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    Amarth 15 years ago
    Hello and welcome again to another fine serving of succession-style Civilization IV pwnage! Joining us this time are Murska, Amarth and Narvius who will collectively lead MurAmaNar, the leader of the Ottoman people, to glory! Ottoman people. I like that word. Ottoman. It's like automobileman. Optimusprimeman. Anyway, since the "Mur" part sounded better at the start of the name, this conveniently relieves me from playing the first round and Murska gets the honors of opening the match.

    Some regulations:
    * We again play 40 turns each the first pass and 20 turns after that.
    * Anyone who wants to join in, post away and you'll get your place in the queue.

    Large fractal map, 10 other civs, noble difficulty, epic speed.

    Starting save if anyone wants to see it: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... dSave.html</a><!-- m -->

    Go and kill the babies of other nations, Murska!
    Murska 15 years ago
    The Story of the Ottomans - The Early Years

    The world... zooming in on the large ball floating in space. Closer, closer, through the clouds... some details start forming. Bands of people, tribes and villages, primitive. And it is your task to lead the tribe you've been picked for to glory and to dominion over the whole of the planet. None of those you're approaching know their part in the greater destiny that has been given for you.

    But beware. There are others like you, sent upon this planet as your adversaries, to lead their own people to trample over yours. You will meet them in time, and you will have to decide how to deal with them. Perhaps your soldiers will march across their lands, burning and pillaging. Or perhaps you'll convince them to be your allies, friends, and have your culture spread over their lands... yeah right, scratch that. Soldiers it is.

    Saranna was walking on a hill alone. She was looking around at the lands where their tribe would stay for a while. It looked remarkably fertile, there was a lake and a river, and a lot of plants which were good to eat, growing wild. The rest of the area, including the hill she was on, was very forested, so they would also find game to hunt.

    The leader of the village was ill. There was nothing they could do, he was on the death's door, and so now Saranna, his daughter, had fled the politics of who would be the new leader. She hated it. They'd probably 'choose' Lyr...

    She was absorbed in her thoughts, when an explosion nearby made her fall down. She quickly got up, the noise had been towards the other side of the hill... something had fallen.

    She was afraid but something urged her on, as she slowly sneaked towards the weird sound. This decision, unknown to her, would change the course of not only her own, but the lives of her whole tribe. She saw a crater, with an odd shiny object in the middle of it. She approached slowly, silently, ready to run at any moment. The thing in the crater hissed, and she took a step backwards, then another as it opened from the side. It took her a moment to gather her courage, but while her doubts nagged in her head, the something that had kept urging her on made her take a few more steps down towards it.

    She descended the crater, it had broken two trees into what was barely more than splinters and, although there was no fire, smoke rose from the odd object. The normal sounds of the forest had ceased, replaced by the unnatural hissing of the thing, which then also stopped. She circled the object towards the open hatch and saw, inside, the form of a man. He looked odd... different than the men of the tribe. And his head was bleeding.

    "Who are you?" She asked, with a shaky voice. The man winced and turned his head to look at her. His first words were unrecognizable, and she cocked her head quizzically. The man seemed to realize she couldn't understand him, and fiddled something with his hands. "Hello there. Mind helping me a bit... I'm stuck."

    This time the words he spoke were of proper language. She was still scared, but her curiosity overwhelmed that. "Where did you come from? What is this thing?"

    He grunted in pain. "I'll answer your questions later. Could you pull that lever there?" The man pointed at something beyond his reach. She reached for it and pulled it, and then fell backwards, crawling farther as the whole object opened. The man stood up, looking at her. He was remarkably tall and looked very healthy. "Thank you. Would you be so kind as to tell me where I've arrived?"

    "This... this is the land of the Ottomans now. The lake is Yai." She saw him stumble and rushed over to support him. Something about him... He seemed trustworthy, honest. His eyes were captivating. He had black hair and green eyes, very unlike the members of her tribe or any others she had seen. "Thank you again... Could you bring me to your tribe?"

    And so, Murska was brought to the tribe of the Ottomans, who had been travelling around for as long as their spoken history remembered. He was tended to by the tribe's healer, but she seemed amazed at how quickly he recovered. He refused some of her healing methods, but still the wounds seemed to just close on their own.

