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  • Neptune's Pride game!

    Murska 13 years ago
    Shingo is an AI, so you don't need to fight him. You have the most territory and economy in the game. You're right next to me, and your fleet is much weaker.

    On the other side, I have Narvius, who's a good negotiator, agreed to suitable borders (unlike you, I might add) and is pretty much as powerful as me at the moment.

    Shingo is way too far away and an AI anyway, attacking him would be useless.

    And Amarth is fighting Endymion, but attacking him would still leave me in the middle of the map, the worst possible location to be in.
    Endymion 13 years ago
    In case any non-participant cares.
    A map after 7 days:

    And who's who?

    Also the stats for last 7 days are available at
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    Kario 13 years ago
    i am beating shingo!
    Anonymous1157 13 years ago
    "Kario" said:
    i am beating shingo!
    *Chokes on his popcorn*


    *Laughs some more*
    Pete 13 years ago
    So, anyone else feel sorry for Murska? Or do I need to brush up on the rules?
    Murska 13 years ago
    I do. Not only the single worst geographical starting location in the game, but also the shittiest stars nearby in the game and getting on something like ten hours late to find that most of my neighbours had already claimed multiple systems.
    Amarth 13 years ago
    In case anyone was expecting this, I'm not really keeping track of the map or the statistics in an orderly matter.

    I was going to create a tool for it, but it only got 75% done when we were already several days in, and I thought whatever.

    I have a few pics I'll use for my log, I suggest everyone makes their own pics.
    E_net4 13 years ago
    "Anonymous1157" said:
    "Kario" said:
    i am beating shingo!
    *Chokes on his popcorn*


    *Laughs some more*
    *takes some of 1157's popcorn*

    *enjoy the event with a smiley face*
    Anonymous1157 13 years ago

    POPCORN: Good for munching on while watching Neptune's Pride games. Also good any other day. Unless it's spoiled.
    E_net4 13 years ago
    "Anonymous1157" said:

    POPCORN: Good for munching on while watching Neptune's Pride games. Also good any other day. Unless it's spoiled.
    Pete 13 years ago
    Git your greasy hands off my bloody popcorn!
    Murska 13 years ago
    Someone who's not me should totally post a 'News Update'.
    Endymion 13 years ago
    "Murska" said:
    Someone who's not me should totally post a 'News Update'.
    Crazy dies and Murska takes the lead.
    Also Amarth stole my planets. :/

    And from <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
    Crazy 13 years ago
    Can't believe I lost to Kario. :/

    But, well, there you have it. Diplomacy rules this game - before Murska and Endy temed up on me, I was the most powerful player in the game and already had Murska's faction pretty much on its knees.

    Maybe I should already ut my log up?
    Murska 13 years ago
    I think it'll be best if we wait. I don't know if your log has anything that'd affect the current situation, but still.

    Anyway, Shingo fell before Kario as well, so don't worry.
    Kario 13 years ago
    You guys are lucky that my range is still being upgraded.
    this is why i haven't taken any new planets/stars by the way.
    Amarth 13 years ago
    Wait with putting stuff up and bundle it with the other logs, it'll be more interesting to read everyone's take on the same situation at the same site.

    I'm willing to join the logs together, I guess. Don't expect much fancy stuff.
    Murska 13 years ago
    Aaand it's over. Thank god for people sleeping, shouldn't have gambled with the outcome in the end.

    Sorry, Endy, and good game folks - pity so many got borgified.
    Amarth 13 years ago
    How do you mean gambled? No one could have stopped you.

    People leaving is a huge issue with the game though. The balance kind of self-regulates with alliances pushing down the strongest player, just ask Crazy. But if Kario would have been around I probably would have had a harder time ending second, and with Narvius still in game the last week or so would have been a lot more interesting.
    Murska 13 years ago
    Well, time was on my side but you two still had about three times as many ships as I did, and weren't too far in tech. If you'd have allied earlier, say when I took Navi...
    Endymion 13 years ago
    Yeah I could have been a bit more active at the end, I think I had my super fleet just sitting there for at least 12 hours.
    Imho it might have been a bit more interesting without any speed researching allowed. :/

    Also yay I got 1 credit for third place or something!
    Murska 13 years ago
    Heh. Your fleet named Fleet was scary... I was looking at it gather and thought "I can either stop that fleet, by my calculations I need 440 ships or so defending, which I can get. But then I'm down to pretty much nothing on this border and still need quite a fleet to continue attacking, especially as Endymion has a hundred or so left defending the chokepoint from my lands to his.

    Or I can split all my fleets and attack everything I can reach at once to grab the few remaining stars to win. He'll be able to take maybe four of my stars, I'll get twelve or so by that time."
    Narvius 13 years ago
    Hai there. I'm sincerely sorry for my complete lack of any activity whatsoever after the first few days.
    Murska 13 years ago
    My Notes

    Well, I get to the game a bit late thanks to exam week and... hoo boy. I start RIGHT in the middle of pretty much everyone.


    Well, after sending my ships around I decide that since there's only an hour and some minutes until paytime, I'll buy as much economy as my sucky planets can get me... which proves to be twelve. Then I send offers to my neighbours as to what should be our borders, in the hopes that we don't get into expeditionary disputes this early, and respond to Enrymion's message, stating the obvious - that he's one of the few people I'm not in the middle of.

    Oh, and I started with Arrakis. I've got the Melange, I'm horrendously weak AND I'm in the middle of everyone. Damn.

    Amarth opted for a science lab first. I don't mind - I need money so I can boom out in industry and secure myself a corner. That's my plan, because if I stay in the middle I'm screwed. Meanwhile, I'm researching Weapons because keeping myself just a bit ahead of everyone in that field will make me someone they don't want to target.


    I'm still late in colonizing new planets. I've lost any chance of a reasonable border with Crazy and none of the planets I'm finding are worth anything. There's like, two planets with a reasonable amount of resources. Amarth asked me to join him in attacking Narvius.

    After some consideration, I agreed. I don't trust Amarth, but if I don't gain a corner, I'm dead anyway. And Amarth is in the middle just like me, him attacking me would leave him open to everybody around him. Taking out Narvius would give me the Northeastern corner, which's the best spot I can reasonably reach. So... yes, not many options here, and Amarth knows it.

    Teching weapons finished, although it was really slow. Amarth got speed already with his beginning Tech Lab, and I can't afford to build any extra myself. Guess my expansion will be even farther behind, especially since nobody seems to want to trade Weapons for anything.

    Still pumping economy... if only I had planets to do that with. A few industry to begin stockpiling garrisons on my most valuable (still sucky) worlds. If someone attacks me, I'm screwed anyway.

