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Forum » Building a Gnome Fortress. (December News!)

Building a Gnome Fortress. (December News!)

Thaif 15 years ago
So, what is this then? It's one of my many, many projects. This however differs in that I might actually get somewhere with it. what is it then?
It's a Mod for the lovable sadism simulator Dwarf Fortress. The more quick witted possibly figured that out from the title.

And it does...?
You know those bloody runts with them pointy hats that steal your booze(and food & items)? Well they went and stole your bloody construction plans! Ergo the blighters built their own forts, and now brew their own booze(yum)!

Details, details...
In essence it adds the Gnomes as a civilization of sorts, that have their own Religious Spheres, Ethical values, Art & Item improvement/enhancement modifiers, a few unique weapons, and a graphics pack.

This is very much WIP and currently just a personal project(Ie: I'm having fun by myself). But should you take some interest in possible Fun with Size 4 runts that wield Short Swords with 2 hands, playtesting or suggestions, feel free to say so.

Digital Engravings
Due to the overwhelming popularity of this project, I've pushed myself to complete the initial patch of graphics.

Theres gonna be plenty more once I have the motivation. With your great & continued interest and support it should not be a problem.

December 23rd: The patch is nearly completed and the Winter Solstice is upon us. Rest now, for tomorrow begins a new task...(by that I mean enjoy the holiday...and possibly that I'll start to get this project back on it's tracks and running.)
Forum » Building a Gnome Fortress. (December News!)

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