    Meanwhile, Saranna was questioned about where she had found him. She brought some villagers to see the crater, but the object in the middle of it had, meanwhile, vanished. Her story was thus, understandably, rather questionable, but it was undisputable that there was an unknown man. It was decided they would wait for him to heal until they would decide what to do with him.

    In a few days, Murska left to walk around the area, exploring the surroundings. When he came back, he was asked in front of the tribe's council. The old leader had died of the illness and the new leader hadn't been chosen yet, so they had to make the decision concerning him all together. He stood tall and proud in front of them, answering their questions about his origin with only mysterious words. Soon, he turned the discussion to them. The voices got louder, and the conversation became an argument, as he challenged their views. He argued that they should settle down, build a city, and that it was the only way their civilization would ever advance.

    The voices against him spoke of tradition, of food, of practical concerns. But his voice, booming over the rest, tore down their arguments one by one. Before the day was over, the new leader had been chosen... Murska.

    He drew them a map of the area, to illustrate his ideas:

    The people wanted the city to be located on the plains, for the food was plentiful and the fresh water from the lake was more than enough. But Murska smiled mysteriously and decided the city would be on a hill nearer to the ocean instead. Close to herds of sheep who tended to graze on the hills south of it. They were good to hunt, although Murska knew there would be a better use for them.

    The strongest warriors, used to long hunting trips, were picked by Murska to form a group to scout and explore the area they were on, sending him messengers to tell of their findings periodically. The leader of this group was Cyrus, one of the older, experienced hunters of the tribe.

    Years passed, as the city of Kyou was founded. Murska oversaw much of the construction, and especially a grand Palace, into which he moved once it was finished. It attracted many more people from other tribes, and soon grew to be a real city, taking control of a larger area around it. Shiny yellow metal was found from the southern hills, and more warriors were trained to help defend.

    The scouts, meanwhile, explored the area. They sent reports of being attacked by large carnivorous bears, but they fought them off with some losses. Murska kept expanding his map, the area seemed quite fertile.

    Months and years passed, although Murska never seemed to age. Soon, there was nobody left who remembered his arrival, and stories about him spread amongst the populace. The scouts made contact with the first group they could label another civilization. Murska was slightly worried about this, it was quite soon. Close neighbours weren't usually a good thing. Apparently this group called itself the Americans, and it's leader was 'Washington'.

    Soon afterwards, the messages from Cyrus stopped. A ragged survivor was found later, telling a grim tale of a large barbarian ambush trapping them in a jungle. They fought bravely, but couldn't win against the crushing numerical advantage.

    A few months afterwards, some discoveries were made, with the slight help of Murska, in taming and cultivating the sheep.

    The newly trained warriors, headed by a young but talented leader, Kev, were sent northwards to continue the exploration effort. Meanwhile, the people working to gather the yellow metal from the southern hills developed more techniques to excavate and mine it.

    Years passed, as the warriors were recalled to the capital to prepare for the first brave settlers moving out to found the second city of the empire. The area seemed quite fertile, although there had been no contact with the American borders.

    Around this time Murska was growing more distant... one day, a flash from the highest window of his Palace. And the next day, the one stepping out to give orders wasn't him anymore. This one would be known as Amarth, and he would add his mark to the legacy of the Ottoman Empire.

    ((40 turns is very short in an Epic game, it seems. I expect detailed posts, guys. Here's the save: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... dSave.html</a><!-- m --> ))

    EDIT: ((Gameplay wise, I suggest getting us a worker ASAP after our settler is out, even if it slows down growth. Whip it if you have to, the city will grow back soon enough. And we should probably think of trying to place our cities so it blocks Americans and whoever else might be on our continent from settling too close to us, although the second city probably needs to be rather close and at an as good a location as possible.))
    Amarth 14 years ago
    Erm, yeah, I currently have some trouble getting BtS patched, not eased by the fact that my internet connection sucks more than a black hole. So Narvius, go ahead, I'll skip for now.
    Narvius 14 years ago
    Yessir, will do.
    ...within the next week. My sister's visiting us at the moment, which pretty much decimates my computer time. :3
    But I'll make it, don't worry (there're always that time of day called night, right?).

    [Pseudo-Edit, ie. Delete & Repost]

    I just got my BtS patched (I was using a NoCD crack, therefore had to find my disc and then reinstall the whole thing. Nice, it runs without the disc now, anyways :3), and am starting. Since there will be some major interruptions, I probably won't be done before midnight (*my* midnight. That's... 23:00 GMT). But, yeah. I'll definately do it. And I'll also try to write something about it. With screenshots and stuff.