    Looking at the minimap, since Shingo isn't doing anything nor is Kario, Endymion and Crazy seem to be the best off expansion wise. Endymion, is a good thing, since he's on the other side of Amarth from me, thus counterbalancing my most powerful neighbour. Crazy, not so much - he already proved expansionistic and I don't see a way to gain enough territory to stop him. He's also got nobody else to attack, if we don't count Shingo.

    After weapons, I'm teching... more weapons. If I can't get speed off a trade, it's a pity, but if I've got up-to-date Weapons, I'll be less of a target. At least that's the plan. Sadly, Narvius also teched Weapons. Crazy and Endymion didn't - they're either doing range or speed and if it's speed, I should see it shortly. Amarth said he's doing Weapons aswell, with his double-science. Shingo and Kario both did weapons as I suspected.

    Checking the stats, Crazy is going to boom with max Economy spending. Endymion's the best off overall. I'm... average. Sadly, since that means I'm barely above Kario and Shingo whose inactivity's put them so far behind it's not even funny.

    Looks like I need to get my empire up to gear - maybe one more tech lab and rest into one extra fleet to go north towards Shingo and economy, if I have any money to put into economy after all that.


    Okay, frankly, my situation requires decisive action.

    Crazy has a huge amount of Economy, little Industry and no Weapons tech right next to me. He's got the most stars already and lots of space to expand to, especially since Shingo went AI. If I leave him there, I'm dead. He also took two planets that geography dictates would belong to me. Meanwhile Narvius has been pretty nice.

    Amarth doesn't want to attack Crazy. He said he'll go for Kario if I want to kill Crazy instead of Narvius. I'm doing some slightly provocative star-grabbing in his agreed area of expansion, but I'm hoping he'll be true to his word and stay off my back. I feel more hopeful since I traded Speed for Scanning with him - Scan is less valuable, so maybe he actually wants a tech agreement. Or just doesn't want to kill me and lose his chance of securing a corner before Endymion takes Kario.

    Anyway, that's the hopes. I'm not attacking before my fleets are in position and Crazy has spent his money for this turn. I don't want him to place mass industry because he's aware I'm coming, I'm hoping he'll still spam Economy so I can take advantage of my superior numbers and firepower. When you have a lot of mass and enemy has a lot of power, rush.

    Besides, both of those supposed-to-be-mine planets are resource-rich, and I'm starved for good planets. :/ Unlike Amarth, who has a crapton of more everything than me. Don't like that. I'm hoping Endymion will be my ally against the red blob if necessary.


    Moved my attack against Crazy. I know it'll mean we're enemies forever, but I'm aiming to take and hold those two planets - he has defense on both and I'll be unable to push further. He's got the advantage in industry and economy, too, and reached an equal level with me in Weapons at a bad time right before my attack.

    Meanwhile Amarth is calling for help because it seems he's at odds with Endymion. Haven't seen any fighting yet. He says he's teching Range and intends to switch it to my weapons once those are done - I'll get Range from Endymion for Weapons instead if he gets it done faster, since Endy only wants level 2, not level 3.

    I offered a mutual defensive pact to Endymion earlier because Amarth's between us, basically hoping for a safeguard against the Red blob. He said 'yeah'. I don't know what he meant.

    Now, I'm in trouble as usual, but not any worse than usual. Next payday I'll be dropping some cash on Industry and most of it on another tech lab - I need to get ahead of Crazy in Weapons and keep trading with others to have a chance at keeping my gains. My economy is behind the other three large players for the simple reason of not having enough good planets to put it on - never mind having the middle location and the least planets mine also have to have the least resources. :/

    My two fleets will kill Crazy's two defending ones, securing me 20 cash from killing his economy and 1 industry. The stars are the key, not the infrastructure gains - they also form a chokepoint between us two. That only holds as long as he doesn't get range, though. Also, why does Crazy get a star called La Superba?

    I'll be taking plenty of losses in the first attack, putting me back behind Crazy in ships like I am in industry. However, defender has it easier so once I've got the planets and stop moving...

    Crazy has /ten/ fleets. What. I'm using three of my five in this attack.


    The attack is underway, I captured the closest star and will soon take over the second one. Then, well. He's got an 1/2/0 high-resource planet next, but I don't think I have the ships to go there. At least before my third fleet arrives to the front.

    I got Range from Endymion and sent him the first Weapons, as planned. Now to think of how to explain this to Amarth... perhaps I'll just give Amarth Weapons next pay-phase and ask him to spot me a game of Speed once he gets it done. Or something. Got another science lab, too, but that's still only three which ain't magnificent or anything. Still, keeps me in the race.

    Lost a ton of ships in the initial attack but still got more than Crazy, barely. Defender's bonus and all that. Once my second attack hits, I'll have less. And he still has more Econ, though I passed him in Industry again. I'm pretty sure he didn't spend this turn's income yet though, so that's rather faulty information.

    Other than the doomed war with the largest power in the galaxy, nothing much else to report. I continue pushing my borders to get a few more neutral stars that would probably belong to Amarth or Narvius. But what'm gonna do?


    Hmm. Well, this war is not going particularly well. Crazy sent a bit over a half of his entire fleet at my initial push, killing it - I calculated I'd survive and kill him because I'd get a defensive bonus for my ships but he got Fleet Speed a few hours before he arrived, which let him get on the star a bit before me.

    This leaves me rather vulnerable, but he did lose a number of ships and has something like twenty less than me total. He still has less industry but his empire is huge and he's got more tech labs and economy. I'm barely leading in weapons, and teching the next one as fast as I can.

    For whatever reason he suicided one of his fleets at Chora - five ships don't get a shot off against a WS 4 defender. I don't mind, it's not like he doesn't have the ships to lose.

    Narvius warns me that Crazy wanted him to betray me. Well, if he does I'm dead meat, but so's he so, well, I'm hoping he sees the writing on the wall with Crazy's 38/82 stars needed for victory and my 19 and his 16. (19+16=35...)

    I'm gathering some more ships to try and combat Crazy's push. Running out of time to fight his boom here.


    Well, he captured his planets back, and I capture them back, and he re-captures them back... The battle's going back and forth, and that's not a good thing for me.

    Basically at this point I'll be forced to bunker down on the frontline planets and then, well, I'm as good as dead unless Shingo the AI pulls something weird. Meanwhile I'll focus on Weapons tech and Industry for short-time staying power - what else am I going to do? All my planets are utter crap, too...


