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  • The story of the Vikings feat. AmThaMu

    Amarth 14 years ago
    So, the Vikings have started their attempt at world domination in a succession game of Civ IV - Beyond the Sword. They are lead by the fearsome AmThaMu (see what I did there? see what I did there?) who is aggressive and financial.

    The players are:
    We take 40 turns each the first time, and then 20 turns per player. If anyone wants to join in, no problem, the game will last for quite a while.

    Now. The chronicling of our rise... TO POWER!
    4000 BC: Hmm. The world is all black. There's cows and a stream and a sea and wheat nearby. And a village of strange beings who, after some torture, provide us with a worker. Useful. I hope we find more of those.
    3960 BC: After 40 years of traveling around (it seems like nothing, really) we decide on a place to settle down. Our first town is named "Nidaros" after hell I know what. The workers are going to rake a bit at the wheat. Our scouts have discovered stone, wine, hairy beavers and more cows.
    3760 BC: Borders of Nidaros expanded, workers still raking. What the hell, that's 200 years by now. Tortured another village of strange beings and got another worker. Discovered sheep, corn, and more wine. Seems like fertile lands.
    3680 BC: Yay, farm finished. About time, we've been waiting for 280 years. I'll attribute it to inexperience.
    3640 BC: More frickin' cows and more frickin' sheep.
    3560 BC: Horsies. And, what's that? Maya's! Pacal II of the Mayan Empire greets us. He looks silly with all the gold instead of clothes. At least we have beards. Anyway, I suppose it doesn't hurt to be peaceful, for now.
    3400 BC: Beavers! Deer! I can start a zoo over here!
    3360 BC: More torture. I told them I didn't want a stupid worker now who takes over 250 years to make a farm. They gave me gold this time.
    3160 BC: Whoah. So our scouts stood face to face with a pack of lions (more zoo stuff?). They looked them deep into the eyes and the lions just ran away. Big pussies if you ask me. Also, it seems some cult has risen in Nidaros, they call themself "Hindus". Whatever.
    3080 BC: It seems the kitties decided to attack my scouts anyway. They were slaughtered. Absolutely no damage to my scouts. Fear the Vikings! Also, we created another cosy town, called "Uppsala".
    2960 BC: I saw another village, but it was tortured before my eyes by those evil Maya's. In time, they will be punished for their deeds... Exploring a little onwards, I find a third civilization, the Korean Empire under the lead of Wang Kon. I try not to laugh and offer peace. They annoyingly dress in about the same color as the Maya's. Also they have silly moustaches.
    2920 BC: Another village tortured! This time they provided me their fiercest warriors. Not bad, not bad... I might make a living out of this.
    2800 BC: Now what, another civilization? The Babylonian Empire with their leader Hammurabi. One wonders why they don't choose an awe-inspiring name like "AmThaMu". At least they have beards. Also, elephants! Those I still missed for the zoo. They're a bit close to those Koreans though, so we might have to fight for the biggest zoo. We'll see.
    2400 BC: We finished the construction of Stonehenge, which is basically a circle of stones that will allow us to summon demons if I understood this well. I'd like to see it, but it seems I've fallen into a deep pit and I can't get out. Perhaps Thaif can tell me how it looks.

    Our black planet:

    The save:
    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... dSave.html</a><!-- m -->

    Apparently files can only be downloaded 10 times from RapidShare these days, so ask me if it's unavailable and I'll upload it again. Well actually it's only 83 KB so I could mail it if you PM your email address.
    Thaif 14 years ago
    And so...a new ruler takes up the challenge, as the old one fell into a pit.

    2360 BC: One of our forward scout teams found a score of diamonds. A occupation force is being drawn post haste.

    Oservations: Someone decided that slavery would be just great and that we should adopt it. I figured that the Vikings can do their own work so I stuck with the old ways. Hammurabi however embraced the idea...if the babylonians think so little of people as to keep them as slaves I wonder how they feel of other nations. I'll keep my eyes on them...

    I also initiated a grand project that one of our capable engineers suggested. He called it "The Pyramids". Whatever, we got plenty of stone to go around.

    I sent a few settlers west to build a city so that we might clad some of those warm fur clothes. It's frikkin' cold in here!

    Met the celts and their leader "Boudica". Seemed like a reasonable bunch.

    More intestink stuff: When I asked about our naval forces, people look'd at me funny and said "What the eff are you talking about?". Then I was informed that our navy consisted mostly of fishing boats. I set off to rectify this problem and told our wisemen to seek a solution.

    The town of Haihabu(weird, I know) was established due west of our capital Nidaros. I hope the traders will soon bring some warm fur here.

    Ha! We are the largest nation in the world! The world! This calls for celebration!

    1880 BC: Priesthoods developed. Apparently some want someone else to tell them what the gods wish. Bah, humbug. The wisemen told me that they had begun to develop something called "writing". Go figure.

    1680 BC: Our wisemen told me that they had worked out writing. I have been led to undestand that his will greatly improve our communication with other nations and raise the learning in our people. Sounded good to me.

    There seems to be boon in our seafaring. Many trading posts are being build in our towns. Proper ships are still to be built.

    1560 BC: The city of Birka was built near the Maya's. I simultaneusly ordered to have our military strengthened. We need to be prepared for the worst...

    Meditation has been developed. Some people apparently really like to ponder about things.

    Opened borders to the Koreans. They did the same to us. Let's see what they have been up to all this time...

    Met the Dutch. Apparently they like to wear hats that make them look like total goons.

    1280 BC: Remeber those "Pyramids"? Well, they finished them! While I don't think they are very beautiful, it seems that shouting real hard from their tops makes people listen better.

    I immidiately proceeded to yell to the people that they can mail me(we can write, remember?) their suggestions on how to run our nation. I recieved thousands of letters demanding "More pie & pancakes for all".

    1240 BC: Seems like our friends, the Dutch, have struck a motherload. I don't know why a domestic abuse case is a worldwide issue, but then again we aren't Dutch nor do we wear goofy hats. Seriously. Have you seen those hats?!

    The silly hat people(Dutch) exchanged an "Open Borders" agreement with us. We will try to bring some Good old horned helmets to these people.

    Our scouts report that the Koreans also wear strange hats. The world seems to be completely bonkers for odd headwear.

    925 BC: We have entered the Classical Age! I have no clue what that means...I hope it has nothing to do with stupid headgear. Monarcy was also invented. Seems like we can now brew wine. I'm left to wonder why we didn't know this before...

    Huh, the Mayas seem to have made themselves a "Great Wall". I wonder what that thing looks like...infact I'll go and see it, better yet I'll go and tour the world while I'm at it. Let's see if anyone else besides the Koreans and the Dutch wear silly hats. I'll leave the nation in the very capable hands of my friend Murska while I'm gone. See you in a couple of centuries!

    Okay, that was my 40 turns. Here's the save. Have fun Murska.
    Murska 14 years ago
    Ahh. It appears that Thaif has left us to go on a journey to see the world. We shall see the results of this exploration in time, but in the meanwhile, someone must lead our rowdy bunch of brave Viking warriors to victory and conquest of everything that is.

    So, let's see the situation of the known world...

    Hm. Some cities are in slightly suboptimal spots but overall, it's fine. We've blocked off the expansion of the Mayas, who also wear silly hats, as long as we never give them open borders.

