> kario: No definition for "senia" could be found.
    <+E_net4> In Soviet Russia, letter switches YOU!
    <!Grim_Reaper> Ah-hah! Figured out a CVCVC word from current
    <+kario> not me
    <+kario> what
    <!Grim_Reaper> Can't say it, not my turn
    <!MageKing17> Obviously.
    <!MageKing17> I got it.
    <!MageKing17> SEPIC
    <+E_net4> Specially Epic?
    <!Grim_Reaper> @dict sepic
    <+Hambot2> Grim_Reaper: gcide: Sepic \Se"pic\, a. Of or pertaining to sepia; done in sepia; as, a sepic drawing. [1913 Webster]
    <!MageKing17> GO GO GO
    <!MageKing17> VOMIT HERE WE COME
    <+kario> what's the word
    <!MageKing17> The last word was by me, and was SEPIC.
    <+kario> no grim said he had a word
    <!MageKing17> Well, no point in it now that we've reached CVCVC... now we need to turn the letters towards VOMIT.
    <+kario> @dict sopic
    <+Hambot2> kario: No definition for "sopic" could be found.
    <+kario> @dict sapic
    <+Hambot2> kario: No definition for "sapic" could be found.
    <+kario> @dict supic
    <+Hambot2> kario: No definition for "supic" could be found.
    <!Grim_Reaper> We're sorry...
    <!Grim_Reaper> ... but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now.
    <+kario> @dict sepit
    <+Hambot2> kario: No definition for "sepit" could be found.
    <!Grim_Reaper> Too many google defines
    <+kario> @dict sepec
    <+Hambot2> kario: No definition for "sepec" could be found.
    <+E_net4> @dict semic
    <+Hambot2> E_net4: No definition for "semic" could be found.
    <+kario> @dict selic
    <+Hambot2> kario: No definition for "selic" could be found.
    <+E_net4> Aw.
    <+kario> @dict repic
    <+Hambot2> kario: No definition for "repic" could be found.
    <+kario> abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz that should refresh
    <+E_net4> Does not.
    <+kario> you can see the letters
    <+kario> @dict segic
    <+Hambot2> kario: No definition for "segic" could be found.
    <+kario> @dict sewic
    <+Hambot2> kario: No definition for "sewic" could be found.
    <+E_net4> @dict repic
    <+Hambot2> E_net4: No definition for "repic" could be found.
    <+E_net4> Uh.
    <+E_net4> <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
    <!MageKing17> So say it, E.
    <!MageKing17> In all-caps, as a move.
    <+E_net4> REPIC
    <!MageKing17> I can't do it, I went last.
    <+E_net4> Yarr.
    <!MageKing17> Okay, now we do it all over again.
    <+E_net4> There's an easy one.
    <+kario> @dict repit
    <+Hambot2> kario: No definition for "repit" could be found.
    <+E_net4> j00 serioze.
    <!MageKing17> REPIN
    <!MageKing17> "2468 Repin (1969 TO1) is a main-belt asteroid discovered on October 8, 1969 by L. Chernykh at Nauchnyj."
    <+E_net4> Orite.
    <+E_net4> Aaaand GMT new day.
    <!MageKing17> MageBot, time.
    <+MageBot> The UTC time is Wed Jun 23 23:01:04 2010
    <+E_net4> O noes I has one day to study.
    <+E_net4> Is UTC GMT-1?
    <!Grim_Reaper> No.
    <+kario> @dict repid
    <+Hambot2> kario: No definition for "repid" could be found.
    <+E_net4> Then I say b0rk'd-.
    <!MageKing17> Are you forgetting daylight savings time?
    <!Grim_Reaper> MB just gives UTC regardless of DST
    <!Grim_Reaper> bfdbdfbf
    <+E_net4> IC.
    <+E_net4> Whose turn is it?=
    <!Grim_Reaper> RESIN
    <!MageKing17> There are no turns.
    <!MageKing17> The only question is who went last.
    <+E_net4> Orite.
    >MageBot< dict vesin
    <+kario> @dict rasin
    <+Hambot2> kario: No definition for "rasin" could be found.
    >Hambot2< dict vesin
    <!MageKing17> ROSIN
    <+kario> @dict rosin
    <+Hambot2> kario: easton, wn, and gcide responded: gcide: Rosin \Ros"in\, v. t. To rub with rosin, as musicians rub the bow of a violin. [1913 Webster] Or with the rosined bow torment the string. --Gay. [1913 Webster]; wn: rosin n : any of a class of solid or semisolid viscous substances obtained either as exudations from certain plants or prepared by polymerization of simple molecules [syn: (2 more messages)
    <+E_net4> "... --Gay. "
    <+kario> @dict rosid
    <+Hambot2> kario: No definition for "rosid" could be found.
    <+kario> @dict rosan
    <+Hambot2> kario: No definition for "rosan" could be found.
    * Anonymous1157 ( has joined #monkkonenchat
    * VilleBot gives voice to Anonymous1157
    <+MageBot> Hey, look! It's Anonymous1157!
    <+Anonymous1157> O... hai?
    <+E_net4> Ohai 1157!
    <!MageKing17> We're playing a word game!
    <+kario> hey
    <+Anonymous1157> ZOMG I HAS AN INTRO MESSAGE
    <+E_net4> That's just MageBot.
    <+Anonymous1157> I know!
    <!MageKing17> Yeah, those aren't pre-set.
    <+Anonymous1157> ... Oh.
    <!MageKing17> He says or does one of six random things whenever anyone enters.
    <+Anonymous1157> Anyhow, hai. I read that I missed something.
    <+E_net4> Word gaem
    <!MageKing17> Except Hambot, whom he he'll only greet specially, if at all.
    <!Grim_Reaper> We're going from GRAPE to VOMIT
    <!MageKing17> The last word was ROSIN.
    <!Grim_Reaper> So far we've gotten into ROSIN
    <+E_net4> ROBIN
    <!MageKing17> Good one.
    <+kario> red robin yum
    <+kario> @dict bobin
    <+Hambot2> kario: No definition for "bobin" could be found.
    <!MageKing17> ROBIE
    <+E_net4> O.
    <+kario> @dict robie
    <+Hambot2> kario: No definition for "robie" could be found.
    <!MageKing17> "Robie Street is a north-south artery, street and provincial road that runs for 7 kilometres within the Halifax Peninsula area of the Halifax Regional Municipality, from Memorial Drive in the North End Halifax, to Gorsebrook Avenue in the South End."
    <!MageKing17> (<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
    <+E_net4> TOBIE
    <!MageKing17> @dict tobie
    <+Hambot2> MageKing17: gcide: Tobie \To"bie\, n. [Cf. {Toby}.] A kind of inferior cigar of a long slender shape, tapered at one end. [Local, U. S.] [Webster 1913 Suppl.]
    >Hambot2< dict tobit
    <!MageKing17> TOBIT
    <+kario> @dict tobet
    <+Hambot2> kario: No definition for "tobet" could be found.
    <+kario> @dict tibit
    <+Hambot2> kario: No definition for "tibit" could be found.
    <+E_net4> TIBIT
    <!MageKing17> Definition?
    <+E_net4> oun
    <+E_net4> a unit of information equal to 1024 gibibits or 2^40
    <+E_net4> <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
    <!MageKing17> Fair enough.
    <+kario> TIBET
    <+E_net4> That was so expected.
    <+kario> yeah i was just waiting
    <!MageKing17> TOBET
    <+E_net4> ?