    And, after that, I'll be gone for some time, so you'll probably want to go AmaMurAma or something.

    ...AmaMurAma. Sounds awesome.


    I vastly overestimated the real time required for 40 turns. It is indeed not very much. Well, it's the beginning phase, after all.
    The names I came up are outrageous, but whatever. I'm just signing up for Photobucket and uploading the screens.
    The final product will be there in a few minutes, I hope.
    Narvius 14 years ago
    Just as he attempted to say something, Amarth pulled out a small, black, partially glowing box out of his pocket. He glanced at it, sighed, turned around and left again. In his place, another person appeared, a person to be known as Narvius.

    For the first century, nothing really worthwhile happened. However, he grew to like "his" people. So, he disagreed without further thought when one of his so-called advisors proposed to adapt slavery. And he fired that guy.

    Around that time, he decided, it was time to build another town. Partially out of boredom, as really nothing happened for hundreds of years. Sik, one of the townspeople, volunteered to help. By himself, he assembled a party of necessary specialists and departed. The new town was named, very creatively, after him - Sikiv.

    The townspeople rarely ever caught something when hunting, because, well, it was hard to hunt using only heavy wooden sticks. Therefore, Narvius showed them how to build a device he called a "bow".

    Kev, the leader of the Kyou-ian guards passed away, leaving behind two sons, Kev Jr. (who took over his fathers position position) and Lev, who dedicated himself to aiding the growth of the city.

    Not long after taking over his father's position, Kev Jr. already had a way of proving himself. A pack of vicious wolves were roaming the lands, endangering his brother. After a short battle though, all of the wolves were either wounded or fled. But a single man was lost during the heroic battle.

    During that time, Gladd was elected the leader of Sikiv's guards, and Chesk started an expedition to find out more about the land.

    Suddenly, weird chanting could be heard all across the globe...

    There were some news from Chesk's expedtition. They encountered what seemed to be a part of the barbarian army that overran Cyrus'. Chesk and his followers fought valiantly, and won!

    Another great invention was made under Narvius' reign. The populace learned to make solid containers out of that muddy stuff on the ground!

    Just as Narvius was about to take a leave, like Amarth before him, reports of some "witch" with a weird outfit appeared. She seemingly was the leader of "Spain", and her name was "Isabella". Still, Narvius had other, probably more important things to do at the moment. He promised the people that someone else would come to look after them, and left. probably noticed that I changed the resolution after the first screen. I natively run on 1600x1200, but that's pretty unsuitable for screenshots :3
    I guess the screens are still to big, but well.
    I don't play to win, by the way. Just saying.

    Here's the save: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
    Murska 14 years ago
    This is Noble level. We shouldn't have that much trouble with the AI but we'd better use slavery and expand faster and such, anyway.
    Narvius 14 years ago
    It's your turn, so do what you want :3
    It would be so much more fun if we didn't follow a unified strategy.
    Murska 14 years ago
    Actually, I vote Amarth does his 40 turns now and then I start the 20-turners. It's so very few turns anyway on this speed setting.
    Amarth 14 years ago
    And so Amarth finally tuned in to reality version 3.19. He looked over the work of his predecessors and approved of it. Yet, much work was left to be done. Because he knew the Ottoman empire would have to struggle against many opponents, he made it of the utmost importance to claim as much ground as possible, while the competition was still fresh and unsure of what to do.

    While yes, many regarded the MurAmaNar trinity as a god, new voices started to rise. Surely, there must be some other reason for all of this existence than that one (or is it one?) figure to lead us? The Ottoman thinkers started pondering on this, and so mysticism was born. I allow the people to erect a monument, so that they can honor their gods - be it me or another.

    Word comes that another civilization has build Stonehenge, some even call it a wonder of the world. I would very much like to see it with my own eyes, but that will be impossible. I call one of our groups of scouts with me and appoint them the Eye of the Empire. It will be their holy quest to find the wonders of the world, and if possible bring home a little plastic scale model to decorate my secret lair. Should they fall in combat, a new scout will be selected to continue their quest.