    Iron Working is being researched, which seems like a good thing to me, but afterwards I shall grab Alphabet and then beeline for Berserkers! THE WORLD WILL FEAR THE AMPHIBIOUS WARRIORS OF THE VIKINGS!

    750 BC: Iron Working comes in and it appears that we have not only our own source of iron near the middle of our lands but that we've also nabbed the Mayan iron from under their noses! Can you say FIRST TARGET? I instantly send our first Axeman that way. I also automate the scouts and order the workers to chop me some wood, speeding up the construction of the Oracle.

    650 BC: A great Prophet is born in Nidaros. I appoint him his own personal house in which he can generate us wealth and hammers... wait what? Also, during this period we've finished construction of a temple in one of our lesser cities. Can you believe it? A TEMPLE? I instantly order that town to start training us some more Axemen to take over the world with. Sheesh, temples...

    625 BC: The city of Uppsala has organized a series of games. I was presented with a plan to sponsor other countries' athletes, but why bother? The vikings would beat them all anyway.

    We're low on cash, and I know just the thing that'd make it better. Some LOOTIN'! My axemen set off towards the Mayas.

    When I attempt to force some troublesome peasants into duty as Axemen, I am told, by some sniveling administrators, that our nation doesn't use slavery. BAH! It appears I just got, along with the peasants, some administrative axemen for my regiment... or maybe I should have them go work the Oracle build site, I heard that place is somewhat accident-prone...
    At the same time, I decided that I can't bother to handle all those votes and stuff. People can send me representatives, they may attempt to tell me what to do and I'll do what I want anyway.

    600 BC: The changes to 'traditional' ways of doing things get some people mad but as couple years pass, they settle down. Helped by some whip-carrying large men.

    525 BC: We manage to start iron-production, and I put it to good use by whipping up a squad of Swordsmen on the spot. Some barbarians approach our borders, but our troops chase them away. Some Celtic woman, Boudica, asks us for Open Borders... I agree, for now, even though my 'advisors', in true Viking fashion, tell me to 'negotiate' some different 'arrangements'. It's not like she's even beautiful. Must be why she's leading a nation.

    500 BC: The first Axeman squad arrives on the Mayan border and instantly attacks the thin stretch of road connecting Lakamha to Mutal. What weird names. During the following years, the Axeman group assaults the city furiously, depleting it's defenders, some club-wielding warriors, to half their original strength. The Axemen themselves, the 'Wolf Regiment' as they're named, suffer comparatively few losses due to superior equipment and taxes.

    475 BC: The desperate Mayas bribe some barbarian warriors to attack over our north border. Poor fools, the garrison in Nidaros handles them easily.

    450 BC: The last barbarians are wiped out by the Home Guard. The Wolf Regiment is bogged down by the archers suddenly appearing on Lakamha's walls, and retreat, deciding to take out the outlying cottages instead. Over the course of these years, they learn special anti-archer tactics. Boudica demands us to stop trading with Koreans. While we've never traded with Koreans anyway, we pretend to agree to her demands. We cannot afford a two-front war at the moment. Besides, when she gets mad like that, she IS kinda cute.

    400 BC: The philosophers and other such academic personnel come to me looking very happy about themselves. They show me a sheet of paper with a lot of weird symbols and numbers. I ask them about this odd behaviour, and they explain that they have found the science of the 'absolute truth', whatever that means. I tell them to stuff it and go back to work on thinking up more methods of warfare.

    The oracle is completed and this, for some reason, results in all my underlings swearing loyalty, some 'vow of the vassal' to me. This also leads in Anarchy, but for what reason, I cannot imagine.

    350 BC: Word comes from our scouts that they were attacked by a barbarian horde, but defeated them. I find this to be very doubtful, and I'm pretty sure they only met some poor uncivilized cavemen or such and slaughtered them in their sleep.
    The Axemen keep butchering the residents of the Mayan civilization.

    250 BC: The word is that some new cult has taken root in our land, something about being confused. I find it really weird, but I allow this 'confucianism' in my lands, for it makes the people happy and less angry about being sent to slavery and death. The Axemen spy a weak city in the lands of the Mayans.

    225 BC: Money! And what's better, money aquired by killing people wearing funny hats!

    200 BC: The Great Lighthouse is finished. Apparently it lets us get more profits from trading by flashing the other nations' captains' eyes with the large fire on top, so we can plunder their ships more effectively. Hey, whatever works. In other news, more pillaging occurs and the first swordsmen arrive to the scene.

    150BC: Lakamha's walls are assaulted by our mighty soldiers. But the first, unnamed swordsman regiment gets beaten back by the now-severely-weakened archers. This marks the first military loss of the Vikings in known history. Just to set an example, I butcher every single living thing in the city along with the remaining members of the Swordsman regiment.

    75BC: Bj(o with a slash)rgvin is settled while our army, after recuperating from the earlier assault, moves to besiege the last Mayan city, Mutal. Where do they come up with such idiotic names anyway.

    50BC: The scientists come to me with a plan for a Civil Service. I agree, since they tell me they will be able to recruit Berserkers this way. Bureaucracy spreads everywhere. (*snigger* I get Berserkers from Bureaucracy? So fitting.)

    1AD: The scientists say I have to start counting these years forwards from now. No idea why... silly people. Our army keeps the siege of the Mayan city, while our settlers walk off into lands unknown. Our scout gets destroyed by a barbarian Axeman. Maybe I should have sent escort with them settlers.

    50 AD: I grow weary of this task. I want to go lead our armies in battle, not stay here in this boring city directing everything. *sigh* Our swordsmen, the Bears, take out an archer but are cut down to half-strength themselves. These last Mayans are proving a tough nut to crack. A couple more cities get settled.

    150 AD: I'm FED UP with this. I'm going off to fight, like Vikings should. The bureaucrats can go **** off. As my last command, I order the workers to dig this Amarth out of the pit he's been in the last 2500 years or so.

    Don't mind my dates being a bit off, I couldn't bother to check them every time. Screenshots coming once I get to it.

    The Save: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... dSave.html</a><!-- m -->

    EDIT: We should be getting a great general soon. Please name him Murska?
    Amarth 14 years ago
    Finally. I've been yelling for help for, what, 2500 years now and I'm getting a soar throat. So, what happened? No demons from that circle of stones? Damn.

    150 AD: Okay, let's start this shit the way it should be. Attack that damned last Mayan city and erase them all! And so it happened. "The Maya Civilization has been destroyed!" I decide to keep the city as it seems to have quite some religious and military value. I hope the people won't be too annoyed with me killing them and taking over leadership and all that.
    175 AD: Yet another cult has established in my borders, this time it's "Taoism" which is probably sponsored by the Association For Vowel Promotion.
    300 AD: And yet another cult. Christians this time. I've noticed they adore wine. Must be a nice bunch.
    375 AD: All over the empire they are celebrating "We love the prime minister day". The hell.
    560 AD: Our galley was destroyed by a barbarian galley. I didn't even know we had a galley.
    600 AD: Okay, time for me to pass the torch we use for burning the heretics to someone else. It seems like I didn't do that much, but well, I needed to move the military to another side of the country which is mostly done. Onwards to further victory.

    The globe... Isn't it pretty?

    Save file: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... dSave.html</a><!-- m -->
    Thaif 14 years ago
    Hello again, my tour was interrupted by a war and admistrative duties. Seems like the present ruler, Amarth, wanted to take some personal time, or something. I don't know what he had to do one told me anything! They just pointed me to the office and left. Hostility was in the air...oh well.