    Crazy's peace terms are completely unacceptable - basically, to alienate all of my allies, give him a full 40% of my useful stars and that'd make him give me a 2-3-day ceasefire after which he'd continue the attack. Yeah, no.

    Well, whatever he might like to think, he isn't powerful enough to kill me off for a long time yet, and if he tries, he's just digging himself deeper into a hole of Endymiony death. My start position combined with Shingo turning AI meant that my only possible way to win was to blitz Crazy and that failed, so right now my new goal is to stay in the game for as long as I can.


    Setback after setback. :/


    Well, Crazy's superspeed, after costing me a few hundred ships, is caught up to, not by any of my supposed allies who had it sending it after I asked a few dozen times but by Endymion getting it by trade from Narvius and sending it to me afterwards. Thanks, Endy. He's also attacking Crazy's unprotected Southern flank, I'm hoping quickly enough to force him to relieve some of the pressure on me. another sixty-seventy ships are attacking me currently, out of Crazy's 110 or so. He also has one ship on every one of his northern stars, the bastard. And nothing useful on them, either.

    Well, I still have more ships, enough industry and tech to stay alive for a day or two and enough will to fight to not let him into my inner planets. Since the vile toiletbrushes want to wipe the seat with me, instead of with their own faces as is good and proper, I'll at least bloody their nose and force them to spend as long as possible at it, while helping Endymion the best I can.


    My decapitation attack at his homeworld is about to be intercepted. He barely got enough ships together to beat it - I could've killed 18 and he gathered every ship from nearby huge industrial worlds - 21 or so.

    Oh well, 18 more deaths to him, more money wasted by him on fleets... well not really, but anyway. At least one of the fleets is gonna die I think. Other than that, I'm losing out a bit on this deal, but not that much. He finally took my scout star in the middle of his empire which saw Endymion's attack on him, and he's sending more ships to that front instead of me, letting me breathe a bit more easily since I should be able to regain a few more industrial worlds of mine and gather more ships.

    I'll probably push another attack up north if I have the time and ships at some point... or maybe I should just gather fleets and set up for heavy defensive while I wait and see how long it'll take for Crazy to realize that however much of a grudge he might bear on me for entirely reasonable reasons, Endymion will win if Amarth's the only one fighting him.

    Possibly that'll take until Endymion actually wins, though. Oh well. And I'm periodically glancing warily at Narvius on my other, undefended border - he's still not gathering any ships for fleets, but that may change rather quickly if he decides that he likes the look of my stars.

    Looking at my stars, that's unlikely. They're made of crap.


    I've been putting more money into industry while trying to get Endymion and/or Amarth to give up their war and fight mine instead. It's not really working, but at least Endymion did do damage to him.

    Crazy's pumping weapons tech now. Just like me, except with a ton of more tech labs. Not much I can do about that, a single new one costs like 150 for me, and I've got 200 income. Stupid crappy stars.

    I'm slowly losing my ships advantage though I've still got more industry. Technically, I'm currently winning - I've got one star more than I started with. But that's just because he hasn't taken it back yet.


    Suddenly, Amarth seems to be killing Endymion. And Narvius got himself AI'd, which resulted in a HUGE stockpile of money being busted all on Economy, putting him ahead of everyone else in the game in money and growing in Industry. That's one scary AI. Oo

    Meanwhile, the war between me and Crazy keeps going around in circles. He killed my home planet's Economy, taking it over for a few minutes because I went to sleep at a bad time. He's also now ahead of me in weapons tech for good, but he's quite behind in ships. So yeah, it's as it was in the beginning - the longer things go on, the better for him, but I've managed to scrape up a slight mass lead. He's behind in Industry, though, with me having a couple of his planets on the border. He's got some eighty ships building, which is like three fourths of his entire navy and will wipe me off his stars. I've got a counterfleet arriving, but it'll be a bit late. We'll see how that goes. Stupid weapons and speed and low tech lab amount and sucky NR counts...

    Well, Amarth and Endymion will hopefully balance each other out for now, Amarth will hopefully stop helping Crazy instead of me and Endymion will hopefully continue his Crazy offensive and Crazy will hopefully go kill Endymion's fleet instead of mine... yeah, you can always hope.


    Okay. Somehow, I don't really know why, things turned around. I gathered a big enough fleet to stop Crazy's 80 coming to kill my border. He took one planet back and stopped, and I got 90 ships parked next to it. Then I convinced Endymion to attack Crazy's fleet for a little damage to help and now I'm bringing in some extra ships which, in six hours, should be enough to take his fleet out. That's over fifty percent of Crazy's ships. Meanwhile, my other fleets took two of his big industry planets, including his homeworld, and Endymion took one more.

    Meanwhile, me and Endy both got a couple of small fleets going around and conquering small undefended stars in the back of Crazy's empire. Suddenly he doesn't look so scary anymore, with 12 Economy and similar numbers of Industry. His Weapons is still higher than mine, at 9, but I'm no longer behind in tech labs thanks to all the ones me and Endymion stole from him.

    Now, I really need to start focusing on post-conflict - what am I going to do if and when I grow to become the third Major Power in the game, and will I have time to do it before one of Amarth and Endymion manages to take the other out?

    I'm technically allied to both, and supplying both with tech I get from the other, raking in a steady profit in cash and other technological advances myself - I give Endymion my own Weapons for his Range, his Scan and some cash, then I give that Weapons to Amarth for his Speed and some cash, then I give that Speed back to Endymion for a ton of cash and meanwhile research another level of Weapons. Life's good as a neutral, even though I'm still way weaker than those two giants.

    I fear Endymion won't be able to hold on against Amarth, who's a reasonably experienced player. For this reason, I'm trying to hog all of Crazy's good stars to myself instead of letting Endymion get his fair share - I need to grow in power quickly to be able to defend myself credibly. My lack of ships means I need a much higher industry than the two to catch up, or otherwise they'll have to fight each other a lot more.

    This star-hogging strategy might be a double-edged blade, though... Crazy still has enough power to hinder my efforts and start taking back some of his stars, while I gather additional fleets to the scene. High Weapons tech really gives him a lot of defensive power, me needing eleven ships to even get rid of one of his defending ones. Endymion's help could be useful here, but... well, I'll take the risk of Crazy bouncing back if it means being independently powerful.

    My long-range plans focus on keeping myself neutral, trying to make sure neither of Amarth and Endymion beat each other and killing Shingo's AI-built superplanets (lots of ships but low Weapons skill mean I don't need that much to take them over) and after that Narvius's AI-built Economy superplanets.

