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Games like Driftmoon

OldeSword (guest) 10 years ago
Yesterday I completed Driftmoon on Guardian. In one eleven-hour sitting. Yeah... I haven't done that in a while.

So I liked it. In particular, I liked it because it scratched that itch I have for a good melodrama, which is not the same thing as being melodramatic. Namely: There's a hero(ine) with humble origins who has to go save the world, does the right thing along the way, and gets the girl (or boy). Contrast that with the general trend in Western RPGs these days to be grimdark and JRPGs to be depressing. Basically, it's a story where heroes are actually heroes. The Princess Bride is an excellent example of a modern melodrama.

Now I'm wondering if anyone here can suggest other games like Driftmoon? Particularly games with a similar flavor, if what I said above makes any sense. The setting can be dark, brooding, scary, or whatever, but the heroes should actually be heroes. Love should mean something.
ville 10 years ago
Thanks for the kind words OldeSword!
Ultima VII comes to mind, that's one of my favourites, and Driftmoon takes a lot of cues from there. Another one is Planescape: Torment, which is worth playing for the character interaction alone, it's an amazing story, and very well executed.
OldeSword 10 years ago
Should I play the previous games in the Ultima series? I actually have Planescape: Torment, and need to get around to playing it and Baldur's Gate 1 & 2.

What I meant about the flavor of Driftmoon is that, as a whole, the game is rather sweet. Parts of it are even cute. Our world is so terrible that I like playing the good guy in games and I can do that in Driftmoon with other characters (especially Fizz and Sarah) reacting accordingly. I have no problem and even enjoy a dark setting, but I want heroes to be heroes.
Amarth 10 years ago
Not an RPG, but Beyond Good and Evil might fit your tastes. It's kind of fairy-tale like, but then completely different. But it mostly plays everything straight and everyone is super lovable.

Technically, Psychonauts might fit your description too, but that got a bit more of a messed up vibe.

Both are on!
Endymion 10 years ago
It's not an RPG but I think you might like Cave Story quite a bit.
Also I'd say that the trend for JRPGs to be depressing doesn't usually extend to ones on handheld devices (at least based on my experience with NDS and GBA JRPGs)

Edited 10 years ago
Amarth 10 years ago
Ooh! Yeah! Chrono Trigger!
ville 10 years ago
OldeSword said:
Should I play the previous games in the Ultima series?

I did enjoy Ultima VI, but while Ultima VII is a mouse played adventure that you can easily compare to some of today's indie games, Ultima VI is a lot more a child of 1990. I've tried replaying it, but it's too difficult for me to remember the dialogue lines for the text parser that I need to input. Fortunately you can enjoy Ultima VII without playing the predecessors. I'm too young to have played any of the Ultimas before VI, so I can't say anything for them.
OldeSword 8 years ago
This was originally going to be a new thread, but I'm not being presented with the option to give my posts titles so I can't actually make a new thread.


I just finished replaying Driftmoon.

I wanted to express again my appreciation for the game. It's entered the realm of favorite book for me: I sit down and "read" it in one sitting, and I go to it when I want something uplifting. These past few months have been stressful and Christmas just is not a good time for me, so I decided to spend the day with Driftmoon. It's sweet, romantic, and idealistic.

I am finding that I am increasingly sick of darker and edgier. I'm sick of nasty stories about nasty people. I want more stories that show us not how things are but how they could be, and I find myself wondering what influence these brutish stories have on people as a whole. I'm no paragon of virtue, and I wonder how much of my straying has been because of lack of direction.

If no one ever presents models, even literary models, of virtue for people to examine, how are they ever going to know that there is something more than the animalistic existence presented by the mass media? So thank you for making one.

It puts me in a bit of a spot because I studied theology for a year pursuing a Master of Divinity, and what I learned caused me to break from Christianity. Yet it seems really hard for people to be genuinely good without some sort of spiritual foundation. You seem to be doing it right.
ville 8 years ago
Sorry about the new thread business, I accidentally made the server too secure when fending against a hacker attack. It's fixed now.

Thank you for your kind words! It was heartwarming to read them. I had a similar experience once when I felt very down during my studies, I felt that my old favorite Simon the Sorceror was the only thing that cheered me up with its upbeat music. And don't worry about taking a break from Christianity, I think you're supposed to have a bit of doubt, otherwise it wouldn't be called faith - besides you can always come back if/when you feel like it.

All the best for the coming year from Ville and Anne.
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