    Surveying our homeland I noticed that someone had the idea to build a Fort atop a beaver colony...the mishap is being remedied. The Mayas are nowhere to be seen...perusing the previous reports it became apparent thet they were conquered by us! Good, now they can drink beer and wear proper clothes, and hats. Never forget the hats...

    640 AD: An Great Engineer was born in our town of Uppsala(who was appointed to name these towns?). He is called Henry Ford. Iddaknow...sounds kinda foreing to matter! The Vikings welcome him to our fold! I ordered him to our newest city T√łnsberg. His expertize will be a great asset in building the city.

    660 AD: Machinery has been invented. I wonder if this has something to do with religion? I heard one of our wisemen utter something about "God", "from" and "machine". Strange bunch.

    680 AD: Drama! They say that this new innovation will make our culture soar. Sounded like more trouble than it was worth to me. Drama...bah, and those insufferable "musicians" as they call themselves are starting to get on my nerves.

    740 AD: The sound of music. It appears that those artists weren't completely useless.

    760 AD: A Great Artist has emerged from the ranks of our "musicians". His name is Yunus Emre. Another one of these born viking foreigners. Maybe the open borders were a good deal for us. I dispatched him to Roskilde, so that he may entertain that border town.

    780 AD: Rumour has it a miracle was performed on the city walls of Babylon. Hindu pilgrims are flockin to the site. Seems like a PR stunt to me AND they seem to wear FKIKKIN' ABSURD HATS!

    820 AD: Aha! We are the Wealthiest Nation in the World! Fetch me my celebratory drinking skull!

    840 AD: Engineering has arrived to the Viking Nation. They showed me and the Generals the new weapons: The Pike(It's a really long spear) and the Trebuchet. That thing looked like it would break the instant it fired, but it flung the massive stone without effort! Marvelous. Our Engineers say they could build massive stone fortresses to defend our nation, they called these things "castles".

    The Koreans have provided us food to prevent famine in the town of Roskilde. I've visited Roskilde and they didn't look like starving, more like fat. Heh, stupid Koreans.

    860 AD: We traded Horseback Riding for the Calendar with the Dutch. The meeting was one of stifled laughter and horrible hat fashion.

    880 AD: I've seen far...with this new invention they call Optics. From what I understood of the tech-babble we should now have better ships at our disposal and apparently whaling has become possible. Grand things afoot, it seems.

    900 AD: Books are everywhere now that Literature has evolved. I wonder if anyone has written about the wonders of our world...namely the ones that reside in our great nation.

    The Temple of Artemis was also finished. I figure some of those religious people got together and decided to build that thing. Oh well, at least it isn't a giant glorified triangle.

    920 AD: Well, well...the Koreans have come to us with a grand delegation and asked to become our Vassal state! I accepted this proposal as these people seem to know their place. Now then, let's get these people some proper hats. And some Beer!

    Shortly after the people of Nidaros decided to hold a celebration for their Prime Minister. I'm assuming they meant me.

    940 AD: A Geat Prophet has emerged from the religious masses! They call him "Saint" Paul. He's apparently left to build a grand monument to Confucianism, in Haithabu. Good, I smell tourists & pilgrims and that means money...

    960 AD: It seems our Great General Murska has led a charge to the Barbarian city of Anasazi! The city was swiftly brought to the Viking Nation, with minimal losses. It seems there is still some unrest in the city but that should pass as they begin to enjoy the benefits of our Glorious State.

    The Kong Miao was erected by that "Saint" Paul. It is said to be very similar in looks to the architecture of the Koreans.

    980 AD: The Hanging Gardens were completed. It's basically a giant brick cube with lots of palm trees and it doubles as a spa, I'm told.(Soz, no screenie. I managed to click it away before taking it...)

    There's also a giant statue being built in Uppsala. They are apparently making it entirely out of bronze. I wonder who will it be modelled after...

    1000 AD: Whew, that was some party! A new Millenium, imagine that. It seems that Guilds are springing up like mushrooms in the rain. I was informed that we don't have an ambassador in Korea. I have been filing trough these papers long enough already, and I know that Muska is in Anasazi currently, so I'll just send him a missive that he's once again in charge. I'm going to Korea to bring them Horned Helms and Beer, lots of it.

    Here's the save: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=";13064333;/fileinfo.html"> ... einfo.html</a><!-- m -->
    Murska 14 years ago
    Murska surveys the maps and documents arrayed around him. Bah, even more of these accursed papers... And what a sorry state the empire is in. What is WRONG with our military? It's like it's in the same state I left it in! Only improvements are some longbowmen as city garrisons! We don't have any siege engines, no knights, no berserkers! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO WITH SUCH AN ARMY?

    Oh, not to mention that we've VASSALIZED a nation that we should've CONQUERED! Now my only possible target is the Celts. Poor Boudica.

    But first things first. I force the Koreans to give me every single resource they have in tribute. They agree, showing their lack of spine. Losers. Next, I take a look at the economy... What is wrong with this thing? We're at SEVENTY percent science spending and can't go higher or we'll lose money! I want my brand spankin' new engines of war ready TODAY, not in FIFTY YEARS! Not to mention that we don't have enough to upgrade all our melee units to berserkers. Pfft. I order most cities to start producing trebuchets, berserkers and knights.

    ARG! AGAIN I'm told that we don't use slavery here! Next bunch of whining morons who think that all humans should be equals are gonna be shipped to the galleys! Also, Theocracy has spread to our religious people. Not like I care, as long as they don't trouble me.

    1010AD: Hmpf. What a silly year. The Anarchy ended and I instantly ordered most of our cities to whip up military units. I started production of longboats, allowed the emissaries of Hammurabi to come see our mighty empire and moved the army to the border of the Celts. Nothing spectacular happened.

    1040AD: The attack on Jute starts. First, our axemen capture half of the Celts' workforce and ship them off as slaves to the homeland. Then our first longboats attack the city from the sea, the berserkers rush in and destroy a single archer battalion. The rest of our war machine lumbers forward. More units are produced.

    1050AD: The scientists show me some black stuff. Then they light it on fire and a loud noise is heard. Then the table, the two nearest scientists and the black powder is gone, leaving only a hole in the floor. I approve of this invention! I tell the somewhat shaken scientists to make more of this stuff.

    The people speak a lot about the new times, the advancements of science and art and other such nonsense. They call it the 'Renessaince'. I wonder why they can't use real, original Viking words.

    1080AD: The land based Berserkers reach Jute and conquer it easily. Although one of them dies and we need to use the scouting Axeman squad to finish them off, so I'd guess it wasn't THAT easily. But yeah. It is conquered and we pillage 150 gold pieces from it's ruins. I whip up some Knights who are sent in front of our army to scout. Also, our first Caravel finishes and is sent on a quest to circumnavigate the globe.

    1090AD: Ooh! I forgot to mention, apparently the good people in Uppsala created a huge bronze statue of me. I went to take a look. It somehow looks a bit like the face has been repaired a bit... I wonder...

    1100AD: Our Pikemen have learned a new halberd type. It is a great one, indeed, but I wonder where the invention came from since WE DO NOT HAVE ANY PIKEMEN!

    I also force the Koreans to give me all their new-found Gems as tribute. The losers... I hope they'd rebel. I force the Dutch to pay me tribute, and to convert to Confucianism. My army keeps growing larger and larger and the scientists are spreading rumours about new ship types soonish.