    Once I have those areas, it doesn't even matter if Amarth or Endymion wins down south - they won't have enough stars to win, and I'll have enough to stop them, hopefully. But that's still a long way off. Let's keep the eyes on the present, and send some more fleets to annoy Crazy.


    Amarth is going haywire and ripping Endymion apart. This is bad - the balance of power has shifted and I don't want it to before I'm ready. :/

    Weapon Skill 9 rolled in. I could trade it to Amarth, but I'll wait for him to make the offer - he's 2 Speeds ahead of me, and equal in Tech Labs... don't want to help him against Endy, really, but can't afford to alienate him yet. At some point I'll just have him give me his side of the deal and back up on mine, and that day is rapidly approaching.

    Goddamnit, I wanted to be able to completely mop up Crazy and take over Shingo's and Narvius's idle planets while preparing my ships for the big war, not have to hurry to attack Amarth who's still a lot stronger than me.


    Crazy is gone now. Three hundred ships to Amarth's six hundred - Endymion still has five hundred. Trying to send Weapons to him as fast as I get them to keep him running against Amarth... Amarth's 2 ahead in Speed though. And Endymion isn't using his resources very well, I can see him suiciding two fleets at Amarth's defenses currently. A sure sign of someone not reading the battle mechanics very well.

    I'm pretty big now, and I can match Amarth in Industry, higher in both Economy and Tech. But I've got a lot less ships and, most importantly, my logistics lines are horrible. I've got 1-2 industry stars everywhere, far far in Crazy space, with just two or three high-Industry areas where I have to gather my main fleets. I can hope it's the same for Amarth, but still, some Speed for my ships would really help me with gathering all that my Industry produces into the areas where it can actually do some good.


    Starting to slowly gather ships together while killing off Shingo for those high-industry stars the AI's been making for him. Meanwhile I'm building up Economy and Tech Labs - the plan is to get far enough ahead of Amarth to be able to out-produce him. He's still three hundred ships ahead, however, which puts a damper to that plan.

    Well, keep the goal in sight - you win when you get eighty-two stars, not when you kill Amarth. If I can kill off Shingo, start killing off Narvius and launch a big attack on both Amarth and Endymion at once to get just enough stars to push me over the limit, that's just as good. Meanwhile, I need to keep a careful eye on Amarth so he doesn't get too big. Keep helping Endymion with Weapons and such.

    Endy can be of use to me again, for once - he finally got Speed done, and is now a level above me.


    Currently my fleets are en-route to mop up Shingo for good and take high high-industry planets to receive a third main production hub within my borders. Also makes my borders look better. Currently I'm pursuing Monroe's teachings, attempting to stay off the battle between Amarth and Endymion while fuelling it with tech and solidifying my control over the north side of the galaxy.

    The important thing is that the low point of my relative power to the other two will be right after I take out Shingo, with my fleets both badly out of position and weak. If they use that moment to attack, I'll be in trouble - the longer it takes after that the better off I will be.

    I've secured enough stars to stop anyone else from gaining a victory, I think - at least I will be able to if someone gets close. So confrontation is now inevitable, I just hope it will be on my terms.


    Bit of a pause between comments here. I've finished off Shingo and begun an aggressive takeover of Narvius's planets. That last part is proceeding rather slowly because I'm keeping 300-400 ships on the borders with Amarth and Endymion just in case. I'm still 150 ships behind Amarth, but I've got enough Industry to recoup that difference in one day, and my science is double his. Currently I'm just biding my time, teching ahead, killing Narvius and recently decided to use my 170-ship-fleet next to Endymion's holdings in former Crazyland to take said holdings over. Our relations are falling quickly now that he's too weak to be of any use to me, but I'm hoping to keep us at a state of relative non-war for now - the longer things go before the final confrontation, the better off I will be.


    He didn't take it too well and attacked me. I think this'll be the big fight, then - if Amarth comes online, he'll of course send everything of his to support since this is their chance. I need what, sixteen more stars to win - won't be long.


    Okay, Endymion's all-out at me. He's weak, so I don't really care, but I don't think waiting for Amarth to react is a good move for me - together they could beat me. So I'll not even try to stop his attack (seriously, 560 ships? Oo) and instead move for a landgrab. I'm at 77 stars of 82, so I just need to move quickly and take a few more wherever I can get them to secure a victory.

    If this one hasty move cost me the game, I'm going to be somewhat miffed at myself. It's still likely that I win, but I gave the other two a possibility to stop me, which is just wrong. In a situation where the longer I wait, the better off I am... well, attacking at the earliest opportunity just because is stupid. Stupid me. Regardless of whether I win, this was undoubtedly my biggest mistake of the game - everything up to now had been dictated by need.


    Well, I won. That's that.

    There's some notes I wrote mid-game.

    I also have a few pics. I started taking them quite late though. And then I stopped taking them. Oh well.

    Blitzkrieg against Shingo.

    The sudden break-up of Crazy, and how it happened.

    Situation overview right after the above, when Crazy had been taken out for good.

    The logistical pattern of the early half of the game, when I was trying to kill Crazy.

    The move I suggested Endy do against Amarth. He didn't push it home after taking that one star, though.

    I swear I had more pics somewhere on my computer. One or two more, that is. I remember one detailing my Heavy Industry areas after I had taken over the entirety of the North. They were at Shingo's über-stars, Crazy's former heartland and a bit above it and my own Homeworld's surroundings.
    Murska 13 years ago
    Apparently my images aren't really working properly. Oh well - you see the main points in each.
    Crazy 13 years ago
    Deisenberger's log. Stardate 31-01-2011, 13:46

    -S66 E5, I5, R1-

    I take helm of the Aphardian Coalition, denoted orange.

    I scout the area and read the messages.

    Our planets are as follows:

    Alphard - Home, 50 NR
    Sadachbia - 42 NR
    Gienah Gurab - 38 NR
    Thabit - 38 NR

    Enrymion : 30 Jan 20:07: Only my homestar has above 18 resources

    Hells ye- I mean, it is greatly advantegeous for our great coalition.

    The Aplhardians focus on expansion and economy, upgr-- wait.

    Is that-- I think it--

    Yes. Yes, it is.

    Deisenberger : 31 Jan 11:43: Damn. Murska already has Arrakis. Game over, guys.

    -S66 E14, I5, R1-

    End log.


    Deisenberger's log. Stardate 01-02-2011, 06:16

    -S73 E14, I5, R1-

    Received the following message from Murska:

    -31-01-2011, 19:32-


    Our relative border is rather clear - I
    get Wezen, you get Sualocin. Any
    tech deals you'd want to form?"

