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Forum » Got a great idea for a mod? Post it here!
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  • Got a great idea for a mod? Post it here!

    YinYin 18 years ago
    "Anonymous1157" said:
    YinYin, I have already suggested that, but unfortunately it's been lost. (Where the hell is it?)

    Edit: Here the hell it is!

    looks like mine is different

    mine is only about green/blue/brown alien
    and the mission is to conquer planets - (first one to be notrium to make it easy)

    edit: btw i just added the three different abilitys of seeing by night for those aliens
    Anonymous1157 18 years ago
    Well, I admit your idea is pretty good, but mines has been around longer so we'll need a compromise. How about a hybrid of the two? You can keep your planetary exploration idea, and we can add my 8 alien type idea to it, and reproduction idea. We can also add to this hybrid the ability to colonize a planet and leave, but the planet has to support the type of life you're leaving behind.
    Anonymous1157 18 years ago
    Return to the Wrecked Ship

    You have just blasted off from the defeated Ville Corp headquarters. You did everything you had to do and are now heading home on an escape pod. However, you realized that you, being a hungry Werivar, left your perfect hamburger on the ship! You soon actually find the ship still in orbit but destroyed beyond functionality and head over to it, completely forgetting how badly you want to go home.

    Upon landing, you realize that the ship has gotten bigger; this is actually an abandoned space station in which your ship crash-landed! You were so hungry you didnt see the station! Well, you need to refuel the escape pod because it had little fuel to begin with, so you set out to find the crashed ship, refuel, and maybe see if some part of the station or ship still works. Who knows, maybe there's just one little loosened cable keeping one of the two from functioning, and you could live on it sending distress signals over time! The ship DOES, after all, have a message transmitter antenna, but it was fragile. Maybe the station has a dish, then... Who knows.
    Darkdude 18 years ago
    Name: Expansion
    Theme: Expansion on original notrium
    Contribution: Ideas (I'm crap at modding)
    Items, etc:
    1- A buildable truck with a hatch on the back which leads to a small map for the inside of the truck to dump stuff in as well as a turret on top to defend it
    maybe cold be built with a whole lot of metal rods, a powered particle accelerator or three something for wheels and other stuff
    2- A village for the marines with defens e turrets and alien spawners to attack it
    3- A sequence where you trie to guide the pod down to land and you end up in different areas
    4- other marine ouposts to overun and control
    5- A new species that is an alien with psionic abilities
    6- A mod incorporating most other expansions/notrium mods into it
    (with owners permission)
    7- Able to play as an blue/brown alien and evolve into a Queen and start alien army
    they've probably been said, but the forums are to big for me to check everything
    MageKing17 18 years ago
    I just got this idea a few seconds ago.

    Name: Castlevania - Notrium's Sorrow
    Type: Expansion? If system works well, could be turned into a Total Conversion.
    Contribution: Everything but graphics. You all know I suck at graphics.
    Items: All classic items from Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow. Some of the more important ones:

    Valmanway - Sword (attacks extremly rapidly)
    Claimh Solais - Great Sword (good range and excellent damage)
    Death's Scythe - Scythe (long rang and best damage in game, but attacks slowly)
    Silver Gun - Gun (longest range of any weapon (duh), but low damage compared to most swords)
    Gungner - Spear (longer range than the average sword, and better damage, but doesn't perform a wide sweep like a sword)

    Souls: Souls could be done by having each enemy having a random chance to drop a "soul" creature upon it's death. This is similar to how the psionic lifedrain spell works, except it gives you the "soul" item for the creature. You have three types of souls (bullet, guardian, enchant), and can equip only one of each type. Would need to add more creatures to give greater selection of souls. Some soul ideas:

    Brown Alien - Slam an enemy with a powerful strike (bullet soul)
    Dire Reaper - Make yourself temporarily invisible (guardian soul)
    Reaper - Slowly regenerate health (enchant soul)
    Sherimital 18 years ago
    Name: Edge of Darkness
    Theme: Post-apocalyptic, RPG, open-ended, total conversion
    Contribution: I'm can do EVERYTHING but mapping (too much work to map too)
    1) Mapping (city interiors and exteriors, abandoned military bunkers, etc.)
    2) Help debugging
    3) Perhaps someone to help me code a vehicle
    Items: (just a sample)
    Beretta 92FS Elite
    HK USP Match
    HK MP5K
    KBP PP-200
    HK XM8
    Sako TRG-22
    Franchi SPAS-12
    MRE Ration
    Soy Food
    Story: Heavily inspired by the Night's Edge mod for UT99.
    Nerd 18 years ago
    Mod: Hunted
    Theme: Mediaival, Might'n'Magic style combat Rpg, open ended.
    Story: You are part of a community of Mages, you are 15 and are returning from your iniation trial(which you passed) only to find your home destroyed, if that's not enough strange invisible creatues strike when you least expect it, and even the most harmless of objects can turn into deadly monsters that try to kill you. You must adventure around the world, doing subquests on a quest to find out... WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!!!!
    Classes: (insert classes here)
    Items: (insert Items here)
    Requirments: I though off it, can't actuuly help you make, unless you count ideas.
    Creatures: from rocks to rabbits to humans to orcs to dragons to space ships even.
    Other: (Insert other here)
    mkire 18 years ago
    i want a very small mod that just alters the way the alien evolves. After the "keep fed" evolution phase i'd like it to be able to hunt and kill anything in order to evolve, assign values for stuff, or just use their current ones. I just hate having to find little blue aliens, then big blue aliens, then brown ones and so forth and only being able to evolve by killing that specific type of alien.