    1110AD: The Celts catch one of our longboats with a trireme, and sink it! Fortunately, a Caravel of ours is nearby and avenges this travesty. Meanwhile, we capture Pusan easily without any losses, and our scouting knights do a lot of damage to the Celt lands. We also catch a barbarian galley trying to destroy our fishing boats.

    I declare war on Shaka in the hopes that he conquers our 'vassal' so I can reconquer them and destroy every single city. Because I'm evil like that. After our war victories, I'm now one of the Great Generals of my time.

    1120AD-1140AD: Our army thunders on, murdering, pillaging, burning and looting.

    1150AD: Our ships are upgraded to much better Galleons, and once we have them filled with Berserkers, we shall launch an invasion of... well, whichever place strikes our fancy. Also, it appears that the Celts have arrayed their best and most formidable forces against us into their capital, Bibracte.

    1160AD: Oh the humanity! The celts strike at us with massive beasts of war, inflicting horrible casualties before we beat them back. We lost a whole unit of Knights! The one we had named after me! This will be avenged!

    1200AD: I'm leaving for the frontlines again. The last remnants of the Celts are proving to be tougher than expected and after we conquer the last cities of theirs, we have Shaka to deal with. I'm leaving the empire to that pit dude again.



    Notes: I thought of making pictures but I'm sick and can't bother to upload 'em and place them here so I'm just adding these two. To my successor: Make a lot of berserkers since the amphibious upgrade should carry on once we upgrade them. Load them up on the galleons around the empire and launch an invasion of someplace. Also, destroy the Celts and the Zulus. Easy tasks, eh?¨

    EDIT: And the save: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... dSave.html</a><!-- m -->
    Thaif 14 years ago
    Heh, funny how one of us is a powermongering warlord, one is a careful and steady planner and one (fell to a pit) is somewhere in between.
    Murska 14 years ago
    "Thaif" said:
    Heh, funny how one of us is a powermongering warlord, one is a careful and steady planner and one (fell to a pit) is somewhere in between.

    Heh. But I'd like it if some round the military would actually be in an usable state when I get the file, and I wouldn't have to spend the first 10 turns creating it from basically nothing.
    Amarth 14 years ago
    Okay, so I turn my head for a bit and two idiots manage to make the weakest state depend on us AND start a war. What the hell. Well, nothing to do than sit out the ride I guess...

    1220 AD: Our maps have proven that the world is round. Erm, zooming out a little bit might have also cleared up that, but hey. Also, apparently, now that we have proved that, the wind starts blowing stronger because we get +1 movement for our ships. Go figure.
    1230 AD: The war against the Celts continues, and Vienne falls! The only thing left now is the capital Gergovia... How hard can it be?
    1250 AD: So, let's see... A great merchant was born in the city of Nidaros. I think we will be making some interesting progress real soon. But first we need to quell the revolution that some leftists started when I said we were going to use a free market economy from now on. Come on, free market = more money, shut the hell up already.
    1270 AD: Golden age begun! Seriously, what the hell else can you do with a great merchant. Research and production, oh my!
    1280 AD: We took over Gergovia (the Celt capital), but apparently we haven't wiped them out completely. The bastards must have another city somewhere. Well, let's find out shall we... We have also captured another shitload of workers.
    1290 AD: Islam has been founded in our borders. Good, I could use some suicide bombers.
    1320 AD: An infidel destroyed a village! Stoopid spais... I don't know who was responsible, but they will burn, all of them. Also, we are laying siege to Camulodulum (I'm not inventing this), the last outpost of the Celts. Our musketmen are proving their worth.
    1330 AD: Nathan Hale, the Great Spy has been born. We shall make Vikingland Yard to keep those enemy spies out. And burn them. And yes! We have eradicated the Celts! I'm so thankful the honors always go to me for conquering that last city... Next stop: the Zulus! They are building a shitload of war units though, so I think we have to be prepared... Meanwhile, a Great General has been born. He shall lead our troops in battle! Sometime in the future, because he's kinda far away from the battlefront right now.
    1340 AD: Okay, now about those silly hats. China has some SERIOUSLY silly headwear. They poke needles through their hair and think it's fashionable. The amount of retardedness in this world is frustrating. Also, someone had a glorious insight and discovered liberalism, which in turn made us discover the scientific method, which in turn made spots of black goo bubble up. The world might become a good place after all. This made us enter the industrial age, just in case it wasn't clear we're already working hard. Also, this marks the end of the golden age. You wouldn't tell.

    Urgh, I'm stopping for now. 5 turns left for tomorrow. Someone post so I don't have to double-post.
    Murska 14 years ago
    "Amarth" said:
    Okay, so I turn my head for a bit and two idiots manage to make the weakest state depend on us AND start a war.

    TWO wars.
    Amarth 14 years ago
    1350 AD: Hmm, the Zulus have made a flanking movement and are approaching the recently overtaken city of Gergovia from the south, while my military has mostly moved on to the west to attack the cities of the Zulus. Oh well, it wasn't an interesting city anyway. Still, I hope we have a bit of luck...
    1370 AD: Okay, fuck. I think I have the entire Zulu army against me now and I'm not sure I'll be holding it. Oh well, as said, it's just a few newly captured cities, though I was planning on setting some cultural boundaries there to stop the Babylonians from expanding too much. Hrmf, we'll see what the future brings.
    1380 AD: I've let the Zulus recapture one of their cities while I regroup my northern military. Don't tell them, but I'm assaulting on their south-western flank which is currently wonderfully underdefended.
    1400 AD: Ah, my house is finished. Good, I need a rest. Be seeing you when I wake up, in 400 years or so.

    Thaif, you'll find that the situation in our northernmost cities is a bit... Unstable and expensive. But I've wanted to keep those cities to keep Babylon from grabbing all the land there which they already started to do. Do as you see fit. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... dSave.html</a><!-- m -->
    Thaif 14 years ago
    Woop, free ticket to do as wanted. Not that we all didn't have that before...
    Narvius 14 years ago
    Huh. According to that, the right strategy is to build as much cities as possible. that's why I always get owned.
    Murska 14 years ago
    "Cheater" said:
    Huh. According to that, the right strategy is to build as much cities as possible. that's why I always get owned.

    That was the best Civ3 strategy. In Civ4, you need to build the cities at a somewhat slower rate or you'll be bankrupt. You need to have a strong economy to keep a large empire.
    Thaif 14 years ago
    Now that the Koreans know proper drink and hat, I once again return to guide this nation. Apparently the news of total war were not exaggerations...Amarth the Fucking Glorious is leading an army to Zululand, and the newly "liberated" border cities are under siege soon.

    Nice start, indeed. Time for this statesman to gear up and go about.

    1410 AD: We are the Most Powerful Nation in the World! As if there was any doubt...

    Theres gonna be a mighty battle for the city of Gergovia. I'm hopeful we will be victorious. This could potentially hamper our land assault to Zululand somewhat. Amphibious assault force is being trained and loaded to the ships. Let's see how it goes when the All Clear to Engage command is given...

    The battle is going well! The 1st attack has been all but stymied. Only a handful of enemy troops remain, but our observers report that more of these "Impi" are arriving to siege Gergovia alon with a battery of catapults. We lost a Knightly order(one unit) to these assailers and casualties among the troops are about to become worrying...Good thing Nationality has been invented. Our troops will fight to the death(the fools) for the Viking nation.

