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Forum » Long time no see.

Long time no see.

muffinman 13 years ago
Well, its been how many years since I've last came here? I don't know, like 4 years ago. Well a lot has changed and even though I'm a junior in high school, I find myself with extra time, dunno why, probably because I quit playing starcraft. But whats up. And did I really only have 37 posts when I left?
Idiota 13 years ago
Don't think so no. :p I still remember you tho, must have been the change of forum software that banished some of your posts to oblivion. That and the big general talk clean-up.

Welcome back!
Murska 13 years ago
You quit playing Starcraft? NOOOOOOO!
muffinman 12 years ago
Oh hey Idiota, and I didn't really quit starcraft. My battlenet stopped working after this patch, but its working now so I'm back online getting my loss record even worse.
Forum » Long time no see.

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