    <+E_net4> @dict tobet
    <+Hambot2> E_net4: No definition for "tobet" could be found.
    <!MageKing17> "The Tobet is a molosser of very ancient origins, originating in Kazakhstan. This dog may reach 90 kgs in weight and be over 80 cm tall at the withers. Its main function is to protect livestock."
    <+E_net4> Okie...
    <+kario> @dict vobet
    <+Hambot2> kario: No definition for "vobet" could be found.
    <!Grim_Reaper> Dangit, Nappa
    <!MageKing17> God damnit, nappa!
    <+E_net4> TOPET
    <+kario> nappa stop it's a trick
    <!MageKing17> @dict topet
    <+Hambot2> MageKing17: gcide: Topet \Top"et\, n. [F. toupet tuft. See {Touper}.] (Zool.) The European crested titmouse. [Prov. Eng.] [1913 Webster]
    <+E_net4> Yarr.
    <!Grim_Reaper> Titmouse
    <+E_net4> A mouse with a tit?
    <!Grim_Reaper> "Tits!" --Nick
    <+kario> anonymous1157 are you not playing
    <!Grim_Reaper> TOPER
    <!MageKing17> @dict toper
    <+Hambot2> MageKing17: wn and gcide responded: gcide: Toper \To"per\ (t[=o]"p[~e]r), n. One who topes, or drinks frequently or to excess; a drunkard; a sot. [1913 Webster]; wn: toper n : a person who drinks alcoholic beverages (especially to excess) [syn: {drinker}, {imbiber}, {juicer}] [ant: {abstainer}]; gcide: Tope \Tope\, n. 1. (Zool.) A small shark or dogfish ({Galeorhinus galeus} syn. (1 more message)
    <+E_net4> Hmm..
    <+Anonymous1157> Actually, I don't know any words like these, so I've been trying to figure out what the game is called instead.
    <!MageKing17> I don't think it has a name.
    <!MageKing17> I may have invented it.
    <+Anonymous1157> You didn't.
    <+E_net4> HOPER
    <+kario> he did now
    <!MageKing17> Re-invented, then.
    <!MageKing17> @dict hoper
    <+Hambot2> MageKing17: wn and gcide responded: gcide: Hoper \Hop"er\, n. One who hopes. --Swift. [1913 Webster]; wn: hoper n : a person who hopes; "only an avid hoper could expect the team to win now"
    <+Anonymous1157> ROPER (Maybe?)
    <!MageKing17> @dict roper
    <+Hambot2> MageKing17: wn, gaz-place, gazetteer, and gcide responded: gazetteer: Roper, NC (town, FIPS 57740) Location: 35.87742 N, 76.61709 W Population (1990): 669 (260 housing units) Area: 2.2 sq km (land), 0.0 sq km (water) Zip code(s): 27970; gcide: Roper \Rop"er\, n. 1. A maker of ropes. --P. Plowman. [1913 Webster] 2. One who ropes goods; a packer. [1913 Webster] 3. One fit to be hanged. (2 more messages)
    <+Anonymous1157> Oh cool.
    <+E_net4> Lulz, rope goods.
    <!MageKing17> ROMER
    <+E_net4> @dict romer
    <+Hambot2> E_net4: No definition for "romer" could be found.
    <!Grim_Reaper> Def?
    <+kario> HOMER
    <+E_net4> Hey, chill.
    <!Grim_Reaper> MageKing17: "romer"?
    <+kario> TO ROME
    <+Anonymous1157> I think he was thinking of "roamer".
    <!MageKing17> "A Romer or Roamer is a device for plotting a grid reference on a map. Made from transparent plastic, they are also found on most baseplate compasses. "
    <+E_net4> Hax
    <!Grim_Reaper> k
    <!Grim_Reaper> So, homer
    * kario has quit (Quit: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> ajax IRC Client)
    <!MageKing17> *cough*V*cough
    <!MageKing17> Oh, wait, Kario went.
    <+E_net4> VOMER
    <+E_net4> @dict vomer
    <+Hambot2> E_net4: wn and gcide responded: wn: vomer n : thin trapezoidal bone of the skull forming the posterior and inferior parts of the nasal septum; gcide: Vomer \Vo"mer\, n. [L., a plowshare.] (Anat.) (a) A bone, or one of a pair of bones, beneath the ethmoid region of the skull, forming a part a part of the partition between the nostrils in man and other mammals. (b) The pygostyle. [1913 (1 more message)
    <+Anonymous1157> I GOT IT! Word Golf.
    <+E_net4> Wat
    <+Anonymous1157> That's what the game is called.
    <+E_net4> I remember playing this in Blockland with 3 letters. With no special goal.
    <+E_net4> We played in on a trash bin, so we called it the bin game.
    <+E_net4> Come on, we're almost there!
    <!MageKing17> The problem is that all possibilities are a step in the wrong direction.
    <+E_net4> Orly?
    <!MageKing17> We may have to get rid of the V.
    <+E_net4> I just found a way into the end.
    <!MageKing17> I can't find any words that end in "omit" besides "vomit".
    <+E_net4> There is one.
    <!MageKing17> Wait...
    <+E_net4> And it's a computer language.
    <!MageKing17> That doesn't count.
    <+E_net4> Wat.
    <!MageKing17> However, I may have a real way in.
    <+E_net4> It's in the computing dictionary.
    <!MageKing17> It doesn't count.
    <+Anonymous1157> It honestly wouldn't.
    <+E_net4> Well, MK?
    <!MageKing17> Have to figure out how to get there.
    <!Grim_Reaper> Do you know any words that start with "vomi" other than "vomit"?
    <!MageKing17> I looked.
    <!MageKing17> I didn't find any.
    <+E_net4> vomitted =D
    <!MageKing17> I did, however, find something in the "omit" direction.
    <!MageKing17> Now... last word was?
    <!Grim_Reaper> vomer
    <+Anonymous1157> VOMER?
    <+E_net4> VOMERRRR
    <+E_net4> *coughSeecough*
    <!Grim_Reaper> Gnh
    <!Grim_Reaper> Less than seven hours to use for sleeping
    <!MageKing17> GOMER
    <!Grim_Reaper> @dict gomer
    <+Hambot2> Grim_Reaper: easton, gcide, and hitchcock responded: hitchcock: Gomer, to finish; complete; gcide: Gomer \Go"mer\, n. A Hebrew measure. See {Homer}. [1913 Webster]; gcide: Gomer \Go"mer\, n. (Gun.) A conical chamber at the breech of the bore in heavy ordnance, especially in mortars; -- named after the inventor. [1913 Webster]; gcide: Homer \Ho"mer\, n. [Heb. kh[=o]mer.] A Hebrew (4 more messages)
    * Endymion has quit (Quit: )
    <+E_net4> Heh, at least we made our way into gamer.
    <!Grim_Reaper> Now to get g--er into v--it
    <!MageKing17> No, get -omer into -omit
    <+E_net4> gomit?
    <+Anonymous1157> Not a word.
    <!MageKing17> Is a word.
    <!Grim_Reaper> Def?
    <!MageKing17> A place, anyway, which is good enough.
    <!MageKing17> A city.
    <!Grim_Reaper> Whare?
    <!MageKing17> Gomit, Ethiopia
    <!MageKing17> Site of the Battle of Gomit
    <!Grim_Reaper> So make it official
    <!MageKing17> Two letter change.
    <!Grim_Reaper> Ah
    <!MageKing17> Last word was mine, GOMER.
    <!MageKing17> Now run with it.
    <!Grim_Reaper> Current word-checking faculties limited to HB's @dict function
    * +Anonymous1157 observes that the run has come to a crawl
    <!MageKing17> Grim_Reaper: Wiki?
    <!Grim_Reaper> MageKing17: Closed FF already
    <!Grim_Reaper> Going to sleep ASAP
