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ahrenjb 17 years ago
Ether Online will an MMORPG with gameplay inspired by the Escape Velocity series that will be similar to things like Wazzal, Star Sonata, and EVE Online. It's currently in pre-pre alpha state. Graphics will be 3D with top down view. (al ot like Wazzal). We are seriously in need of 3D modelers and 2D artists for planets and such.

Heres the best part, you will be paid accordingly.

Anyway, you can get more details at

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Don't be discouraged by the recent lack of forum activity, the head devs are cryptic in nature. Just check it out is all I ask. Contributors and idea fountains are always welcome.
Madgamer 17 years ago
So much of these stuff has been done that I don't believe there's a real purpose in these type of MMO space simulation games.

Anyways, all you're going to get is ideas from me, nothing else, but there's gonna be hella lot. Go check out the Doom thread in Notrium Modding section if you wanna know.

And for now, I'll just sit back and watch as this work unfolds. If this gets better, then I'll suggest, but for now, I really don't want to waste 2-3 hours thinking for great ideas.
ahrenjb 17 years ago
Ha, not a problem. The biggest time for ideas is going to be when the engine is complete and there is a closed beta.

Ideas are always good!

I haven't heard from the lead dev lately, I'm trying to contact him now to get a %.
Anarion 17 years ago
How much do you know about the 3D side of it ahrenjb? I'm something of a 3D modeller. I have emailed the Art director for Info, but he hasn't gotten back to me yet.
ahrenjb 16 years ago
I don't know too much about the 3D side yet, except that it will be rendered in 3D, on a 2D plane.

I've been doing lots of 3D modeling lately to gear up for creating content for EO. I might do some stuff for Notrium3D if I get around to it.

Your best bet would be to email Tig, the lead admin.
NeoGangster 16 years ago
the last post was like 3 months ago...
ahrenjb 16 years ago
Oh pardon me
Madgamer 16 years ago
Meh, I feel a bit bored with my parents around, so I just want to come up with ideas for your game. Be ready to take notes... err.... copy and paste.

Spread missiles: Shoots a single missile at fixed point and breaks into 3 after reaching certain distance. Those 3 missiles now re-lock into the enemy to home in.

Particle propelled flamethrower: Close range weapon that shoots flames for 12-25 feet. Melts the hull into burning crispy crisp. Although if any of you can find a reason as to why flame would appear in space even though with the lack of oxygen.... by any means, go ahead.

Mach Cannon: Charges laser at the minimum 3 seconds and at maximum 12 seconds. The longer the charge, the more powerful, faster, and recoil you receive. You also get propelled backwards depending on how much you have charged. While charging your ship movements are 50% slower. Yeah, that includes turning. If at charged 12 seconds the charge is immediately released because the cannon can not take in way too many particles. This weapon will decimate shields and possibly give huge damage to the hulls if charged high enough. I meself would consider this as a sniping weapon, so if you want to, add in a extra pair of scopes. Originally was going to name it to ion cannon but I think Mach Cannon sounds... well.... cooler for Sci-Fi game. And the laser does travel at the speed of mach 1. Oh boy... I smell overpowered weapon.

Shredder: Basically just a VERY short barreled machinegun that shoots shrapnels just about everywhere in its large 140 degrees. Just a bit longer range than the flamethrower and the shrapnels that has just reached it's distance will keep spinning for 3 seconds until it becomes harmless. The weapon will EAT your hull but basically almost no harm at all against your shield. License companies are probably gonna get happy about this. If you want to call it Ripper (which I originally did) than fine, but I think Shredder fits the picture better.

Advanced Re-Locking Guided Missiles (A.R.G.M.): An odd weapon this'll be. Lock on to the enemy first, and fire the missile. The missiles will PURPOSELY (yes, it will 100% of the time) miss, go behind the targeted ship, automatically slows down, re-locks, and speeds up again to the enemy ship and attack from behind. Nice way to kill their engines or at least slow them down. I added the dots on it to make it look more official. Although to me it sounds more like 'Arg!'. I must be psychotic or something... Where's my Advil?

Black Hole: A small dumbfire missile. When hit, it sucks all the shield particles into this EMP created hole within it's range. No, it doesn't do anything except suck the shields; no slowing down, get crushed to pieces, just shields. If the enemy has very low to none shield left, than the enemies shield system is short circuited for 10 seconds.

Wasp: Launches 4 guided missiles straight at the enemy. Nothing unusual.

Blowing Wind: Interesting weapon concept I came up with. Fires a fast medium sized dumb missile. Now the point of this thing is not to hit the enemy, otherwise it's completely harmless; maybe a dent to the hull is at the most it can do. The particles that's released BEHIND the rocket is what counts. The missile as it is being propelled leaves behind nano particles that will stick onto the ship's hull or shield. If it landed at the hull, feel unfortunate as they will stick onto it until you remove it at the shipyard. Shields will slowly kill them by not fast enough to get your Hot Pockets ready from your microwave. These do not do any damage whatsoever but slows down your ships movement speed considerably. Great fleeing/tactical weapon.

Dual Frontal Grip Based Blowgun: Just fires two stream of straight directional bullets that'll explode on fixed distance or on contact.

I'll do more on other stuff next time. Until then, just hope I become bored otherwise my valuable time will be spent obviously at games. And maybe a bit more of Red Vs. Blue episodes which I recently started watching. "Did you try wiggling it?"

Oh gawd, those are hilarious.
Idiota 16 years ago
"Madgamer" said:
Particle propelled flamethrower: Close range weapon that shoots flames for 12-25 feet. Melts the hull into burning crispy crisp. Although if any of you can find a reason as to why flame would appear in space even though with the lack of oxygen.... by any means, go ahead.

Add an oxygen tank on the ship, which it likely allready has, and add that oxygen to the mix?
Amarth 16 years ago
Plasma, obviously.
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