    contributations: I'd do anything i can to help, but i can't figure out how to do it, which is why i am asking here
    Spetz 18 years ago
    Just curious... is Notrium plannning to go multiplayer?
    Cejer 18 years ago
    Simple answer to a simple question: No.
    Notrium is not planning to go multiplayer.
    Darkdude 18 years ago
    It is on most peoples wishlists but ville isnt going to do it
    I had an idea a lot like YinYins on page 5 here and i wanted to know where i could get those graphics so i can try to make it
    Gregor Eisenhorn 18 years ago
    Name: Notrium Regeneration
    Theme: All energy plants, fungus, etc., regenerate over time (A game day?). Everything is same good old Notrium but just the regeneration. This way, you can tryuly have a Base Of Operations. No moving of converters or anything. With this, you can actually build a small one-man city (like twnty turrets, stasis field, etc.). It would be AWESOME.
    Items, story, etc: no change from normal Notrium.

    To elaborate, you could actually even turn this into a "base mod". Make parts easier to find, add in walls. Even, if you got dozens of parts, make a factory that provides a slow, neverending flow of food/fuel.
    I don't know how to mod or anything, so I don't know if this is even possible to do. Feel free to mash my post.
    Gregor Eisenhorn 18 years ago
    Nevermind! Better idea (maybe been mentioned before?)! A kind of farming! Add rivers, lakes, etc., to notrium, and have the ability to carry fungus. If you plant (drop) fungus near water, then it will eventually grow more fungus. The more fungus you have, the faster they will grow! Sounds... good?
    Grim Reaper 18 years ago
    [OT] Double-posting = WRONG (unless there's 24 hours between the posting times)!!! [/OT]
    Darkdude 18 years ago
    What does [OT][/OT] mean?
    Grim Reaper 18 years ago
    "Darkdude" said:
    What does [OT][/OT] mean?
    Tags for Off-Topicness. [/OT]
    sleeping demon 18 years ago
    Name: unknown
    theme:survival horror, sci fi
    story:inspired by alein 2 or aliens a simple mission gone wrong and you and your team must survive untill a rescue

    it should be a survival mod wer the most importnat part is managing and defending a base camp set up by you and your team, it should come under freqent attack and it is important that you maintane a strong defence but also you will have to leave your base ocasionaly to gather food and maybe salvige more parts and equipment from the abandoned colony.

    Contribution:i can do a little mapping and a small amount of editing but im fair shithouse at editing and i dont have a suitible program for making graphics if anyone like this idea please pm
    Roboman 18 years ago
    Name Notrium Strikes Back!!
    Theme The Notrium Strikes Back mod is based at the same time/place as Casanova's Opposing Force mod, but you play the aliens.
    Contribution Maybe some of the required items/food for the aliens.
    Requirements This mod will need mainly breeding/growing systems for the character's alien (eg. an evolving system where, say, the player evolves from reaper to dire reaper (can i Uber?) or a maturing blue alien)
    Ranged attack for the aliens (like acid spit!)
    Story This will follow the alien's trials to rid Notrium of the foul marines (the other side of Opposing Force), they will need advanced tactics to destroy the tanks, raid the marine's base etc

    Note Dont expect this mod to be started too soon. I need to learn about modding a bit more

    PS I know about the modding FAQ

    Edit: There's a problem that's happened to OF on my computer, I should have mentioned it here earlier; OF crashes Notrium altogether, so I only know the theme of it.
    jigajigajoo 18 years ago
    Name: Stormtroopers

    Theme: Think Star Wars, squad-based combat, and survival mixed together.

    Contribution: Coding, Sounds/Muzak, Story, pretty much evrything except grafx.

    Requirements: Pix, Grafx, Images, whatevr you want to call it.