    <+E_net4> Closed Flip Flop?
    <!MageKing17> Come on, people, I can't go twice in a row!
    <!Grim_Reaper> E_net4: Firefox for crissakes
    <+E_net4> Ah, that.
    <+E_net4> COMER
    <!Grim_Reaper> Eedjit.
    <!MageKing17> COMET
    <+E_net4> I would go for Comit if I could.
    <!MageKing17> I know.
    <!MageKing17> I wish you could, too.
    <!MageKing17> I just can't justify it as a word.
    <+E_net4> I R board.
    <+E_net4> And I should be leaving now.
    <!MageKing17> Don't be bored, find a word!
    <!Grim_Reaper> I'm tired.
    <!Grim_Reaper> In need of sleepfsgf
    <+E_net4> Saem
    <+Anonymous1157> It's only 8PM! D:
    <+E_net4> Noe
    <!Grim_Reaper> [02:43] <Anonymous1157> It's only 8PM! D:
    <+Anonymous1157> Forgot a word. It's only 8PM HERE.
    <!Grim_Reaper> Anywho, sleep to be getting
    * Grim_Reaper has quit (Quit: I HAS CLOSE BUTTN)
    * Notify: Grim_Reaper is offline (Criten).
    <+Anonymous1157> WHOA! OK stands for Oll Korrect.
    <!MageKing17> Possibly.
    <!MageKing17> There are a number of potential definitions.
    <!MageKing17> *etymologies
    <+E_net4> Oh Killed.
    <+Anonymous1157> Nonono. It's the product of a slang fad from the 1830s.
    <+Anonymous1157> <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ?qsrc=3086</a><!-- m -->
    <!MageKing17> Anonymous1157: There is no official etymology.
    <!MageKing17> It's merely one of multiple possibilities. Anyone claiming it as absolutely correct is an idiot.
    <!MageKing17> Unfortunately, I went last.
    <+E_net4> Just do it, damn it.
    <+E_net4> We all pass.
    <!MageKing17> All right.
    <!MageKing17> Last was COMET...
    <!MageKing17> LOMET
    <+E_net4> o_o
    <!MageKing17> LAMET
    <!MageKing17> LAMUT
    <!MageKing17> GAMUT
    <!MageKing17> GAMIT
    <!MageKing17> GOMIT
    <!MageKing17> VOMIT
    <!MageKing17> Ta-da.
    <+E_net4> O_O
    <+E_net4> @dict vomit
    <+Hambot2> E_net4: wn, gcide, and moby-thes responded: gcide: Vomit \Vom"it\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Vomited}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Vomiting}.] [Cf. L. vomere, vomitum, and v. freq. vomitare. See {Vomit}, n.] To eject the contents of the stomach by the mouth; to puke; to spew. [1913 Webster]; gcide: Vomit \Vom"it\, v. t. 1. To throw up; to eject from the stomach through the mouth; to disgorge; to puke; (7 more messages)
    <!MageKing17> Also, there is NO way to go backwards without repeating.
    <+Anonymous1157> @dict gomit
    <+Hambot2> Anonymous1157: No definition for "gomit" could be found.
    <+Anonymous1157> >.>
    <+Anonymous1157> <.<
    <!MageKing17> As I mentioned earlier, it's a place.
    <+Anonymous1157> Oh, right.
    <+E_net4> Aye
    <!MageKing17> Gomit, Ethiopia, site of the Battle of Gomit.
    <+E_net4> @dict lamet
    <+Hambot2> E_net4: No definition for "lamet" could be found.
    <+Anonymous1157> And the other three words that have no definition?
    <!MageKing17> "The Lamet people are an ethnic group in Thailand and Laos."
    <+Anonymous1157> You certainly did your homework.
    <!MageKing17> "Lamut, Ifugao, in the Philippines"
    <+E_net4> That's a lot of hax for the night.
    <!MageKing17> "The Gamits or Gavits are a small Indian tribal population residing in Surat, Bharuch and Tapi districts of south Gujarat and Dhule and Nandurbar districts of north Maharashtra[1]."
    <!MageKing17> "These indigenous people speak Gamit, which has no..."
    <!MageKing17> So you see.
    <!MageKing17> All valid.
    <!MageKing17> Took me a while to find that path, let me tell you.
    Moral of the story: Don't let Joozey pick your goal words.
    E_net4 14 years ago
    [22] <+E_net4> @roulette
    [22] <+Hambot2> E_net4: *click*
    [22] <+Narvius>
    [22] <+E_net4> Your luck runs out.
    [22] * MageKing17|Sleep is now known as MageKing17
    [22] <+E_net4> @roulette
    [22] <+Hambot2> E_net4: *click*
    [22] <+E_net4> You cannot beat me.
    [22] <+E_net4> What sick man sends BABIES to fight me?
    [22] <+E_net4> Go, go, go!
    [22] <!Grim_Reaper> @roulette
    [22] <+Hambot2> *click*
    [22] <+Narvius> Hi, MK.
    [22] <+E_net4> Did you think I would forget YOU?
    [22] <+Amarth> @roulette
    [22] <+Hambot2> Amarth: *click*
    [22] <+E_net4> Fight me, coward.
    [22] <+E_net4> *do do do dohh do" Come on!
    [22] <+E_net4> I was told we would be fighting men!
    [22] <+Joozey> @roulette
    [22] <+Hambot2> *BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
    [22] * Hambot2 reloads and spins the chambers.
    [22] <+Joozey>
    [22] <+E_net4> Ha ha ha haa!
    [22] <+E_net4> This is the power of persuasion of Heavy Weapons Guy.
    And continued:
    [22] <+E_net4> @roulette
    [22] <+Hambot2> E_net4: *click*
    [22] <+Joozey> @roulette
    [22] <+Hambot2> Joozey: *click*
    [22] <+E_net4> @roulette
    [22] <+Hambot2> E_net4: *click*
    [22] <+Joozey> @roulette
    [22] <+Hambot2> Joozey: *click*
    [22] <+E_net4> Gotta move that ge- ah, forget it.
    [22] <+Joozey> Fearing you loose?
    [22] <+E_net4> I did not.
    [22] <+E_net4> How can you fail without being banged?
    [22] <+Joozey> o_o
    [22] <+E_net4> As in, I didn't get the *BANG!* thing.
    [22] <+E_net4> Clicking doesn't have to be in turns.
    [22] <+Joozey> I roulette'd last
    [22] <+Joozey> your turn
    [22] <+E_net4> It DOESN'T have to be in turns, I said.
    [22] <+Joozey> It does
    [22] <+E_net4> Why so?
    [22] <+Joozey> Now click it
    [22] <+Joozey> That's the game
    [22] <+Joozey> you start it, you end it
    [22] <+E_net4> And now I lost the game.
    [22] <+E_net4> Fu.
    [22] <+Joozey> fail
    [22] <+Joozey>
    [22] <+E_net4> Also, hey, what does this do?
    [22] <+E_net4> @roulette spin
    [22] <+Hambot2> *SPIN* Are you feeling lucky?
    [22] <+E_net4> @roulette
    [22] <+Hambot2> *BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
    [22] * Hambot2 reloads and spins the chambers.
    [22] <+E_net4> Uh.
    [22] <+Joozey> mega fail
    Crazy 14 years ago
    Jesus, MK, you posted a novel's worth there.
    <Crazy> Hey guyse.
    <Amarth> Crazy! Yay!
    <Crazy> Hey, Amarth!
    <Amarth> Also, I don't see any wireless internet.
    <Amarth> Haha, get it? Get it? Hahaha!
    <Amarth> Because it's wireless! You don't see the wires!
    <Crazy> OMG, that's hilarious!
    <Amarth> I know right?
    <Crazy> I DO know!
    <Crazy> Actually, that last one of mine made no sense.
    <Crazy> Par for the course, i guess.
    <Amarth> Okay, back to misanthropic selves now.