    Responded as follows:

    -01-02-2011, 06:32-

    "Sorry, but I've already got a fleet
    with an ETA of 5h en route to Wezen [true].

    I've already sent a fleet towards
    Askella as well [untrue, but I was in range
    while Murska was not, sent that fleet right
    after the message]

    Not yet interested in any tech deals,
    but I am interested in attacking
    Shingo instead of you or Amarth [true]. So a
    non-agression deal until then would
    be in my best interests."

    Continuing to focus on economy and expansion.

    The Alphardian coalition now has 9 fleets and 16 economy at the second production cycle, though there are systems close by that will be captured very soon and used to further increase economy.

    -S74 E16, I5, R1-

    End log.


    Deisenberger's log. Stardate 02-01-2011, 05:45

    -S83 E20, I6, R2-

    Kario : 2 Feb 01:04: i shall be the victor!

    Yes, Kario, the guy with the fewest planets and the two most powerful nations in the galaxy as neighbors will obviously be the victor and not crushed in the next 3 days.

    Otherwise, just checking in. My neighbors are Murska, Shingo and Amarth. I'd rather not go into battle with Amarth alone, who is leagues ahead of me. My choices would be to either fight Shingo because he's a good target or Murska because he will attack me. Indeed, a lot of the game depends on what Murska will do.

    Right now I have plenty of neutral space to take without fighting anyone so any attack plans will have to wait. It remains to be seen if Shingo and Murska will team up against me. An interesting idea would be to sell my services as a mercenary to Shingo and Murska - I will attack whoever agrees to pay less. The only problem is that why would they want to pay instead of teaming up themselves?

    Also, not building research early on is coming to bite me in the ass.

    -S83 E20, I6, R2-

    End log.


    Deisenberger's log. Stardate 03-02-2011, 07:54

    -S97 E26, I15, R2-

    Endymion has taken planets that puts him in a situation where he borders me. Fearing attack, I contacted Amarth after I read this:

    Amarth : 2 Feb 23:58: Huge rewards for whomever who can send me weapons tech level 3 (which provides 4 ws) within the next 15 hours! I might be under attack from a bastard known as Enrymion!

    Amarth confirmed that Endymion already has fleets enroute and that they are at war. It is highly doubtful that Endymion would attack 2 of the 3 highest ranking players in the game, so I regard myself as somewhat safe.

    Good. Leaves me time to take neutral stars.

    I am now starting to increase my industry as well, focusing firstly on building heavy 2-3 industry planets in my heartland. Though I will still have one of the weakest if not the weakest industries in the game, I will be able to amass a large fleet from my heartland at rapid pace. In my previous experience, this is as important, if not more so, than having a high total ship count.

    I think Murska might also be attacking Narvius, but I've not seen anything to confirm my suspicions.

    Also, Shingo, my prime target, has gone under AI control. The AI will leave large fleets protecting all of his planets, so I might actually reconsider attacking him - other players would consider me weakened because I am at war with a strongly defensive opponent, but if I were to not attack him, he would not be much of a threat as an AI-controlled opponent.

    -S97 E27, I15, R2-

    End log.


    Deisenberger's log. Stardate 03-02-2011, 14:00

    -S104 E27, I15, R3-

    Oh my good lord--

    Murska is attacking me.

    I'm already preparing a retaliatory strike - his first two attacks should leave him with fleets of 3 and 7 ships and the fleet that I will be responding to will grab 55 ships from three of my core planets.

    Otherwise, I have only 104 ships to Murska's 118, but I am leading in both economy and industry, by 5 and 2, respectively.

    What's considerably more of an advantage is that Narvius is on the other end of Murska's territory and his only two choices of offensive are Murska and Amarth, of whom Murska is the weaker prey. I send the following message:

    "Murska is attacking me!

    He is sending a total of 30 ships [true], of
    which he will lose 24 [lie, more like 18] -
    now is the time to attack him!

    Amarth is fighting Endymion so he's

    You literally have nothing to lose,
    Murska will have a very rough time
    fighting two opponents on the
    extremes of his territory.

    His ships will arrive within 3 hours of
    this message [true]."

    The game begins. I can only hope to gain Murska's core planets before Narvius, giving me an edge in the ensuing war against him. Or perhaps I will attempt to convince him to join me in an attack against Amarth.

    -S104 E27, I15, R3-

    End log.


    Deisenberger's log. Stardate 03-02-2011, 14:00

    -S113 E28, I16, R5-

    I am positively giddy.

    That 55 ship fleet (which ended up being 59 ships) I was sending?

    The one I hastily put together to blindly counterattack the out-of-scan-range planet I already lost?

    Yeah, those guys got the planet back. It was an average scrap, I lost 10 ships to Murska's 4.

    But when I took that planet and got it's scan range, guess what I saw?

    Apparently Murska had already prepared a force to defend the planet. But what he didn't prepare for was the fact that I got a speed upgrade while my fleet was en route.

    What that meant was the battle Murska thought he'd get to fight defensively, with his 4+1 ws versus my 3, has now turned into an offensive battle with equal footing on ws.

    I am somewhat dissappointed by the fact that this will not be a surprise to Murska, what with him naming the fleet "i will die" and all, but it will still afford me a large battle in which I can whittle down his larger fleet numbers without having to cast myself against the wall that is his higher-lever weapons tech in defense mode.

    Another curious bit seems to be that Murska and Narvius appear to have some sort of agreement. I can't possibly see what good can come to Narvius from this and he is not responding to either NP or IRC messages. Murska said something about him agreeing to reasonable borders.


    If he thinks our borders are unreasonable, I'll just have to change them, won't I?

    -S104 E27, I20, R5-

    End log.


    Deisenberger's log. Stardate 05-02-2011, 23:09

    -S119 E29, I25, R7-

    Things are getting interesting.

    My war with Murska is going well (indeed, spectacularly), but that is not interesting. No, what's interesting is that this is where the game kicks in for me. The whole 4x thing is nice, but it's really just a vessel for the true meat of the game.


    I mean, the fighting is nice, but it's the player interaction that really draws me to this game. Arguing, making agreements, betraying, being betrayed - getting that in a game is so much more important than winning for me.

    (Which, coincidentally, is why I'm going to wipe Narvius off the map. He resolutely refuses to discuss anything about the game or in the game.)

    And if I were indeed to take all of Murska's territory, I would be like a big fat piggy bank in the middle of the starfield, just waiting to be ripped apart by the other players. A vicious snarling fat piggy bank, but a piggy bank nonetheless.