    We meet yet another civilization. I sense greatness in this Jules guy, but he is not destined to rule the world as the Ottoman Empire is. We will crush him, in time.

    The Eye is already being challenged in their quest by barbarian hordes who only know violence. Their holy protection allows them to fend off the enemy and continue the quest.

    More barbarians! This time, the already weakened Eye is not as lucky and it is blinded by the savages. The successors are already in training. It is of the utmost importance we find the little plastic scale models.

    We found the new city of Basmare. We are pushed into a corner, we need to grab as much land as we can.

    Ah, good old Pliny with his cryptic texts always. Our most skilled wise men are trying to decipher the work in the hope of finding out who these unknown civilizations are, but I have no hope they will find out before the work is outdated. Still, an interesting book.

    The new Eye has been trained in wood combat and he is indeed able to defend himself if the need arises. It seems like most of the barbarians that Murska attracted are defeated now.

    World also arrived of another Wonder: the Great Wall. We should not dwindle, we should build such a wonder ourselves that we might profit from the sale of little plastic scale models. Meanwhile the Eye has a bit of a practical problem. While we asked for permission to search the territory of our colleagues for plastic little scale models, we were told we needed an open border treaty. And then it struck me that the poor Ottomans were still in the process of learning how to write! It shouldn't take much longer now...

    And yes indeed, as soon as I taught them to learn who to communicate effectively with each other and their neighbors via paper, an open border treaty was sent. Finally we will be able to track down the wonders. We also found the new village of Yvitz around the Waist of the Wasp (a small passage on land), effectively blocking the Americans. They still have quite a bit of accessible land though, so perhaps we should expand more towards them. But then again, the northern frontier should also be pushed forward.

    Another thousand years have passed and it is time I pass the torch to another one. And right before my time has come, a final thought flashes through my head. Plastics will only be invented in 1930 in this timeline. Did I send the Eye on an impossible mission?

    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... dSave.html</a><!-- m -->

    ((Which means you guys have to keep a scout out all the time to find those wonders that are being built, and that plastics will be invented in 1930. I will be disappointed if those two simple things don't happen.))
    Murska 14 years ago
    Murska heads back to the DRH-OP, or 'Drop-room' and sits on a strangely normal looking chair in the middle of outlandish machinery. "My turn again, I guess. Beam me back, Scotty." "Oh shut up."


    And Murska steps into the Palace, taking a look at the complex equipment giving him a look of the current situation.

    "Not too bad..."

    "Wait, what's this? Too far away from not one, but TWO coasts? Desert and mountains and wastes those resource sites? Augh!"

    After familiarizing himself with the current situation of the Ottopeople, he took control over the government and started getting accustomed to the day-to-day affairs. Some years passed, when a messenger arrived at the Palace.

    Another civilization, another of the contenders. A private communications line activated in his machinery, and after he excused himself to retreat to his private suite, he opened it.

    What a weird fellow. Asoka, he calls himself. That's four of them on his continent at least, looks like it will be very... interesting.

    The religious people as they were, there had begun to appear priests in the larger cities caring for the temples and shrines. This gave Murska an idea. Nobody would notice if he did it subtly enough...

    Soon afterwards, reports came in from the settlers sent to found the next city of the spreading expansionist Ottoman empire. After Murska heard the news, he swore loudly.

    Oh for... The orders were given for the settlers to retreat for a better and less threatened citysite, and the cities of the Empire started recruiting an army.

    Rebellious movements arose when the drafts started, for there weren't enough volunteers for the planned army. Murska quickly squashed these by groups of highly trained soldiers.

    The settlers started building their camps, to be turned into a city, on a hilly area near a coast, with good expansion prospects to numerous resource sites.

    Years passed as the Ottoman army waged small skirmishes with the bandits and barbarians up north and their cities developed. Then, another empire was found, again on the same landmass...

    It was going to be very tight around here. The army was getting good training out of the barbarians for the tougher challenges that were sure to lay ahead.

    And more! Oh god they're all here! They're conspiring to kill us all! It's time to start the secret plan.

    The machinery Murska secretly installed in the large temple, 'Oracle', that was finished a while ago allowed him to whisper instructions for new technological advancements to his people

    He decided to help his followers to the secrets of laws, so he could twist them to his own purposes later.

    For some reason people seemed very confused by the laws.