    <Crazy> Mang, this whole conversation form the moment i came = gold.
    <Amarth> Can you pinpoint the exact loation in this converation you came?
    <Amarth> Or are you too busy cleaning up?

    * facepalm :Unknown command
    Amarth 14 years ago
    After which...

    [15] <Crazy> Well, i facepalmed IRL, i thought that would be sufficient.
    [15] * Amarth palms face
    [15] * Crazy 's face is palmed.
    [15] <Grim_Reaper> Amarth: That sounds like you took your face and hid it in the palm of your hand, subsequently moving your hand away from the original location of the face, with the face still hidden in the palm.
    [15] <Amarth> Yes. I am the palmer of faces!
    [15] <Amarth> Not of faeces though. That would be gross.
    [15] <Grim_Reaper> Note to self: Get one of them indoors-growable palmtree-like plant things and grow it to an appropriate size so you can facepalm the other way.
    [15] <Crazy> What's the other way, Grim, trim the palmtree into a face?
    [15] <E_net4> A facepalm? Just grow that palm tree and carve a face on it.
    [15] <Crazy> "This is my facepalm! "
    [15] <Grim_Reaper> No, Crazy. The other way to facepalm is to slam your face against a palmtree.
    [15] <Grim_Reaper> As opposed to slamming your palm against your face.
    [15] <Crazy> Ah.
    [15] <E_net4> I've got a lovely bunch of facepalms.
    [15] <Amarth> Okay. Facepalm photoshop contest! Let's create the best palm with a face on it!
    [15] <Amarth> (I might be slightly bored)

