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Relistic Features

chanx 14 years ago
I don't know if your add this but if you did it would me awsome add a hunger and a thirst system while your meter slowly goes down and you need to kill things and take their meats and cook them and you should add a random island generator to make the game different every time you play it!! Also what about shops where you can sell and buy also make the island HUGE that would be awsome with dungeons !!!! plz reply
MageKing17 14 years ago
"chanx" said:
plz reply
Please read existing threads before making any post, let alone your first post.
ville 14 years ago
That sounds to me like a new version of Notrium? Perhaps later I will make a new version of it, for the moment I'm trying to keep the survival things pretty simple in Driftmoon and focus on the roleplaying side and the story.
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