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Project Survival - A Game Development Project

Lunerfox 16 years ago
Project Survival
Hello everyone:
First, a little bit about myself and what I'm doing. I'm an engineering student from California and have been working on programming a 2D computer game with the aid of the HGE Engine (<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> in C++ for the past few weeks. I've made significant headway in creating the game, implementing a good amount of functionality and making the game into a playable form. After getting the basis of the game setup, I feel that it is time to recruit artists and musicans to work on the game.

Game Concept:
The game that I've been working on is, in many ways, similiar to many old classics such as Tempest, Smash TV, and newer versions such as Geometry Wars and Crimsonland. It's a top down 2D shooter that emphasises on the sheer number of enemies as one of the greater points of the game. However, in this game, I hope to explore the concepts of multiplayer cooperative play in these types of games, a feature that has been lacking from mainstream games for some time, as well as implementing the concepts of an RTS game into this highly Action based game. Players would have the ability to construct a number of defenses and structures that can be constructed as a base, and working together to achieve their goals.

I'm looking for artists and musicans that are dedicated to their work, has the mentality to work in a team (The willingness to make revisions on artwork and music is a must), and can create art and music that is inspired from directions given by the project lead (me) and others. Artists will need to have mastery of sprites and sprite sheet (animation) creation, while musicians would need to have knowledge of creating music and sound effects digitally. I will be working closely with the team to make sure that a constructive enviroment is maintained during the progression of the project. I will be holding an audition to find the artist and musican that best suits the graphical and musical vision that I have for the game. To do so, I'm looking for some concept art and music given some directions in text. Entries will be evaluated based on how closely the work resembles the descriptions, the creativity of the work, and the quality and skill employed. The types of descriptions below would be similar to the type of directions that would be given during development.

1) Create a 64x64 rendering (This is the scale of 1 player) of a circular shaped power station. The view should be strictly top down, and must include the following: a console panel, visible wiring, and a visible method of power generation (Solar, Methane, Tesla...etc). The theme should portray futuristic technologies, but with slightly outdated stylings (Ex: 1960s renditions of how machines would look today IE: Machines from BIOSHOCK is a close match.).
2) Create a 6 to 12 frame sprite sheet of a walking lizard type critter. the creature can be on all fours, or bipedal, and should move as fluidly as possible. the first frame and last frame should show one complete movement. (From stepping left, then stepping right, and finishing as the lizard steps left again).

1) Create a 30 second music clip that has electronica stylings with drum/bass. The theme should convey a sense of the impending battle and the rush for survival. A great example is Blood Sugar by Pendulum, which can be heard here: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> . The submitted clip does not have to start from the beginning of the "song".
2) Create a firing sound effect for a fictional weapon, dubbed "Terminus Rifle", a carbine weapon that is fired slower, but equipped with a longer barrel and stronger punch. The sound does not have to be completely original, but cannot breach any copyright laws, for obvious reasons.

I understand that many of you would be interested in participating in a game development project, but are cynical about the success and completion of these projects. Therefore, let it be known that I have every intention of completing the game to it's fruition, and must, as I will need to present my Independment Game Development Project to other students at the annual Stanford Research Symposium during April 2008. Recognition would be given for any artists and musicans that will be working with me, and the project would be a great entry into anyone's portfolio or resume, for any future employment opportunties. Also, in accordance to my research project, the game should be developed using minimal costs, and distributed as freeware at the end of development. However, personal compensations will be given from myself if the project goes well as a thank you.

A very rough version of the game can be downloaded below for evalutation. Please note that this is in no way representative of the acceptable quality that I hope to complete this game in. This is only as a proof of concept that I have begun the project significantly.
Link: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ha_0.1.rar</a><!-- m -->

Submissions can be sent to my Email Address at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->. And any questions about the project or details about the requirements of the audition can be posted on the topic, emailed, or sent to AIM: Lunerfox. The deadline for the submissions will be posted in a couple of days. Meanwhile, I hope to be seeing your submissions!
Idiota 16 years ago
I normally would object to a person's first post being an advertisement, but I feel in an exception-al mood, so it can stay. I'm no musician or artist or whatsoever though, unless you want 'modern art'. I wish you good luck with your project.
MageKing17 16 years ago
I must say, you came to the wrong place for musicians and artists.

If you need a bunch of people who know their way around the coding process, we've got some here, but we have maybe three artists total, and maybe one musician. These numbers go up if you count inactive users, but then again, who does?
E_net4 16 years ago
This is pretty good.
I might look forward to check the next versions.
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