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Arturas 16 years ago
Well i used to mod this about a year ago but i stopped, but now im back more newbie then ever. my problem is my item does not show the correct pickup text or icon picture and it doesn't show in my inventory.

U31 Gauss Rifle;//name---------------------------------------
7;//item class
U31 Gauss Rifle, Marine standard issue weapon, Upgrades include Silcencer, U32 bullet chamber and laser pointer;//first pick up text
0.400000;//size on map
1;//show on radar 0=does not show, 1=show on scanner, 2=show even without scanner
20;//particle to shown on radar
1;//visible in inventory 0=no (can only be used via quick keys), 1=yes
gauss.png;//texture name
-1;//wielded script,-1=nothing, only applicable for wieldable items
-1;//wielded item disabling script, -1=nothing, this script is only checked for conditions while the item is wielded, if the conditions prove false, the item is unwielded
1;//show help text for conditions
0;//wield slot number
Lets blast these 'zergins!;//event text
none;//event failure text
goodtogo.wav;//sound, none for nothing
0;//vanishes after event, 0=no, 1=yes
U;//use key
-1;//quick key
9;//effect number
Please 'elp meh.
Crazy 16 years ago
My problem is my item does not show the correct pickup text or icon picture and it doesn't show in my inventory.
Well, that's odd. What DOES happen, though? How does it act in-game, when does it go wrong?
Arturas 16 years ago
In the editor its icon displays as a diode and it has the correct name, when in the game its picture on the ground is random and its very large, When i pick it up it displays the message "0.4000000" and it does not show in my inventory
Narvius 16 years ago
Could it be that you accidentally deleted the line for the inventory desc? I can't find it, there's only first pickup text...
Arturas 16 years ago
Humbug that seems to be the problemo, I dont know how i did it though. thanks
Narvius 16 years ago
Heh, happens from time to time ^^
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