    They expressed their confusion by drawing weird symbols on pieces of pa... er, papyrus? Whatever they use before they invent paper. This custom spread and amassed a following, so Murska had this relatively harmless cult installed as the state religion. They were sure to be easy to control, so confused as they were.

    As the news of the next foreign land came in, Murska started suspecting that something was very, very wrong. Was there even supposed to BE this many people in this exercise?

    He decided to return to investigate. A flash of light, as his turn ended...

    Save: Here!

    ((Check out Gilgamesh's tech! He even has Code of Laws and we used the Oracle to get it!

    EDIT: Remember to RAZE that barb city, it's blocking TWO good city sites and is only average.))
    Crazy 14 years ago
    Seems rather logical that the Sumerians would have a code of laws fairly early on. The history geek is shutting up now.
    Narvius 14 years ago
    I'm still not available. Amarth, you do, again.
    Amarth 14 years ago
    (whoah Murska, you did some good work there, getting a religion and a wonder... this catapults us right on top score-wise it seems. Of course, I can ruin that for you)

    And Amarth stepped in the place of Murska. There was some uncertainty in him, 300 years seemed like such a short time to get anything done with these primitive people. But he went to work and did not let the little time he had go to waste.

    "Well goddammit," Amarth thought. "At this rate we will have to send some more Eyes, because the world is big and the Wonders are many. While little plastic scale models might not have been invented yet, perhaps little clay scale models would be sold?" He made note of this to pass this idea on to the guards of the Oracle, their own Wonder.

    Hahahahahaha. No. Only if you beg for it, you pathetic little Jules.

    This book looks very intriguing. Yet, I feel that in about 10 years time, it will already be outdated. I shall make work of trading technology to get at the head of the race to advanced weapons. For I know what miracles the future holds, and we must not fall behind.

    And yet another civilization greets us. While Amarth grew a bit discomforted by the huge variety here, he started to see some advantages too. With all these different cultures, there surely would be many options to play these civilizations out against each other. A bit of prodding here, a little gift there, and a huge war might erupt, weakening all those involved. Yes, yes, an interesting plan...

    These last thoughts lingered within him while he again disappeared to let another take the scepter and reign the Ottoman Empire for a while.

    Save: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... dSave.html</a><!-- m -->
    Murska 14 years ago
    Narvius? Or shall I have to go?
    Narvius 14 years ago
    The moment Narvius took over reign, he noticed something.
    Some !"§&( went and adapted slavery!

    He didn't want to waste time by unadapting it, so he just ignored it. For now.

    Suddenly, one of the Ottopeople's "partners" approached and asked to declare war against the Mayas.
    Which was a bad idea, since, well, the Eye was still on Mayan territory. So we had to *politely*
    refuse. Also, we wouldn't really be of any use, since the Mayas are quite a bit away.

    That barbarian village over there seems yummy. We could get rid of that thread and get a town!
    An offensive against them was launched.

    ...which failed, kind of. Narvius wasn't a very good when it came to wars and fighting and stuff.
    But still, we will try again! We like the bearded ones.

    And a new city was founded! It's probably not the perfect position, though.

    Mayans, you start getting annoying. Really. Yes, we know you don't like the bearded ones.
    But we don't care. So, just go away.

    Finally the Ottopeople accepted that there was exactly one person giving all orders.
    Not that it made any difference. It always was that way, and would always stay that way.

    Again, one of these insane demands. No!

    Damn those Americans! They snatched *our* barbarian village!

    The first well-sounding offer.
    Let's fight those pesky Romans! (at least theoretically, as the Ottopeople have no real army at the moment.)

    We have a million Ottopeople! Whoa!
    In only 4070 years. They must've been... very busy.

    You again, Isabella? Just no.

    This time, Narvius' time of reign passed faster than previously.
    Also, somehow it seems that time is slowing down...
    Amarth 14 years ago
    "Narvius" said:
    We have a million Ottopeople! Whoa!
    In only 4070 years. They must've been... very busy.
    Erm. Assuming one generation takes 30 years (in ancient times it was probably half of this, but hey), and assuming every couple has an average of 2.5 adult children (thus one child in surplus for every two couples), and assuming you start with one couple, that leaves us at

    (2.5/2)^(4070/30) = 14.042.952.647.737 people in the last generation. According to Wolfram Alpha, that's about 47 times the number of stars in our galaxy.