    I would have a border with every player, threatening them all. And even if some players did concentrate on their own war, I would gobble up a third region and be unstoppable - thus I must be stopped immidiately, by an alliance of all three remaining (kario has also gone under AI control) players.

    So what am I going to do?

    Well, for starters, I'm not going to attack Murska.

    (I would've had to transcribe that because I can't select the text, so you get these few logs as images.)

    I hope that if Murska doesn't agree to the terms, he would have the sense to at least try and argue the them instead of seeing it simply as an agree/refuse choice.

    In case you're wondering about the Narvius range thing - my northern region is out of range for the moment and I would prefer to keep it that way at least until open hostilities.

    What open hostilities, you ask? I explain the same thing to Amarth in the following message:

    (So I'm wordy, sue me.)

    I am having so much fun it should be illegal.

    Oh, and here are few quips we threw around with Murska publicly:

    Murska : 4 Feb 08:08: The Important Battle is at hand.
    Murska : 4 Feb 08:08: In seven or so hours.
    Deisenberger : 4 Feb 20:41: I can only imagine that this Important Battle is with someone who isn't me, because all I saw was a minor border conflict. BOW BEFORE THE TOILETBRUSHFACE. I WILL MAKE SPACE FONDUE OF YOU.
    Murska : 4 Feb 22:38: Bah. I'd have won if you hadn't outfitted new engines on your ships mid-jump.
    Deisenberger : 5 Feb 06:15: I know. That's why I outfitted new engines on my ships mid-jump.
    Murska : 5 Feb 07:44: Utilizing new technology you have no way of getting to your ships is unfair.
    Deisenberger : 5 Feb 15:51: I have space-wizards.
    Murska : 5 Feb 19:48: Right, I suppose that's that for the game. :/

    That last bit from him was about me jumping two tech levels (from 5 to 7) at a time when Murska was at 3 and already losing. He sent me that message right after.

    -S120 E29, I25, R7-

    End log.


    Deisenberger's log. Stardate 06-02-2011, 23:09

    -S88 E29, I25, R7-

    But no.

    Response from Murska:

    -06-02-2011, 00:04-

    "Hm. Well, frankly, if you're going to
    demand me to agree to terms which
    mean I die and you win, and me
    continuing to fight means I die and
    Endymion wins...

    Then I suppose I'll continue fighting."

    Response from Amarth:

    -06-02-2011, 04:24-


    Oh fuck me with a rake.

    Apparently Amarth is away-ish now, too.

    I guess Murska has now convinced Endymion to continue attacks against me as well, it would only be a sensible thing for both. Which he wouldn't have done if I wouldn't have sent those messages. Fighting Narvius also looms in the distance.

    Being in a losing position because Murska refuses bravely to give in and fights until the last breath so he can ensure the downfall of his most hated enemy in the hands of a near-stranger would be kinda cool.

    Being in a losing position because people aren't much interested in engaging in diplomacy kinda sucks.

    Although, okay, I'm not yet in a losing position, I still have more up my sleeves. Concentrating all my industry on a few core planets has really paid off, I can only hope they will continue to carry me until I can hammer out something diplomatic.

    -S88 E29, I25, R7-

    End log.

    ----------, famous last words. This log ends far before Murska's and a few days before I stopped playing. I kept losing ground to Endy and Murska slowly (and Endy had this incredibly annoying fleet that snuck past my frontlines and took defensless planet after defenseless planet. And then I lost. There was one more act I did much later, but maybe Amarth will touch on that.
    Endymion 13 years ago
    First day(30.1-1.2):
    Hmm so I'm in a corner next to Kario, and Amarth is blocking the rest of the world from both of us.

    Narvius is at the opposite end of the world so I proposed we exhange tech and stuff.
    I could give the same proposition to Shingo but I'll at least wait until I know what Narvius is willing to trade.
    I suppose if Shingo doesn't have better range by the time Narvius gets it I could offer to give it to him too if he has something I need.

    Also me and kario are the only ones who don't have a border with Murska and I kindly informed him about the fact without offering to do anything crazy like attack Amarth(he could reveal my plans to Amarth or something)

    Cool Kario can't attack me until he gets range tech... It seems that he can get only 11 stars before he has to attack Amarth or get better range.
    I proposed he get weapon tech and I trade range to him for it.(maybe I shouldn'tve said anything since he might just attack me but at least this way I'll know when I should be ready for it)

    Amarth and Crazy also could use a better range tech in order to reach each other. Narv and Murska have only 4 stars between them.
    So far I'm the only one who has made addittional fleets(2 with 10 ships instead of 5) they still can't win agains't defender with 5 ships :/

    Second day:
    Nothing much so far. Narv agrees and is doing weapons. Haven't heard from Murska and Kario didn't see or bother to reply to message.
    Amarth upped his science, maybe I should too but I'll wait until the next pay since I'll get three more stars before it and hopefully get to improve my economy to at least 9.
    I wonder if I should go for Diadem the distance looks about same for both me and Amarth(if Amarth claims Seginus) but I don't know he could go straight for Diadum seeing as I can't reach Seginus.

    Ok Amarth did go for Seginus and I now have enough ships(11) to defeat him even if he gets to Diadum first(assuming he has 5 ships).
    But I probably won't do anything since I'd lose instantly to the next unit he has.

    IRC discussion with Amarth and Crazy In short Crazy thinks Murska and Shingo might gang-up on him but I doubt that'd happen(well unless I say something about it to them, which I did) Amarth claims to see Narvius and Kario as easy targets. If I get better range tech that would mean I'm going to attack Kario, well at least according to Crazy.

    Fourth day(3.2):
    Kario sucks :/ Amarth is going to beat him unless I do something... I launch an attack hoping he doesn't have more than 1 ship in the star that's just outside of my scanning range. Of course he should have about 50 ships nearby so I'll probably just retreat and hope to annoy him a bit. but then again if he gets range upgrade I'll need those stars to prevent him from attacking most of my stars.

    Shingo is handed over to AI so either Crazy or Murska will get stronger.

    I hope Narv and Murska don't start fighting... Narv hasn't upped his stars in a while :/

    Crazy is in the lead atm. Getting him to attack Amarth would be best for all I think.

    I'm still researching range so i can give it to Murska, Narv and maybe Kario and also to Crazy if he agrees to attack Amarth and needs it(I'm guessing he's researching it himself atm)

    Sixth day.(4.2-5.2)
    Trading with Narv and Murska is going well. Having some minor skirmish with Amarth meaning we'll both have about 40 ships less and nothing else really.
    Also seing as Crazy seems busy with Murska I thought now would be a good time to grab that undeveloped high resource star at our border and possibly the three others near it, meaning I'd be almost neighbors with Murska!(well unless Crazy takes back those stars Murska took at the border between him and Amarth)
    Kario got AI'd. The next time I see him in IRC I could try to convince him to do something like offer all of his monies to me in exhange for trying to save him from Amarth and leaving him alive or something.
    Also I'm actually researching weapons for the first time! so far I've gotten everything from Murska.