    And behold the results (sorry if these are gone already, we didn't invest in expensive hosting)
    Crazy's facepalm
    E_net4's facepalm
    My facepalm
    E_net4 14 years ago
    I used my SkyDrive, so it'll stay there forever.
    Anarion 14 years ago

    <Anarion> you should really try and cut back on the porn
    <Amarth> I guess so. :p
    <Amarth> I'll be forced to at this rate... :p
    <Anarion> oh dear
    E_net4 14 years ago
    Some small portions of solving the Werewolf 7 riddle, with randomage:
    [19] <+Narvius> I just managed to fail epicly once again.
    [19] <+E_net4> Wat.
    [19] <+Amarth> Again.
    [19] <+Narvius> 3/4 of the enemy army was routing.
    [19] <+Narvius> Their general was down.
    [19] <+Narvius> And I still managed to LOOSE MY FUCKING HEIR TO THRONE.
    [19] <+Narvius> Fun fact:
    [19] <+Narvius> Archer friendly fire.
    [19] <+Narvius> Yes. FUCKING FRIENDLY FIRE.
    [19] <+E_net4> Haw haw
    [19] <+Narvius> least I still won the battle.
    [19] <+E_net4> Have you tried my riddle, Narvius?
    [20] <+Narvius> Hahaha :>
    [20] <+E_net4> <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... riddle.jpg</a><!-- m -->
    [20] <+E_net4> There y'go.
    [20] <+Narvius> I know which one
    [20] <+Narvius> anzra
    [20] <+Narvius> and 127.
    [20] <+E_net4> What?
    [20] <+Narvius> I have no idea.
    [20] <+Narvius>
    [20] <+E_net4> Aw. :<
    [20] <+E_net4> :>*
    [20] <+Narvius> <><
    [20] <+E_net4> Fish
    [20] <+Narvius> It's a chicken!
    [20] <+Narvius> Uh, fish.
    [20] <+E_net4> LOL, CHICKEN
    [20] <+E_net4> Totally a chicken!
    [20] <+Amarth> 63, btw, not 127
    [20] <+E_net4> What was I thinking!
    [20] <+Narvius> Uh.
    [20] <+Narvius> Right, six onesies.
    [20] <+E_net4> Also, "anzra"? wth.
    [20] <+Amarth> Yeah, anzra
    [20] <+Amarth> it doesn't make sense.
    [20] <+E_net4> O, that.
    [20] <+E_net4> True.
    [20] <+Amarth> Also, tidorsoc is an anagram of "doctor is"
    [20] <+Amarth> And of probably other things.
    [20] <+E_net4> That's one step closer, I may say.
    [20] <+Amarth> And 63 is the ascii code for the question mark.
    [20] <+E_net4> Yus. I already spoiled that by saying "question" before.
    [20] <+E_net4> So you're terribly close.
    [20] <+Narvius> is doctor anzra?
    [20] <+E_net4> XD
    [20] <+E_net4> So anzra is now an adjective. Brilliant.
    [20] <+Narvius> And then there's method #2.
    [20] <+Amarth> Yeah, I'm so not sure what to do with that 1 14 26 18 1 thing. "anzra" just doesn't make sense. Does it?
    [20] <+Amarth> Yeah that too.
    [20] <+E_net4> Not on its own.
    [20] <+Narvius> tidorsocanzra?
    [20] <+E_net4> hax!
    [20] <+Narvius>
    [20] <+E_net4> No.