    They must have been very busy... at dying.

    Also, save file?
    Narvius 14 years ago

    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
    Murska 14 years ago
    Aw, someone took that barb city? Goddarnit it's blocking two city-sites!
    Narvius 14 years ago
    Yeah, I messed up there :c
    Amarth 14 years ago
    Everything can be fixed. Murska, you do it.
    Murska 14 years ago
    I'll see about getting it done some time soon. School just started overloading me with stuff.
    Murska 14 years ago
    Warning! Warning! A doublepost is imminent!

    Something fishy was definetly going on. He had done some snooping around and there were only supposed to be five other people in this excercise, not including his replacements...

    But his turn had come and he couldn't let them see he had noticed something wrong, so he walked to the room, was plugged in and was again the supreme leader of the Ottopeople.

    The first look at the display. He groans in disbelief. One archer group of the Vikings was on his land next to an unprotected frontier city. Repeating, unprotected frontier city. Meanwhile military units of the nation were stationed in far-off core-cities with no credible threat anywhere near. The first orders of the new old leader were sent to the military.

    The financial situation was adequate, although the spending wasn't optimized. They could stomach a deficit for a while and they really needed to get ahead in the technology race. He ordered to increase the budgets of the researchers and inventors.

    More cities in suboptimal positions. And the useless projects of a new settler group and Moai Statues in a city with four water tiles were switched to axemen. Murska foresaw a conflict was imminent not only because of the existing lack of space, but also because of the situation outside this reality. If unauthorized people were in the game, he had to take them out. He needed the army, and he needed it right away, so again the large whip-carrying men came and 'convinced' people to 'join the army, see the world!'

    Logistics and transport were painstakingly slow, and the army crawled across the nation towards the northern border, readying for the upcoming clash. Some time later, the most brilliant engineers and scientists of the nation, which wasn't very high praise, discovered the finer nuances of mathematics, allowing Murska to subtly nudge them towards building large machines of war.

    After a few chats with the other leaders, it seemed nobody else suspected anything wrong. The seeds of the future diplomatic landscape had been sown, and it looked bad. Almost everyone disliked the Ottopeople, except for Washington. You know, the one they'd have to crush now.

    The war was declared on 205 AD. The armies surged over the border towards Parthian, a former barbarian city, while the remainder of the army was stationed in Yvitz to hold off American retaliation.

    The assault at Parthian proved the Ottopeople Edged Sticks superior to American Pointy Sticks.

    While all the warring was going on, Murska worked on opening fruitable trading relations with other nations, such as India.

    A group of Swordsmen from America was cornered and they fortified themselves on a wooded hill deep in Ottopeople territory. With the losses of assailing the position too high and success all but certain, they were surrounded by axemen, ready to wait them out.

    Meanwhile, Gladd's Axemen did a daring raid which would later be known as the Chigago Teaparty, for some reason(they had no tea anyway), and sacked the desert outpost of Chigago.

    The swordsmen on the hill had proven a constant annoyance to the Ottopeople, and finally the order was given to root them out, whatever the cost. Massive assaults started from three sides, and the Americans fought back bravely. Horrendous losses were taken, three whole Axeman squads were lost to the firmly entrenched enemy, but finally the arrival of the archers from the nearby city of Sikiv sealed the victory. The hill was named the Mound of Graves in memory of all those lost in the costly assault.

    After this, as the large warmachines called Catapults were slowly being brought into the front from the workshops of the larger cities, the grave economic situation forced Murska to switch into more economical pursuits. The army upkeep was large, and he would have to build up the infrastructure and facilities of his Empire to support it for long. Technological development was falling behind due to budget cuts. But there was another possible source of revenue... Religion.

    Economy still on crash course, he had to abandon his plans due to an early recall back to the facilities. Apparently something had gone very, very wrong. Someone had sabotaged the power station.

    Regardless, the experiment must continue. Save.
    Amarth 14 years ago
    I'm a bit delayed but I'll get my turn in on Monday or something. Don't have the game installed here.
    Amarth 14 years ago
    Hmm, what is this mess. We have a war on two fronts, barely any troops left in surplus, and the war chest is empty. And what are we producing in our southernmost cities? Settlers. It is time... to get the hell out of here. Just 20 turns and then I can leave this behind me, just 20 turns, just 20 turns...