    Seventh day
    Amarth says he'll start doing better in a few days.(He was kind of inactive)
    Now he's sending about 40 ships at our border, whether he plans to attack with it or not remains to be seen. I kind of hope he does so I can "safely" launch a counter attack since atm I have about 130(out of 230) ships at our border he has 83(out of 220) that I can see. Naturally

    Gave Narv 2 levels of scanning instead of just 1. I should be getting weapons from Murska soon. For whatever reason Murska thought(he hasn't mentioned it in a while) that only speed and weapons tech are worth anything, which seems weird. Mainly it means that I don't bother him about my better scanning tech or anything.

    Hmm what else? Made a stupid mistake with Crazy first of all I sent 1 ship too few and then because of the stupid combine all ships in a star to one number I wasted last of my money on a fleet to protect my star from Crazy's "huge" fleet that I could have used to get weapons tech from Murska just before the battle. :/

    Eight? day
    Shit. Amarth's actually attacking and doing so too well :/ First I was too late cancelling counter attack that couldn't win and then I didn't consider the surroundings of my another target and he moved all ships from the closest star to my target so that one's going down too(both will leave the 2 fleets with very few ships but still...) So far his "main attack" seems to end nicely for me unless he keeps it moving(all nearby stars have ships so anything except retreat would hurt it more but it'd also reduce my economy by few points and prolong things meaning more time for reinforcements) Speaking of reinforcements he's making 60 ship fleet in 6 hours... I have a 60 ship and 40 ship fleets in the area I should be careful not to waste them.
    All this apparently stems from me attacking Crazy,(EDIT:Uh I'm not sure what I mean by "all this", Amarth attacking perhaps) he was thinking he'd fight Murska while I fight with Amarth but he just had to leave himself completely open for an attack, which is going quite well btw. he has just 10 ships nearby.

    someth day 9.2-10.2
    Lots of shit happening. I'm just running through Crazy's undeveloped stars with my 6 ships while Amarth's taking most of my stars. Amarth seems to be a lot better at this stuff or I should just pay attention or something... Well at least the stats page is looking more interesting and I still have more industry than anyone else I think(at least until Amarth beats me at it). And surprisingly even economy But science is 1/3 of what Amarth and Crazy have.
    Murska needed money so I sent him 275$(and range) for 2 wepn and 1 spd tech. Also Narv finally got AId.

    Amarth's not keeping track of stats

    Finally I'm doing something right thanks to logging in right after Amarth sent his ships, so first of all I'll make it in time to defend one of my stars and hopefully raid 2 more stars from Amarth unless he reacts in time, I think.
    Also Crazy's been pretty much dead for a few days and Murska's in the lead thanks to it(I think getting a few more stars from Crazy would have been nice but oh well...
    Murska should be starting to attack Amarth soonish, I'm considering trying to negotiate peace with Amarth once he does since I'm sure both of us will eventually be able to beat Amarth but Murska will most likely win after that instead of me.

    Amarth didn't respond to my generous offer of leaving him alone if I get my stars back. Well if he's happy fighting two people at the time or has some deal with Murska it's his loss. I suppose Murska might be leaving him alone since he'll win if conquers Narvius and Shingounless I or Amarth attack and manage to take some of his stars. Of course he could be doing what he says and attacking Amarth.
    He responded. Yay! But he didn't like the idea that he might not be even second if Murska attacks him back so I let him keep his stars.

    Murska attacks! Also he can see 700 ships from me but only 300 from Amarth so he probably can guess that something's going on.
    Also I suppose it's good that Amarth didn't agree to hand over the starss he took from me since I might've just decided to settle for a second place and just continue attacking him.

    I bought minecraft and Murska won :/
    Crazy 13 years ago
    Crazy thinks Murska and Shingo might gang-up on him but I doubt that'd happen(well unless I say something about it to them, which I did)

    Amarth 13 years ago
    (Crazy == Deisenberger, for those that don't know it)

    Day 1 (Jan 30)
    I have spawned!
    Right in the middle between my enemies. What the hell, spawner. What the hell.
    It doesn’t matter. That gives me more possibilities to attack them. Their blood will flow between the stars and I will be supreme ruler of the galaxy!
    I guess blood does not flow very well in the vacuum of space. Not sure about that, really.

    Day 2 (Jan 31)
    I have made contact with another trapped leader, Murska. He wants to develop treaties over where we will place our borders. The fool. We haven’t even scouted the stars yet, how can we determine where to put the borders? Oh well. I guess external forces will deal with this idiot.
    Enrymion is already expanding close to my borders. I fell walled in already and the game hasn’t started yet. I need a way out. And the only way out is towards the south-east. Sucks to be you, Kario.
    Today also marks my first tech breakthrough, in fleet speed. I invested in tech before everyone else. Pretty sure I will reap the fruits of this soon...

    Day 3 (Feb 1)
    Today has seen an important alliance. Murska and I will take on Narvius. For him so he can have the expansion space he needs, for me so I can use the eastern corridor to attack Kario from two sides. Yes, awesome...

    Day 4 (Feb 2)
    Murska prefers to attack Deisenberger. Psah. I probably can’t take on Narvius on my own. I guess I will have to attack Kario by myself then, with a full frontal attack. Dammit. This is not good. I don’t have the ability to do that right now. I need more ships and more weapon tech.
    Also, I am completely walled in, no place left to go. Researching Range now, but I don’t think it’ll make much difference. By the time I have two ranks in it, there’s really nowhere left to go. Argh. I hope an opening comes up soon.
    Murska and me also started trading tech. Hopefully we will get an advantage out of that. The only one I could feed tech so that he destroys others for me is Shingo, but he has gone absent.
    Damn you Shingo. I will never play games with you anymore.

    Day 5 (Feb 3)
    Well dammit. That bastard Enrymion is attacking me. I guess he has no other choice, Kario is not a threat to him and Crazy is still too far away. Hmm. Oh well. I will strike back! I am sending my ships towards our borders. It’s... So.. Slow...