    I've seen these strange flying balloons with baskets around Nidaros...our scientists tell me it's all according to their tests and calculations. They reassured me that soon our war effort will be bolstered by a entirely new and terrifying weapon. I'm looking forward to that.

    Our Korean vassals are sending troops to aid our war effort.

    Their Hwachas and troops are a welcome addition to this conflict. I do hope they will send more that this small band, though.

    1490 AD: The war goes on. We've begun to push the Zulus back. I'm qute anxious to see the new weapon promised by them scientists. We also got a Great Engineer! Bi Sheng, apparently an Korean immigrant. There were those who doubted the annexation of Korea...

    The man has been designated to a position in Uppsala where his talent will be put to use.

    Murska(Warlord) has taken command of a Musketeer regiment and is likely to head an assault against the Zulus.

    1510 AD: Those insolent dickwads!!! Zulu saboteurs destroyed the beginning construction of Pyongyang's courthouse! Those meddling bastards will be put to swift trial for this. I'm a calm man, but there's a limit to my complacency. Troops are mustered for a massive offensive which is hopefully going to cripple those annoying weaklings. I've had it with them.

    1520 AD: Physics is formulated in our laboratories. I'm slightly miffed at those scientists. They promised a weapon and we got some frikkin' oversized sightseeing balloons. I was also presented with this strange greenish glowing material that was said to hold great potential. The look in the scientists eyes was beyond sinister.

    Apprently this discovery was headed by Antoine Laurent Lavoisier. This Great Scientist will most likely establish a Academy to educate more Viking eggheads.

    1535 AD: Rifling is implemented. Seemingly this new invention makes the new firearms even more deadly. Good...

    1545 AD: It appears I was mistaken about these "Airships"! They are quite formidable asset in this conflict, as their air raids are proven to be devastating. We have blundered and warred on the seas and now we take to the sky! Fear the Sky Vikings!

    1550 AD: It must be a strange fate. I was not mean to be a warrior. I had no fortitude to man an oar, nor the strenght to wield an axe. But now, the airships have given me the chance to be a proper Viking. I will depart to overseer the construction of our airship fleet and then lead it to battle. I shall leave the overall command to Murska. He's a much more competent warleader. The skies await.

    Okay that was another 20 turns. There's some 5 airships being built in Uppsala, they are quite useful for weakening enemy units. Use 'em a lot.(I Love Airships)
    Here's that save.
    Murska 14 years ago
    "Ahh, back from the frontlines. I have to say that while these firearms are powerful, they just don't have the feel of cutting someone's head off with a war axe. But now that I'm back to leading this nation, let's see what has happened during my absence.

    Hmpf. At least THIS time some goddarned hippies didn't come to complain to me once I ordered some well-deserved whippings... But why oh WHY is our glorious war machine lying dormant, fortified in a city, when a lightly defended Zulu outpost is JUST ACROSS THE BORDER? We MARCH TO WAR!

    These 'airships' are indeed rather useful. A well-timed bombing run distrupted an enemy elephant charge, saving our Knight unit.

    The galleons are loaded and sent off towards Japan. Heh heh..."

    This is a part of the journal of one of the greatest leaders of the Viking world, found recently from a dig-site near Nidaros. During this period of the Viking history, they had been at war with the Zulus for years. The journal describes the invasion fleet sent off to Japan at the same time.

    Around a year after this, the Vikings conquered one of the Zulu's largest port cities with a devastating amphibious assault, with heavy casualties on both sides. This move cut off the Zulu lines of supply to their southern border, allowing the Viking land force to invade with the minimum harassment. The invasion force got stuck in a pitched battle over the nearest Zulu city of note in the area, Ndondakusuka. The Zulu army arrayed here was massive, but the Viking army was technologically superior and comprised of the veterans of three wars, battle-hardened Berserkers. ((ARG! Murskas in this game are HORRIBLY unlucky. Just lost another one from the first assault with 89% chance of victory.))

    In the meanwhile, the economic affairs of the nation were in a horrible state. They could barely fund the Zulu war, and the invasion fleet against the Japanese also costed a lot. Also the airship fleet was horrendously expensive to maintain. And the vast intelligence network of the Vikings needed it's own funding.

    When Murska returned to the throne, he started constructing an empire-wide banking network to help the economy. Some historians have argued that at this point they should have stopped the wars and focused on economic infrastructure, claiming that this would have prevented the Great Depression, but yet others have claimed that Murska knew well their scientific lead over their enemies wouldn't last and thus they had to strike when they could, before their enemies had copied their weapon designs and produced armies capable of facing the Viking military.

    Finally, after an years long siege, the Viking berserkers stormed Ndondakusuka. Frustrated by the horrendous casualties the siege had claimed, they burned the city to the ground. But they had killed over half of the Zulu field army there, and the garrisons in the Zulu cities wouldn't stand a chance, since a new weapon was stepping to the field on the Viking side. A weapon which would define warfare for a long time. Cavalry.

    Meanwhile the Japan-invasion fleet was bogged down by the fact that the galleon housing the anti-fortification weapons had been lost in a storm and the new one took a long time to arrive. The berserkers dealed a lot of damage and the ships destroyed the Japanese navy but they couldn't take the city, the beachhead needed for the invasion to continue.

    "A great mind had invented a new philosophy, something about the poor people or somesuch. What it allowed me to do, though, was something called 'State Property' which basically amounted to me owning everything. This was fine with me and thus this new form of economy was applied to the whole state, accompanied by the usual revolts. To lessen the revolts, I ordered that anyone in the whole nation can believe anything they want as long as they worship me as their one and only true god. For some reason, this made the revolts worse..."

    Another excerpt from the journal. This passage refers to the civic changes in the Empire during the 1580-90s, which resulted in massive rebellions and unrest in the Viking cities.

    In the meanwhile, the invasion fleet in Japan destroyed smaller port cities and caused havok while waiting for the reinforcements. Unknown to them, the reinforcements were delayed by the period of anarchy, and that meant the fleet, which was by now quite battered, was on it's own in hostile territory, miles away from any friendly forces. The war situation for the Vikings looked grim. The experienced units they had on the Zulu territory were greeted by ANOTHER massive Zulu horde. The Zulu outnumbered them 6 to 1, and the Vikings were running out of supplies. But their discipline allowed them to spread out in small numbers, deftly maneuver around the bulk of the Zulu army which was sluggish due to fear of the Viking battle tactics and the continuous airship bombardment, and cause general mayhem in the Zulu lands while retreating back to the Viking stronghold in Gergovia.

    The warlord commanding the left wing of the Viking army, usually the subcommander of the whole army when Murska was present, had orders to circle around the mountainous region while burning and pillaging the Zulu area. He was suprised and cut off by another horde of Zulu warriors, outnumbering his meager force 8 to 1. The commander carefully surveyed his options. He was being chased by a large amount of the Zulu and his route to the Viking lands was cut off by a force he couldn't hope to defeat. Thus, he enacted one of the greatest military maneuvers in history, with great precision splitting his force into small troops who were sent toward different routes straight towards the Zulu mainland with orders to pillage and destroy as they went. These small troops collaborated with messengers and could easily outmaneuver the much larger troops of the Zulu. The central, somewhat larger group of the general himself coordinated the movements of the armies expertly, and managed to ambush and whittle down two times his own number of the Zulus while capturing and enslaving some of their workers. Finally, they reached their destination barely ahead of the Zulu horde. Here, it became apparent to the Zulus what the general had planned all along; the massive cannons of the Viking Galleons greeted the enemy and routed them while the battered remnants of the left army group boarded the ships. These ships had just unloaded more fresh reinforcements in the southern parts of the Zulu empire and now sailed back to Viking lands with these troops.

