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Elite forces mod *dead*

TurtlePie 15 years ago
I am creating a new mod.

the basic story is that you are part of a elite squad of soldiers who have to do the jobs no one elss can, your mission is to destroy the brown alien hive on the planet *named later*

areas: 0% havnt looked at it yet
spirits: 30% I need someone to do this please I can reuse ones from default but il still need some custom ones. I am using some from the weaver mod ( il give thanks)
player races: 44% might add a seconed and need some buggs gone
sides: 50% need to redo the whole thing almost
journal: 50% got some done
dialog: 0%
opening scene and endings: 80% need to get a few more pictures and some good ones to replace some shitty ones.

overall: 20% I need a lot to be done still.

I might need coding help because I kinda suck.
I still need a person to draw stuff.

Thanks to:
weaver mod for some spirits
OP mod for some weapon spirits

Mod is dead, something is breaking it and causes my game to crash, I give up, I might upload the files for someone to continue.

elite mod
KArthur90 15 years ago
That was the quickes mod I ever saw.
If you really give up your project (don't do it. just take a walk around the block. do something for a week and then come back and try to program) would you like to join our zombie project?
TurtlePie 15 years ago
Yea sure, il join, I got a couple Ideas to contribute and maybe I can learn some stuff along the way.
KArthur90 15 years ago
Our thread is here
But we're having a break until February 1st. You can post your ideas already though
Forum » Elite forces mod *dead*

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