    Day 11 (Feb 9)
    I have had some setbacks. The main reason for this is real life getting in the way of my Galactic Emperor career. Dammit life! Can’t you see I’m busy here?
    Situation overview as I see it. Kario and Shingo are away. Enrymion, Murska and Narvius have teamed on Deisenberger. Deisenberger asked my help in fending off Enrymion; I will attack Enrymion while his main fleet is out attacking Deisenberger. Interesting, Murska told me the same: to attack Enrymion while he’s busy with Deisenberger.
    So yeah, that’s what I’m doing. If I could grab a significant portion of Enrymion’s empire (I’m starting with the tech worlds), I might get control over the southern part of the galaxy. Then it’s just an endurance race to see if I can stand against the others, because they’ll probably get scared of me once they notice I’m no longer the squishy central target. So I hope to have a big tech and industry advantage by then, and just grab enough stars to end the game. Allons-y!

    Day 12 (Feb 10)
    I lost many more ships to that attack on Enrymion than I thought. It seems he got tech from Murska. Argh. Murska by himself is too weak to be much of a threat, but too hard to simply run over in a few days, especially since I’m already at war with Enrymion.
    Oh well. If Enrymion doesn’t strike back quickly, I probably have the advantage for now. At least his economy is below mine.
    Also going to take over Kario’s planets now. The AI has been investing money, it’s getting silly. 6/6/1 world, anyone?

    Day 12, later
    Enrymion is counterattacking, but weakly. He’ll lose many ships. Yay!
    I only now realised that I should focus my attention to the south of Enrymion’s empire, instead of on what I can grab. If I create a wedge between Deisenberger and Enrymion, I will have to survive Enrymion full-on, which would be hard. Better to take the south stars and force him up, maybe get Deisenberger to counterattack too if Enrymion starts focusing on me. His southern stars are well-defended though - upwards of 10 ships on each planet. I don’t think he’s attacking Deisenberger all that hard anymore.
    The worst thing that could happen to me is a joint strike from Murska and Narvius. Since I’ve risen in the stats above Enrymion and refused to trade tech with Murska, this can’t take too long anymore. I should probably defuse this situation diplomatically, but how...

    Day 13 (Feb 11)
    I am dominating everyone in terms of ships, economy, industry, science output AND tech levels. Which means basically on everything. I am so fucked. The only way that might make it for me is to just keep on going, trying to get further ahead while Murska and Deisenberger are concentrating on one another.
    If I attack Kario, I am not directly hurting Enrymion while strengthening myself. Meanwhile my ship count stays low so I seem to be less of a threat. Maybe I could try that for a while. Kario's main planet has 150 ships now though, I need more weapons tech before I attempt that...

    Day 14 (Feb 12)
    Deisenberger is going down pretty hard now. With Enrymion battling me, Murska is free to do as he pleases there. This means Murska is assimilating Deisenberger’s empire, which means he will get access to tons of science installations and industry. Dammit.
    I cannot strike Murska now, I need my ships to attack Enrymion. Murska will be done sooner with Deisenberger than I will be with Enrymion.
    I don’t think I can try to get Enrymion to move against Murska or vice versa. They will join forces to destroy me. My only hope is to destroy Enrymion, invest as much in economy as possible, and hope this will make me rise above Murska in time.

    Day 15 (Feb 13)
    Enrymion has conquered my homeworld. The significance of the homeworld is that it starts out with 5 economy, 5 industry and 1 science. It’s a very beefy world, pretty unique but not the cornerstone of an empire. But the surrounding stars are also pretty weakly defended, I got all my ships to the frontier on the south. And they’re pretty rich worlds. Well played, Enrymion. Well played indeed.
    I’m trying to collect enough ships to the north and retreating some of my forces to make sure possible further attacks don’t cause too much damage, and to eventually counterattack and get my star back.
    Meanwhile we’re at stalemate in the south, with both of us having over 100 ships in the area. The first one to attack loses, the first one to leave loses. Yeah.
    Murska is currently weak, but he will come back as the strongest player. I cannot attack him now though, I don’t have a single ship to spare. If only Narvius were still around, it would make the perfect backstab.
    It’s annoying to see how this will end, see what could be done about it, yet not being able to do anything. If Narvius and Shingo hadn’t left. If Enrymion would also see this coming. If, if.

    Day 21 (Feb 19)
    Delay in updates, sorry. Alcohol might have been involved. I’m not sure anymore.
    Murska is currently the strongest player around. I am content with ending second, because the struggle towards being first is way and way too hard to do now. I would need support from Enrymion, and even then I’m not sure we could still be in time, and I am leaving myself open to betrayal from Enrymion. It would be better to make sure I am firmly second by keeping Enrymion down.
    Not sure if this happened before the previous update, but worthwhile enough to mention it anyway: Deisenberger died and sent me all his cash and tech. Yay! Not much I could do with it though. Sorry I couldn’t avenge you, Deisenberger. I hope you don’t curse my offspring.
    My offspring. As if.

    Later on
    For some reason, Enrymion still decided to attack Murska. Murska currently has 71 stars out of the 82 needed to end the game. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I’m not going to attack Murska because I kinda want this to end, but I’m not going to keep Enrymion from doing this...
    Also funny: Kario came out of his dormant status to attack with his 250 ships amassed on his last star. With my tech, I need about 50 ships on a star to defend it from his 250 ships armada. Conveniently, I have about 150 ships nearby. Ahahah.

    Day 22 (Feb 20)
    It’s over, as predicted. Once Murska got the full advantage of grabbing Deisenberger’s stars and no opposition because Narvius and Shingo had gone dormant, it was set in stone. Oh well. Second place. Spawning in the middle isn’t all that bad.
    Kario 13 years ago
    I really only tried to make one super uber powerful star.
    then when amarth took over my stars i tried to attack.
    However i realized i didn't know how to attack enemy ships i was like
    Kario 13 years ago
    Sorry for double post.
    first day not keeping track BTW.
    i randomly click on everything until something pops up neutral star apparently i add some ships to it.
    some period of time later... I have a few stars not enough to combat anyone but may come in use.
    more time passes stuff happens to other people endy asks for stuff but i don't know how.
    MY production grows i attempt to change but accicentaly make fleet.
    near the end now.My stars proven useless against amarth i gain a massive amount of fleets and ships. i attack and fail i lose.
    Amarth 12 years ago

    Anyone up for a second round of this?
    Endymion 12 years ago
    I am!
    Edited 12 years ago
    Kario 12 years ago
    I am, though it's obvious here who will win.
    Crazy 12 years ago

    Also, reading this again was hilarious.

    Since the vile toiletbrushes want to wipe the seat with me, instead of with their own faces as is good and proper[...]
    My offspring. As if.
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