    [20] <+Amarth> Still not sure what to do with that anzra thing.
    [20] <+Amarth> Is it an acronym perhaps?
    [20] <+E_net4> How about something slightly obvious
    [20] <+Narvius> Like, an argaman?
    [20] <+E_net4> Not that obvious.
    [20] <+E_net4> Just.. slightly.
    [20] <+Amarth> A Nude Zombie Robot Amarth.
    [20] <+Narvius> (I totally just forgot for a second it was called anagram when I read argaman).
    [20] <+E_net4> XD
    [20] <+Narvius> xD


    [20] * E_net4 is amused.
    [20] <+E_net4> Go on.
    [20] <+Amarth> That's about where we are stuck :p
    [20] <+E_net4> No moar hints for youy.
    [20] <+E_net4> You are not stuck.
    [20] <+Narvius> The meaning of his name.
    [20] <+Narvius> Hm?
    [20] <+Amarth> Eh. I guess we can know pretty well ourselves when we don't progress anymore. This was the stuff I figured out three days ago :p
    [20] <+Narvius> :>
    [20] <+Amarth> So by definition, I am stuck. :p
    [20] <+E_net4> Why, try looking at the paper again.
    [20] * E_net4 is AFK to check mailbox.
    [20] <+Amarth> ...
    [20] <+Narvius> Soooo...
    [20] <+Narvius> 1. There were bugs.
    [20] <+Amarth> "oh yeah I was stuck because i didn't look at the paper anymore"
    [20] <+Narvius> xD
    [20] <+Narvius> Henohenomoheji.
    [20] <+E_net4> I just told you to look again. In fact, what do you do when a piece of code doesn't work?
    [20] <+E_net4> Shouldn't you check every instruction of the algorithm?
    [20] <+Narvius> Delete all, rewrite.
    [20] <+Narvius> xD

    And from the story of the Albatross meat:
    [20] <+E_net4> Was babby formed? Did girl get pragnent?
    [20] <+Amarth> Is he older than 18?
    [20] <+E_net4> Alrite, I'll stop.


    [20] <+E_net4> Was he from Soviet Russia?
    [20] <!MageKing17> Playin' 20 questions?
    [20] <+Narvius> Irrelevant.
    [20] <+E_net4> Aw.
    [20] <+Amarth> Does the man he affiliations with the restaurant?
    [20] <+Narvius> No.
    [20] <+E_net4> In Soviet Russia, albatross eats YOU!


    [20] <+E_net4> Anyways, dinner time guize.
    [20] <+Narvius> Okay. Maybe MK will join in your stead?
    [20] <+Amarth> MageKing17: lemme recap for you...
    [20] <+Narvius> I sent him.
    [20] <+Narvius> On private.
    [20] <!MageKing17> I got the recap already.
    [20] <+Amarth> [21] <Narvius> A man visits a restaurant in a port town, where he orders albatross meat.
    [20] <+Amarth> [21] <Narvius> The waiter of course says they don't have any, but the man insists.
    [20] <+Amarth> [21] <Narvius> Finally, they give in and get some, and serve it to the man.
    [20] <+Amarth> [21] <Narvius> The man eats, and once he's finished, leaves the restaurant without a word...
    [20] <+Amarth> [21] <Narvius> ...and commits suicide.
    [20] * Amarth was kicked by MageKing17 (~Paladin@ajattelen.siis.olen) Reason (MageKing17)
    [20] <!MageKing17> Christ that would've been annoying.
    [20] * Amarth ( has joined #monkkonenchat
    [20] * VilleBot sets mode +v Amarth for #MonkkonenChat
    [20] <+Hambot2> Hai!
    [20] <+Amarth> It was only like 5 lines :p
    [20] <+Narvius> Okay, but go on people
    [20] <!MageKing17> Read before you paste.

    (I was a bit unlucky when asking questions...)

    [20] <+E_net4> Did the man have a hat?
    [20] <+Narvius> Amarth: Ask about something else.
    [20] <+Narvius> MK: No.
    [20] <+Narvius> E: Irrelevant.
    [20] <!MageKing17> Did that restaraunt ever serve albatross meat ever again?
    [20] <+Narvius> No.
    [20] <!MageKing17> Was the man actually served albatross meat?
    [20] <+E_net4> Not really. A hatless man would most likely suicide.
    [20] <+Amarth> New rule: Ask 3 irrelevant questions in a row and GET KICKED, especially if your name is E.
    [20] <+E_net4> DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD:
    [20] <+Narvius>
    Anonymous1157 13 years ago
    "Amarth" said:
    We will never succeed
    "E_net4" said:
    We are doomed. D:
    "Narvius" said:
    ... And now you know.
    E_net4 13 years ago
    Narvius didn't mention when we're doing it...
    And that's particularly funny, because I can already imagine his death tendencies in such a difficulty.
    Narvius 13 years ago
    From what I've heard, some of you are going somewhere now.
    And I definately need a short break from dying
    So, in a week, or two, or three.
    I'm usually available.
    E_net4 13 years ago
    I won't be available for the next week and perhaps beyond that myself.
    E_net4 13 years ago
    This image in a spambot thread cracked me up:
    "Anonymous1157" said:

    Also, this:
    "Anonymous1157" said:
    Narvius 13 years ago
    (07:37:06)<Narvius>(I write waaaaay to many lines.)
    (07:37:12)<Narvius>(I should use the enter key less often.)
    (07:39:06)<Amarth>I should use the 'e' ky lss oftn.
    (07:39:10)<Amarth>It's ovrusd.
    (07:39:1<Narvius>That's a vry good ida.
    (07:39:33)<Narvius>W should probbly skip 'a', too.
    (07:39:33)<Amarth>I might vn b taking it out of th kyboard.
    (07:39:39)<Amarth>Good id.
    (07:40:04)<Narvius>Look, w writ much less while mintining ll th mning!
    (07:40:04)<Amarth>r ll th vwls whl w'r t t.
    (07:40:35)<Narvius>Why ddn't * thnk f ths rlr?
    (07:40:45)<Amarth>mgn th ncrss n dt trnsfr rts
    (07:41:12)<Amarth>Tht ws ttll nt ndrstndbl
    (07:41:24)<Narvius>W r s dmn brllnt.
    (07:41:53)<Amarth>Thr s prblm wth th wrds nd .
    (07:42:01)<Amarth>"I" nd "a".
    (07:42:06)<Narvius> knw.
    (07:42:23)<Amarth>h wll.
    (07:42:42)<Narvius>Thnk gd * s * mnspcd fnt.
    (07:42:56)<Amarth>nw, 'll b gng t slp nw.
    (07:43:06)<Narvius>Gd nght, thn.
    (07:43:17)<Amarth>Thnks, nght.
    (07:43:30)- Amarth quit (Quit: Qt mssg.)

    That's what happens when two people who should actually be sleeping talk with each other about nothing in particular.
    (the * indicate where there are actually two spaces in my lines)
    E_net4 13 years ago
    We were looking for a UML diagram tool...
    [18] <Niwsters> <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
    [18] <+E_net4> Good point.
    [18] <Niwsters> Tell me if any of those seem extraordinary
    [18] <Niwsters> Loads of 'em are open source!
    [18] <Niwsters> "Gaphor" is written in Python
    [18] <+E_net4> To cheese or not to cheese.*
    [18] <+E_net4> Take this little ball of cream cheese.*
    [18] <+E_net4> Nobody hooks my cheese in a corner.*
    [18] <Niwsters> <_<'
    [18] <Niwsters> Version 0.13
    [18] <Niwsters> That's reassuring.
    [18] <+E_net4> XD
    [18] <Niwsters> ...FUCKIT
    [18] <Niwsters> It installed PYTHON for me
    [18] <Niwsters> I DID NOT WANT THAT
    [18] * Niwsters was kicked by VilleBot (<!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> Reason (Turn caps lock OFF!)
    [18] <+E_net4> XDDDD
    [18] * Niwsters ( has joined #monkkonenchat
    [18] <Niwsters> o_o.
    * I really said that nonsense.
    MageKing17 13 years ago
    Amarth was coding some additions to his Driftmoon Mod Switcher:
    <+Amarth> Instead of a list of installed mods, I now have a list of subdirectories which might be in 5 possible states.
    <+Amarth> What fun.
    <+Amarth> All color-coded, too.
    <!MageKing17> 5 states?
    <+Amarth> OK, means installed and ready to run
    <+Amarth> NOT_INSTALLED means missing a dependency installed
    <+Amarth> DEPENDENCY_BROKEN means one of the dependencies that is needed could not be found in mainmod
    <+Amarth> INSTALLABLE_FROM_HERE means this is not a mod but can be installed, because it's subdirectory is a mod (yeah, thank you Endymion)
    <+Amarth> and NON_MOD means this is plainly completely not related.
    <!MageKing17> What falls under NON_MOD?
    <+Amarth> Random directories like if someone copies the Windows System dir to Driftmoon or something.
    <+Amarth> I see Endymion try to do it in my worst dreams >.>
    <!MageKing17> XD
    <+Amarth> It was a case that emerged from my if-then-else structures.
    <!MageKing17> I see.
    <+Amarth> I can simply show a message saying "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IDIOT" when this happens.
    And a bit later:
    <+Amarth> I am truly impressed I haven't wiped my HD yet with all the things I've been doing here.
    <+Amarth> I don't think I'm going to add a "delete mod" button.
    <+Amarth> Because then I WILL wipe my HD
    Anonymous1157 13 years ago
    [15] <Anonymous1157> Also, the Woody picture is absolutely disturbing.
    [15] <Bink> Which? Oh wait. All of them.
    [15] <Anonymous1157> No, the one Grim just posted like an hour ago.
    [15] <Bink> I got here a little less than an hour ago.
    [15] <Bink> So I do not have it.
    [15] <Anonymous1157> ... Oh, wait, you weren't here.
    [15] <Anonymous1157> Well, you're saved from mental scarring, then.
    [15] <Bink> I've seen other woody pictures.
    [15] <Anonymous1157> Nonono, Woody the cowboy.
    [15] <Anonymous1157> With tits.
    [15] <Bink> I know.
    [15] <Bink> wat
    [15] <Anonymous1157>
    [15] <Bink> wait what
    [15] <Anonymous1157> (Link censored for your own safety)
    [15] <Anonymous1157> Fine, here it is.
    [15] <Bink> Not the creepy Japanese action figure one
    [15] <Anonymous1157> XD
    [15] <Anonymous1157> I LOVE to hate that picture!
    And then...
    [15] <Anonymous1157> ... Ohai, Kario!
    [15] <Anonymous1157> Have you seen the disturbing Woody?
    [15] <kario> uh no?
    [15] <Anonymous1157> Good! You're saved from mental scarring, then.
    [15] <kario> how disturbing?
    [15] <Anonymous1157> "With tits" disturbing.
    [15] <kario> the toy story woody?
    [15] <Anonymous1157> Yea, that's the one.
    [15] <kario> magebot, rule #35
    [15] <MageBot> Rule #35: If it cannot be found, it will be created.
    [15] <Anonymous1157> I thought rule 34 was in play right now.
    [15] <kario> yea but i forgot
    [15] <Anonymous1157> ... Then again, 34 and 35 seem to go hand in hand, now that I know what 35 is.
    [15] <kario> who has seen the disturbing woody?
    [16] <Anonymous1157> Bink, Grim (The original poster), and Crazy.
    [16] <kario> original poster?
    [16] <Anonymous1157> ... He found it and put it here.
    [16] <kario> i kinda want to see it but at the same time it might be a "never gonna give you up" thing
    [16] <Anonymous1157> No, it's not a RickRoll(TM).
    [16] <Anonymous1157> But boy is it one hell of a picture.
    [16] <kario> i'll see it
    [16] <Anonymous1157> (Link censored for your own safety)
    [16] <kario> HOLY SHIT!
    [16] <kario> man you were right
    Murska 13 years ago
    What about funny Werewolf-related Steam discussions?