    Hokay, off to a good start. America brings in reinforcements and almost completely wipes out our western attack force. Man. Just 17 more turns now... I should be able to rebuild this force and properly assault the city.

    Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit. And best of all, there are no roads to this city to bring in reinforcements. I decide to take all decision rights from workers and give them their tasks manually. This madness must be kept under control.

    These guys are building a fort. To protect the grapes. In the middle of our own country. MADNESS I SAY.

    Oh shit oh shit oh shit.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the map, some naval combat. Woo, a battle we managed to win, we rock.

    It seems like our Eye is locked in eternal conflict with these catapults. The catapults cannot kill him yet they keep trying to. I'm sure there is symbolism behind this, on some level. Somewhere.

    We got this holy dude making this holy building that will bring us an unholy amount of money. Can't wait. Seems our financial troubles are mostly over by now. Not that it matters much when we will be crushed by superior armies coming from all sides.

    Finally, iron! Just a few more turns and we'll be able to mine iron and then we'll be able to make swordsmen and then we'll rule!

    Holy shit hooooly shit.

    Needless to say, they scared the iron-mine building workers away. I brought some forces to shoo the invaders away but they killed my archers and axemen with ease. However with some resistance encountered and some injury suffered, it seems Mr. Caesar doesn't want to push his forces much farther.

    Shit shit shiiiit. Western invading force incoming. Only two turns left for me...

    Okay whatever. Be medieval and Taoist as much as you want to be, I'm out of here. Save file.
    Murska 14 years ago
    Ahaha. This is hilarious.

    Good luck, Narvious...

    EDIT: Oh, and time to go Medieval on their asses!

    EDIT2: If it proves too difficult a start, here's a save of mine three turns later with the situation mostly defused. It should be easy to get Gilgamesh and Isabella and probably Frederick to start a war on Caesar while nabbing the spoils yourself and America has pretty much nothing left after losing like 14 units at Yvitz without killing anything. Keep making catapults en masse and a few axemen into the mix. And try to keep up in tech. >>

    Narvius 14 years ago
    Due to reallific circumstances, Nar is forced to not make a turn :/
    So, Murska, go ahead
    Murska 14 years ago
    ((Okay, I'll start from my save then.))

    Bah. Some kind of an emergency of our nation and they're again calling me in even though it isn't my turn... How am I ever going to get any work done this way?

    Well, let's take a look. Oh dear, it seems a bit bad indeed...

    Murska takes over the nation again...

    Okay, now I'm back to having time to record the happenings here. The American invasion force is destroyed, Atlanta is under siege and at the moment the frankly gigantic and horrendously effective armies of Rome aren't attacking.

    We're somewhat behind in technology, which is bad.

    A few years later, the siege succeeds in taking the city of Atlanta despite the attempted American reinforcements. More troops are sent from the Roman border to relieve the tired and depleted attackers.

    Since the city is unable to be held with the amount of forces left, the decision is made to raze it. Next we make peace with the Americans, temporarily, to consolidate our positions. The army buildup is concentrated against Rome and we don't have enough siegeweapons to beat the Americans since some traitor gave them Feudalism for longbows.

    Soon enough Bursa is founded where Atlanta was.

    And soon enough the supposedly invulnerable legions of Rome fall before the horde of Ottopeople Axemen who retake Edirne easily without many casualties. In fact, only one regiment was wholly wiped out. Sadly, it was Kevry Junior's.

    The next step for the Ottopeople warmachine was to move towards the Roman city bordering them. The armies surged forwards and attacked it, but there they first encountered horrible, enormous beasts of war whose giant tusks spread havoc in their troops.

    And that was the end of that. Since the danger was pretty much over and only a skeleton garrison remained in the Roman city of Anasazi, Murska was recalled back home, for now.

    ((Try to get our economy up, one more city fits near the dyes if you can do it without getting clobbered by Romans, try and get peace but don't pay too much for it since we're winning. If possible, switch religion to Judaism before half the world ganks us, if not try for Shwedagon Paya for the Free Religion civic. Here's the save.))
    Amarth 14 years ago
    Amarth back in command. We're still at war with Mr JC but that shouldn't take too long.

    I grab Anasazi, then trade it back for a peace treaty. I'm going to guess this won't last but at least we have the tension off us for now and we can start building some defenses.

    Why, hello cute guy. I'll just store you somewhere around until I need you...