    This move, later dubbed the 'Mustiado Maneuver' for some unfathomable reason, would be studied by military historians for centuries to come as a shining example of absolute military brilliance.

    ((AHH! I got Sun Tzu! YES! I love it when I get that general. Even if I'm gonna rename him as Murska once again. ))

    The 'forgotten' Japan-invasion fleet was almost out of supplies and finally was forced to do an unsupported assault upon the walls of Kagoshima. After horrendous losses and with a lot of personal bravery, the Vikings conquered the city and garrisoned it with the remaining forces, ready to face the coming onslaught of the Japanese military now that they were within reach. (The Japanese navy at this time wasn't ocean-worthy.)

    During this time Robert Brent, the Admiral of the Viking Fleet, had organized the older Caravel class vessels of the Vikings all around the world to anti-pirate duties. Hundreds of the inferior pirate galleys and triremes were sunk by the 'wolfpack' methods of the Caravels, scouring the seas. Of course, some Zulu and Japanese trading vessels met the same fate in their hands.

    On the deserts in the middle of the main Zulu empire the depleted forces of the Vikings' main army finally had to face the enemy. Fresh reinforcements were incoming but the only units to get there in time were from the First Cavalry Brigade. Through brilliant strategies and tactics, the Viking commanders under Murska managed to hold off the Zulu assault by selectively targeting enemy siege weapon and supply convoys and any small number of men outside the main host. This had the effect of forcing the Zulus into large masses of units which were clumsy and sluggish to react to changes in battle. This way, the Vikings held off assault after assault until finally it seemed like the Zulu war machine had run out of fuel. Supplies and reinforcements finally arrived from the Viking heartlands, with two rifle squadrons and another two Cavalry Brigades. With this force, they started pushing the enemy back.

    During this time, the amphibious raiders the galleons had dropped off on the south coast of the Zulu performed one of the most daring raiding assaults ever. They noticed a large troop convoy leaving one of the main Zulu production centers and instead of harassing it hid, waited for them to leave and assaulted the city during the following night with a devastating suprise attack. They left, after utterly destroying the whole area.

    The southern prong of the Viking advance finally relieved the siege on the city the amphibious attack had conquered almost a decade ago. The news was met with joy all over the Viking kingdom. The sciences had advanced and Cannons were now being produced along with Cavalry all over the Viking nation.

    The reinforcements to the Japan invasion finally arrived and took over Osaka, while the small forces left of the first fleet were taking over the other Japanese island. Only a small stronghold remained under Japanese control in that area. At around this time, another change of leadership took place in the Viking Empire. Murska was still the Leader of the Army but Amarth took over for the civil pursuits. It appears this switch happened without much bloodshed. We'll be talking about Amarth on our next lesson.

    -Jaqar Malesk, a historian specializing in the time of the Viking Empire.

    (Yeah, I conquered stuff, didn't take screenshots and built some more army.)

    The save: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... dSave.html</a><!-- m -->

    I think that's the right one. Not sure though.
    Thaif 14 years ago
    [Ego]History forgot about me! [/Ego]

    Nice new format. A few more pics and it's golden.
    Amarth 14 years ago
    After listening to his teacher about the history of the Vikings, little Amarth sneaks out of the class, builds a time machine and returns to 1650 AD. There he murders the current viking leader and takes command himself. Yeah, sometimes you just need to show some initiative to gets things done...

    1655 AD: Okay, I have no idea what a "levee" is (it sounds like the cousin of a gazebo), but it gives me bonuses on river tiles, so I'll start building it in cities with rivers. Also, we have passed a resolution for every member of the apostolic palace to declare war on the infidels! Which basically means Japan. I hope they'll actually do something, because Japan is kinda far away. On the other hand, Japan is also laughably weak, unless they have a massive amount of forces hidden away after the fog of war.
    1660 AD: We have invented a new kind of science, "military science". It doesn't seem to have much of a point. I order them to research massive moving things under which we can crush our enemies.
    1665 AD: I love shooting backwards idiots who wave spears at me. This war isn't fought with sticks, sillies.
    1690 AD: The war continues... Our scientists tell me the crushing machines are done! And then they tell me you need to lay tracks for them to work, so called rail-roads. What the hell. How is that useful? I execute every motherfucking last one of them. Also, Ulundi, the capital of the Zulu falls! There will be quite a bit of revolution, but we will keep the city. Otherwise those stupid Hollanders take the land anyway. We don't want that, do we? Meanwhile, we've also, err, liberated one of the Japanese islands.
    1695 AD: We have destroyed the city of Nagasaki. I was thinking of a more explosive destruction than with cavalry, but oh well. There's also a load of war weariness breaking out in our biggest cities, so it's time to end our wars I think. Of course, there's only one way these wars *can* end...
    1710 AD: It seems Japan is starting a counterattack against the city of Osaka. We have to keep the city though as it's an important beachhead. Their samurais are pretty heavy stuff but we're able to keep them back for now. Nobamba (the new Zulu capital) goes down. Yeah, I think the war weariness is almost over...
    1730 AD: Aaaaand that marks the end of the Zulus. Yet another civilization destroyed during the reign of Amarth. Coincidence? I think not...
    1735 AD: We, the glorious Vikings, have claimed another island no-one else even discovered. Damn we rule. Also, privateers are fun.
    1750 AD: In an unexpected turn of events, the Japanese forces treated our wounded soldiers with mercy. This allowed us an opening to negotiate peace. Using the time bought that way, we should be able to rebuild the defenses of Osaka that was on the verge of being taken and launch a new assault later on. We must however take care not to lose a cultural battle there. Anyway, not having to fight an island war frees up our galleons for a more important task.. Invading either the Babylonians or the Dutchies. I'll leave the choice to Thaif.

    Pic of the world:

    Save: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... dSave.html</a><!-- m -->
    Murska 14 years ago
    "Murska" said:
    Why the hell is Oslo producing Culture? O_o

    1730 AD: Aaaaand that marks the end of the Zulus. Yet another civilization destroyed during the reign of Amarth. Coincidence? I think not...

    Yeah, I believe it's because I always create a large army, start a war, conquer half the enemy empire and kill all their units, then run out of turns.

    Aaaand it's dead.
    Amarth 14 years ago
    Blame Thaif. Perhaps we should include a rule about missing your turn? You have a week to play your turn, if you didn't the next one can play. Something like that?

    Anyway, Murska, you can take a go. I've reuploaded here: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... dSave.html</a><!-- m -->
    Murska 14 years ago
    It's the year 1750 AD, and the Most Illustrious Great General and Overall Quite an Awesome Guy Murska takes over the reigns of the Almighty, Epic and Positively Radically Gnarly Viking Empire.



    Did I mention that they dragged me here from the middle of an assault on Ainu, which is basically a glorified fishing village who thinks it's bigger than it is due to having found a source of iron nearby. It's probably the most backwatery barbarian city that one can find from the rugged edges of civilization. And it's being defended by longbowmen. I remember the time when longbows were the pinnacle of military technology...