    23:27 - Murska: awwwwww
    23:27 - Murska: all my fun is ruined
    23:27 - E_net4: I noticed XDDDDD
    23:28 - Murska: I'm trying to PM him to make him retract that. >.<
    23:28 - E_net4: XD
    23:29 - Murska: What's everyone got against awesome. *sigh*
    23:29 - E_net4: XD
    23:29 - Murska: Well, we can still lynch Vacuus and have him kill Anarion, right?
    23:29 - E_net4: XD
    23:29 - E_net4: No.
    23:29 - E_net4: This is turning a bit theaterized.
    23:30 - E_net4: As in, we're no longer being serious about the main purpose of WW.
    23:30 - Murska: The main purpose of WW is to have fun.
    23:30 - E_net4: We've had enough of awesomeness for a WW.
    23:30 - Murska: eh, I think it's been a bit too easy
    23:30 - E_net4: Also, you can still die today.
    23:30 - Murska: the wolves didn't even get close
    23:30 - E_net4: It was Shingo's fault.
    23:31 - E_net4: Totally Shingo's fault. He went st00pid.
    23:31 - Murska: well yeah
    23:31 - Murska: and looking at the roles it ain't that easy for the wolves
    23:31 - Murska: I think they should have a devil and the roles that are in the game should be a bit randomized
    23:32 - E_net4: I still say no VI, though. Next VI might be a bit more confident.
    23:32 - Murska: true, VI helps the wolves but might also lose the game for them
    23:33 - E_net4: XD
    23:33 - E_net4: Can you do photoshopping 'n' stuff?
    23:33 - Murska: no v.v
    23:33 - E_net4: Make a Best Werewolf seal of approval.
    23:33 - E_net4: :/
    23:34 - Murska: Best Werewolf game or player?
    23:34 - E_net4: Game
    23:34 - Murska: Since I say the Best Werewolf award for game goes to whichever it was that we killed Grim on the last day at
    23:34 - Murska: it was totally epic
    23:34 - E_net4: That one was also lolwut.
    23:34 - Murska: yup, but oh so epic
    23:34 - Murska: We were SO CLOSE to losing
    23:35 - E_net4: Especially because I scanned Grim.
    23:35 - Murska: and then all my eleventh-moment wheeling and dealing
    23:35 - E_net4: And only you went to my side.
    23:35 - Murska: to get the wolves to target the CWV and the CWV to target MK and Grim to not target me
    23:35 - E_net4: And then Grim died last XD
    23:35 - E_net4: If the wolves hadn't hit the CWV... XD
    23:36 - E_net4: Now, seriously. Wouldn't we love MK (in a non-gay fashion) if he made a TPoD based on this story?
    23:36 - Murska: Platonic adoration.
    MageKing17 13 years ago
    As a side note, I do indeed intend to make the next TPoD a recap of the game.
    E_net4 13 years ago
    "MageKing17" said:
    As a side note, I do indeed intend to make the next TPoD a recap of the game.
    MageKing17 13 years ago
    Drunken Amarth on IRC:
    <+Amarth> Why is it so had to operate mouse ND JEYOUARD AHWEN YOU ARE DRUNK?
    <+Amarth> oPPS
    <+Amarth> hRMS
    <+Amarth> aRG
    <+Amarth> Cut it put aps loc
    <+Amarth> i hat yu
    <+Amarth> ahhaha
    <+Amarth> o god
    * Amarth has quit (Client closed connection)
    E_net4 13 years ago
    No way I missed that! D:
    Amarth 13 years ago
    Ah. That explains why my IRC client was closed down this morning.

    Seriously, it's way too hard to use a computer when you are drunk. I smell a business opportunity.
    Anonymous1157 13 years ago
    "Amarth" said:
    Seriously, it's way too hard to use a computer when you are drunk. I smell a business opportunity.
    CompuDrunk™, a $5 value for only $19.99!

    Alternatively, he meant he was going to go sell beer at a gaming convention and bet on the sober guy. Either way, I LOL'd.
    Vacuus 13 years ago
    "Amarth" said:
    Ah. That explains why my IRC client was closed down this morning.

    Seriously, it's way too hard to use a computer when you are drunk. I smell a business opportunity.

    I was actually thinking of getting one of those disabled alphabetical keyboards with the huge > 1 inch square keys for just that purpose. Don't imagine it'd be fast, but atleast I could spell again.
    MageKing17 13 years ago
    "Vacuus" said:
    "Amarth" said:
    Ah. That explains why my IRC client was closed down this morning.

    Seriously, it's way too hard to use a computer when you are drunk. I smell a business opportunity.

    I was actually thinking of getting one of those disabled alphabetical keyboards with the huge > 1 inch square keys for just that purpose. Don't imagine it'd be fast, but atleast I could spell again.
    Or, you know, drink less heavily.
    Vacuus 13 years ago
    Where's the fun in that?
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