    What is this shit. Only 15 turns to go, only 15 turns to go...

    So yeah, as foreseen Washington went in for the kill. I decide to abandon our little outpost to the west and save the great general that's stationed in there. We have a better chance at defending Yvitz anyway. I also bring back part of the northern invasion force to Yvitz. Much blood will flow there.

    My heart is yearning, but Bursa is burning.
    Bursa is burning all night long.
    My heart is dreaming, but Bursa is screaming.
    Bursa is screaming all night long.
    (okay, sorry)

    Revolution! Bureaucracy FTW! We got this tech by trading, IIRC with Gilgamesh because no-one else let us. Lesson here: don't try to catch up with technology, research some simple stuff that no-one has and start trading! We make quite some technological progress in these turns which allows us, among other things, to create the next generation of melee units. And that's why we like Great Generals: free upgrades!

    Okay, Washington is coming closer to Yvitz. Come and get us, you bastard. Be prepared to bleed.

    As Washington's forces are knocking on Yvitz' door, we finish the construction of, erm, "It's a Chicken"! The leetle plastik scail mowdels will inspire our troops to more strongly defend our cities.

    Okay Narvius, have fun with this. Bring plenty of pictures. Save file.
    Narvius 14 years ago
    Nice. The moment I return, people already start demanding stuff.
    I decided it would be wise to kind of give it to him, because you know.

    Now the Ottopeople can learn the joy of Harry Potter and Twilight!

    I think that guy gave up. *One* elephant.

    You rule, Ragnar!

    I wonder what the Ottopeople used before. I don't think any papyrus grows nearby...

    Traded in. We need more technology!

    We further traded that Music away for 200 gold and this!

    Islam, yay.

    I bought horses from Gilgamesh. Copper's almost worthless, and bananas, well. Whatever. But now we'll be able to produce knights!

    Aww, mighty army.
    Crush them!

    We won without losses, of course. Yay to the Ottopeople!

    Again, demands. I prefer giving this stuff away now and not being crushed. We will get them all... later.

    That's the, like 4th technology? Also, Knights!

    The fifth one. Traded in, again.

    Our neighbour is preoccupied with other wars. Yay.

    DEMANDS. No, sorry, Frederick. You just don't hate us enough.

    I'm pretty sure our army is big enough to either completely annihilate them, or, well, at least cripple them enough to finish them off with the units in production.

    Have fun.

    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
    Murska 14 years ago
    And, as Murska takes the reigns, predictably the offensive begins. Time to get rid of at least one of the players.

    First, Optics is exchanged for Drama, though.

    THEN, the offensive begins.

    Meanwhile Isabella breaks free from Gilgamesh and tosses our ship out of their waters. And Julius Caesar and Frederick make peace, sadly.

    The siege, sadly lacking horribly in siege units, reaches Washington, which has pretty good defensive measures in place. For Americans.

    With a whole TWO catapults it was going to take a while to crack this nut. More trebuchets and knights were commissioned.

    Meanwhile, Gunpowder was learnt and Janissaries started making an appearance in the training camps.

    Luckily, Ragnar sent a group of units to assist in the siege.

    Finally, the army was ready for the assault on the walls of the American stronghold.

    One attack with the assistance of Ragnar later...

    And then the bastion of the American Way crumbles under Ottopeople pressure.

    Hernan Cortéz the Über Äwesome Mëdic joins our force as our first Knight unit to pillage and burn in America. Use him well and do not let him die for he is an Über Äwesome Mëdic.

    Now for the next target...

    ...TIME OUT. Darnit.

    ((Conquer them, don't in any situation vassalize. Get ready for attacks from northern flank, Caesar is in peace. Get ready to attack him, mostly by building a lot more trebuchets, knights and janissaries. kthxbye.))

    Save is here.
    Amarth 14 years ago
    Might still take a while before I can take my next turn, so go ahead and skip me.

    Which probably means you two do your turn in the next 5 hours and then wait another 2 weeks for me or something.
    Murska 14 years ago
    Any time soon, either of you.
    Murska 14 years ago
    Aaaaany time soon.
    Amarth 14 years ago
    Err. Can you reupload? Rapidshare seems to have deleted the file for having "not been accessed in a long time". Silly Rapidshare.
    Murska 14 years ago
    Here you go.
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