    Regardless, the bombardment by cannons and lines of unrelenting riflemen assailed and whittled the defenders to almost nothing on the first wave. The second one, which I was dragged away from, will undoubtedly crush them to fine paste, which we'll spread to the fields and see what happens. Apparently that's how most of the great inventions of the world have come to be.

    The colony of Oslo creates a harbour. They told me it'd take over a hundred years to create at first, but I gave them some gold and then they suddenly noticed that, by cutting out some paperwork, the job could be done in a bit over a year instead. Bah, I now see how they got Berserkers from Bureaucracy.

    Okay. First off, let's take a look at the foreign policy. To start, our servants, the Koreans. With their funky hats.

    I take a heavier hand in dictating how world events should proceed. First off, the Koreans have a lot to give us they aren't, already. And they pay... suckers.

    Apparently Koreans have no use for gold. We'll have to investigate the matter further... maybe they're hiding some from us...

    We cancel Open Borders with Hammurabi, who has, unsuprisingly, a silly hat. Then we force every single nation on the globe to give us gold as tribute. For some unfathomable reason we cannot start a war with the Japanese until YEARS from now. It's some trick of the Gods, I'd assume. We'll just wait, and prepare. The galleons filled with troops are sent to reinforce our army in Osaka.

    It seems our financial policy has paid off somewhat. We're at 80% tech spending, which is suboptimal but reasonably okay, and taking in gold every turn. We also have a reasonably sizable stockpile of gold for use in upgrading units. I set to it immediately, modernizing parts of the army and bringing veteran elements of the army the most high-tech up-to-date equipment our coffers can support. Then I load them on galleons and ship to probable death.

    Hmpf. Some scientists sent me a supposedly 'informative' message about some new experiments they've done and called me to check it out.

    Some idiot thought it would be a funny prank to zap me with lightning as I touched the doorhandle. I had the guy beheaded. The others, suddenly acting somewhat more serious, gave me a summary... apparently they've figured out 'electricity', which is a way to transmit power easily over large distances. Also, it looks like lightning and if powerful enough it'll burn enemies into ashes. I told them to work on creating me a death ray and not bother me until it's done.

    Next, just as I was relaxedly watching the executioner preparing for the scientist beheading, I got another message. Some locals had apparently found a way to get higher yield from black pearl fishing, or whatever. Why do they need to tell these things to me? Take everything from them with taxes and bring me some more beer.

    The rest of the day went settling military affairs. At least the army wasn't as much of a mess as usual, although it was still too small.

    1755 AD. The army near Ainu finally sends a message that they've conquered the city. About time...

    The citizens of multiple cities are attempting to convince me to let them join other empires. I have no idea why... after all, life in ours is comparatively far better. But the final straw was when OSLO, a 100% VIKING city on another CONTINENT, asked to join Korea! What in the name of Murska is wrong with you people?

    The preparations continue on multiple fronts on the main continent in the following years. The army of the Vikings gathers in two focal points, the northern border of the Dutch and the eastern border of the Babylonians. Funny hat fashions would be weeded out, by force if necessary.

    The leaders of the enemy nations are noticing this 'military buildup' near their borders, and are growing wary of us. The strike will have to be launched soon...

    The Japanese front was having some trouble.

    More revolts in Osaka. We'll have to crush their spirits once and for all by annihilating their pitiful nation whose so-called 'culture' is influencing the morale of the citizenry. But we cannot start the war yet. So, buildup...

    I have a hunch about these green glowy bits of stone I see around... We'll need them soon enough. Now, oddly enough even though we control most of the known world, we have only two spots of it within our borders and neither are ready for mining yet.

    The navy of the Vikings is ready to support the assault on the Babylonian core cities with devastating blitzkrieg strikes on core frontier cities.

    I took a look at some pictures one 'Leonardo'-dude had doodled on his way-too-much free time some years earlier... One thing caught my attention. I dubbed it the 'helicopter'. I predict there'll be a time when our proud veteran cavalry are supplanted by these machines. And then, we'll be in trouble. Because they're GODDARN USELESS.(Seriously. I hate it when I have to upgrade my Cavalry to some friggen helicopters which never seem to be of ANY use whatsoever.)

    The cavalry regiments from the Dutch border move on towards the Babylonian one to prepare for the upcoming assault.

    For some reason, the denizens of this village in the middle of absolutely freaking nowhere decided that I'd be happy with a gift of some random losers waving around wooden sticks. Must be LARPers or something.

    Soon afterwards, Corporations started taking over businesses. We had developed Fission earlier, but now these guys were using Fusion already to become bigger and bigger, while hogging up all the minor firms and then selling us sucky quality for four times the cost. As usual.

    Luckily, we still have slavery, so if a corporation's boss gets too uppity...

    On the year 1800 AD, I was just brough to a factory, where the first assembly lines started working and churning out stores of new, better, standardized and more powerful Infantry rifles. The elite riflemen around the empire are given a few as prizes, while more start being made to upgrade whole regiments with.

    And finally, on the year 1802 AD, the war against Hammurabi starts.

    The first successes for the Viking war machine came from a devastating cavalry assault on the city of Shushan, conquering it before it's defenders had a chance to react.

    The cavalry has smashed into the Babylonians like a hot knife to butter. All around his empire, our forces are crossing the border, forcing him to divide his own army. Our siege weaponry will arrive later to supplement positions around their cities.

    The plan called for the isolation and encirclement of the Opis salient, where the main force of the Babylonians was located, by a quick assault from both sides with cavalry followed by infantry to set up defensive positions.

    And I think I'll also start a war against the Japanese. Maybe I'll capture a city or two. The army in Kyoto is a bit too large for us to assault, though. At least in a siege.

    The feared Amphibious Riflemen captured Tokyo on the Japanese front with a lightning assault right after the declaration of war.

    The Babylonians reacted by attempting to retake Shushan. They had underestimated the light carbine rifles the Cavalry carried, and their whole attack force, while inflicting some casualties to the Cavalry, fell into the river under the withering hail of riflefire.

    The Samurai were formidable warriors, but they couldn't withstand the superior technological advantage of the Vikings. They futilely charged the retreating Cavalry who had a fun day at target practice.

    The city of Opis, the last bastion of resistance in the Opis Salient, was proving to be a tough nut to crack. Repeated airship bombardments not only helped breach it's defenses, but also brought to the attention of the Vikings the need for stronger aerial units.

    The first Infantry Regiments of the Vikings marched into battle to break the Opis Salient once and for all.

    With the exception of some losses in our Cavalry units sent into the middle part of the enemy empire, the war on the Babylonian front is proceeding admirably. With remarkably few losses our superior military has taken out the cohesion and morale of the enemy defense. Soon, our enemies will crumble before us.

    The first infantry weapons and... uniforms? Were brought to the Japanese front just in time. The Japanese samurai were preparing for an assault on Osaka with overwhelming numbers...

    Ellasar fell to the amphibious assault by the Vikings from the North Sea.

    In a battle of the strong honour and personal bravery of the traditional Samurai against the uniform, mindless conformity to tactical placement and the concepts of total war of the Infantry, the Infantry prove victorious.

    Meanwhile, the lightning strike tactics of the Vikings have started to really show their strength. The whole of Babylonia is a mess, supply and communication lines are broken and cities are falling. Soldiers are deserting and morale is at an all-time low. Vikings, to them, are capable of striking with deadly weaponry they cannot match out of nowhere and their armies seem to be omnipresent on the battlefield.

