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can someone help please

nova 15 years ago
i would like to make a new item for the android called fusion reactor that gives it a "fuel" bar that would regenerate by eating and while this "fuel bar" is full the batery will regenerate but i have no idea how can someone pleas help thanks

p.s how do i change start items i want to have 2 radios i don't like killing the litle hobbit guy
KArthur90 15 years ago
Assuming you are using the Default dats:

To make him start with a subspace radio, insert this at the end of android specialties, in player_races.dat:

Start with radio;//description
0;//difficulty level

Insert this at bars.dat.
Replace xx and yy to the exact coordinates to where you want the bar.
Replace RGB to numbers from 0 to 1 to define the color of the bar.

0;//bar type, 0=normal, 1=show body temperature, 2=show number of items parameter0, 3=show wielded weapon ammo, 4=show armor, 5=show carry weight, 6=show seconds from game start
1;//visible (only applicable for player's bars)
1;//visible on enemies
1;//show number
3;//anchor point (0=left top, 1=right top, 2=left bottom, 3=right bottom)
-xx;//location x, pixels from anchor point
-yy;//location y, pixels from anchor point
bar.png;//bar picture
none;//background picture
0;//background picture x offset
0;//background picture y offset
0;//background picture width
0;//background picture height
-200;//length in pixels for maximum (negative = bar increases to left)
R;//red color component for minimum
G;//green color component for minimum
B;//blue color component for minimum
R;//red color component for maximum
G;//green color component for maximum
B;//blue color component for maximum

Then open player_races.dat, find the android section, and at the end of specialties, add:
Assuming that you want a reactor bar with a maximum of 100 and min of 0, starting at 100

  Reactor Bar;//description
0;//difficulty level

Unfortunately, I can't seem to figure out how to use the reactor bar to refuel the energy bar, and create conditions to prevent the reactor bar from refuelling the energy bar when the former is empty... Maybe someone more familiarized with the engine may be able to help you out.
MageKing17 15 years ago
I once did something very similar for the Wazzal II mod (in the version before the "current" version), in which grabbing stray fuel refueled a "reactor" bar, and the reactor bar refilled your energy while it wasn't empty. It's been so long I really can't remember anything about how I did it, but I'm sure scripts.dat is where the key lies. Probably a script with condition "bar above value" checking that the reactor bar is > 0 that refills energy.
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