    With some... creative diplomacy, I even managed to get China to declare war on Japan, hopefully taking their attention away from my landings and allowing me to consolidate my gains. The Japanese front lacks strength to proceed further.

    The cavalry units consolidated and gathered in the recently conquered 'Dur Kurigalzu'(No, not making this up.) before heading out for a decisive blow to Babylonian morale - the capital, Babylon.

    The largest gathering of cavalry units in one place in known history, smashing like waves upon the walls of Babylon.

    Babylon has fallen. Babylonia shall soon follow. Upon the waves, our Galleys mercilessly hunt down their smaller vessels, while on land, nothing is spared from the might of our army.

    Meanwhile, on the home front, the citizenry of the Empire have really been taken by this new invention, Flight. Airports are popping up everywhere. Let's just hope it really is safe.

    The Viking Waterwalkers, a brigade of Amphibious Riflemen, went island-hopping to take out the Babylonian strongholds there.

    Yet again, although this time my reign was short, I have revitalized the army. I shall now go lead it to annihilate the last of the Babylonians.

    The sorry state of the Babylonian Empire at the time of another Viking leadership change.

    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... dSave.html</a><!-- m -->
    Murska 14 years ago
    And comments in a doublepost... I think the 'sheeps' for the Koreans were a nice touch.

    Also, very uninspired writing, I wrote this thing for SEVEN HOURS. At least you got some screenshots. Be happy.
    Amarth 14 years ago
    Hmm. Where is that Civ IV dvd... Ah, found. Hmm, what's in the dvd tray? "Lesbian spank inferno 3"... *gets sidetracked*

    Err, no, it's just that I don't have too much time ATM, I'm studying for an exam next week. I might do a few updates every now and then. Just to be clear, I still got dibs on this turn. Don't want Murska playing all by himself now, do we...
    Murska 14 years ago
    No. No you don't.
    Amarth 14 years ago
    1820: we discovered Industrialism. Yay I guess? It all sounds abstract to me, so I order my scientists to work on something a bit more concrete. Let's see what they come up with.

    1826: A mediator from the Babylonians comes with an offer of peace. I brutally torture him and give the remains of his body back to the Babylonians. Damn hippies.

    1828: Aha, seems my scientist finally prove themselves worthy. They have invented something called "rocketry", and it enables us to rather literally rain death from the sky. This is going to be fun... In other news, we capture Eshnunna from the Babylonians and Kyoto from the Japanese. Yay.

    1830: Hmm. The Japanese didn't really like me invading Kyoto it seems, and they've retaken it. I didn't know they had that many forces around. However, they're in for a nasty surprise. I've hurried the contruction of a prototypal new weapon called a Tank (with capital T, however "TANK" and "TAAAAANK!!!BOOM!" are also accepted spellings) that will crush the little meaty puppets into bloody pulp. Meanwhile the Chinese have an army ready at the north side of the Japanese "empire" (with it's meager 3 cities). They will regret retaking Kyoto...

    1832: With the help of our Tank, we liberated Kyoto with ease. Vikings hooray! Meanwhile, the Koreans have send some forces to help with the eradication of the Babylonians. Took you some time, guys, but it's welcomed. I suspect the Babbies have established a foothold somewhere else though, and that Mari is not their last city...

    1834: Turns out I was wrong. Mari *was* their last city and the evidence of Amarth being the most ruthless leader in the history of the Vikings once again peaks as he destroys yet another civilization. Wheee! Anyway, Korean dudes, thanks for turning up but we don't need you. Also, airports are frickin' impressive. They have intergalactic portals that allow you to teleport units across the map. Try taking back Kyoto now, bitches! I can send in 5 MORE TANK!!!S in the blink of an eye!

    1842: The statue of Liberty! We build it! The first one that still dare saying the Viking regime isn't nice and liberal will be reduced to pulp under a Tank.

    1844: Hello puny world! You're listening to Radio Viking FM! Yes, you heard that right, we just invented the radio and we plan on playing Finntroll all day long! In recent news, Yokohama falls to the Vikings while the siege on Tsatsuna is proceeding. 4 Tanks, 2 cannons and some infantry and cavalry while make sure nothing is left of the filthy Japanese. Go team Viking!

    Okay, that's it for now, only a few turns left for me. I'm currently thinking that if I capture Tsatsuna, it might actually trigger a domination victory - we're at 58% of land mass right now and we need 60% to win the game. If taking over that city doesn't trigger it, then expanding borders somewhere probably will. Err, so, endgame discussion?
    Murska 14 years ago
    Bah, domination. Raze the city and go for conquest!
    Amarth 14 years ago
    1848: Artillery. Sounds like a fun invention. Also, Satsuma is destroyed, bringing an end to the, err, Japanese I think? The fierce Amarth strikes again! Now, what to do with that big army on the border of the Chinese empire... Hmm...

    1852: Well look at that, domination victory. Normalized score: 33213. I suppose that means reloading and handing over some cities to other people then to raze them afterward. Or is it possible to abandon cities? Gah, not now, will take a look tomorrow or so.
    Murska 14 years ago
    Or just a new game, since this one is pretty much over anyway.
    Narvius 14 years ago
    Since I've just replaced my old NVidia something 9600 something, and don't get random blackscreen crashes in every halfway graphic intense game (like Civ4. Heh.), I'd join.
    Murska 14 years ago
    The more the merrier.
    Narvius 14 years ago
    Especially if we keep the naming method...

    Hm, actually.
    The basic Civ4 title song is kinda catchy.
    I found out it's sung in swahili... now, where in the world is that language used? oO
    Amarth 14 years ago
    "Cheater" said:
    I found out it's sung in swahili... now, where in the world is that language used? oO

    So yeah, there's not much point in continuing this game, the Vikings have always been the fuckin' best civ. I can still make some endgame pics but frankly, meh. I suggest we pick a harder game next. So, the reign of MurCheAma? Does anyone else want to join? Note how I'm subtly excluding Thaif here, under the assumption he won't really mind.
    Murska 14 years ago
    Yeah, it seemed REALLY easy. What was the difficulty at?

    I usually play Noble... Anyway, I'm not that good at this. A quite large Fractal map with a bit more than the standard amount of civs is my vote, please.
    Narvius 14 years ago
    Hm, yeah, works!
    Spamhouse likes to ban me for no reason whatsoever (I ran three different virus/malware checks. No results.), so I can't post here at random times.

    I'd prefer to be included as -Nar-, since the nickname I use now is Narvius (Cheater was before that. Can I change that somehow, by the way?).
    Also, I'm still a little greenish. I theoretically *possessed* Civ3, played it once (didn't like things like that back then), and played only a few games of Civ4 so far. But I heard succession games are great training.
    Amarth 14 years ago
    Nar... MurNarAma... AmaNarMur... NarAmaMur... That doesn't have a ring to it. AmMuNa? MursNarvAmar? No, no, this is hopeless. We need a fourth player. Well, I'd settle for MurAmaNar (Mu-Raman-Ar has a slight Egyptian ring to it?) perhaps.

    Also yeah, I learned a lot from the single succession game I ever played. Don't think we're any good.

    Er, I'm gone for the rest of the week now, so either you already start the game and put me as last player or you just wait a little longer. I'm fine with whatever you throw at me. Well, as long as we're talking about Civ4 game settings.
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