    Four individual members of a squad so:

    Infantry/Assault Trooper: uses rapid-fire weapons, can carry a lot, can make basic items, really fast, and has a big battery life.

    Engineer/Medic: uses only the basic pistol-like weapons, but can make advanced stuff (i.e. adv. turrets, shields/force-fields, and vehicles), and also can heal others and self with bacta paks.

    A sniper combined with "silent-but-deadly" weapons, can move extremely fast, and can eat lots of food. Enemy never knows where you'll pop up next. Can barely make anything though.

    Heavy Weapons: Uses rocket/grenade luanchers, heavy lasers, TNT, and can make heavy turrets (think lots 'o' explosions). Moves slow, but has has a big battery life, and can lay mines, good for protecting a base.


    Blasters: normal pistol, rapid fire, high-powered, sniper, and spread.
    Explosives: rockets, missles, TNT, grenades, mines, the whole works, so to speak.
    "Silent" Weapons: (used for all, not just scout) knife, muffled blaster, silent sniper, silent grenade, etc.
    Healing stuff and camo and/or invisibility
    Solar array for recharging batteries (i.e. blaster charge)
    Insta-food: food which has no weight, but can be used like a mini-ration.
    Bacta Tank: Like a statis field from Notrium.
    Raw materials: used by the engineer, can make stuff.
    forcefield: a forcefield, duh! semi-invincible.
    tons of turrets: blaster, spread, missle launcher, random turrets which spew flames everywhere, etc.
    Tons of other stuff I haven't thought of yet.

    Through rigorous training, Darth Crater has selected your team to start a secret attack on the rebel base. Your mission? Annhilate the last remaining jedi in the galaxy: Fluke Earthwalker. Your team must survive in the wilderness and defeat the jedi, blah blah blah.

    Basically, you lead a team, of you + 3 other dudes, and you control them kind of like you control allies in Notrium. Only the player can use his races' special ability. I could try to get teammates to switch weapons/tactics useing different AI scripts, and maybe making multiple creatures of the same guy with different weapons. You can order around your teammates (i.e. have one stay at the base, and two more follow you, etc.) I'll need to see about how to code that tho. [/list]
    Anonymous1157 18 years ago
    You outright copied Battlefront 2. Not that it matters; barely any ideas posted here ever make it into an alpha.
    Anarion 18 years ago
    Which is why I find this topic SO depressing.
    Pete 18 years ago
    I would say that NO ideas here ever make it to alpha...
    Anonymous1157 18 years ago
    However, I have a hunch that, one day, we'll come dig up the suggestions we made and mod Notrium 3D with'em. I did have an interesting alien arena idea... too bad nobody made it...
    Quanrian 18 years ago
    It's not a matter of these mods not making it to alpha so much as people not sticking to mods period. Again, this is something we're trying to address with Cormoon as we're well aware it's very time consuming to mod for Notrium and most people get discouraged long before they ever finish their mods. The key is to not go too nuts, people keep coming up with grand ideas, which they simply have no clue how to make work.
    Anonymous1157 18 years ago
    [OT] I did eventually find a workaround to my problem, but random areas wouldn't work with my ideas too well. That's why the "Return to Ship" mod is lying around dead somewhere... [/OT]
    Admiral 17 years ago
    (in a very small voice)
    Name ?
    Theme I am quite determined to make a mod with a main map with cities on it
    Contribution Almost everything but graphics
    Requirements Your ideas required
    Items Your ideas required
    Story Your ideas required

    A (very large, think Eden) central main map with cities on it, click the city and it takes you to the corresponding map, would like it to be medieval but who ever wants to do the graphics can decide what he wants to draw...

    What do you think?
    Amarth 17 years ago
    First of all, I like that avatar. Then... Sounds good, I like it... But it's just one idea. Not too much of a mod, yet... I don't think the forum members here are going to help you very much with filling in all the gaps, they're extremely lazy.

    So, build something to show off, then people will become interested. Simply because you'll be one of the 5% that manages to get that far.
    Admiral 17 years ago
    (Thanks its from Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri) Well i was thinking of something like this, each city has a problem, like bandits attacking or a famine, etc and the player must help them with their problem and in return gain Allies, Items or other like, weapons, money, etc eventually when all cities have their problems solved, the player must face.... something (I need an ending)
    Anonymous1157 17 years ago
    It's 10%, and I think he was active when he joined in '05. He seems familiar.

    There's no easy way to use your mouse to activate buttons and such. You'll have to rethink that part. The rest of it is not only unoriginal, but nobody ever finished such a mod.
    Grim Reaper 17 years ago
    Actually, there is. You'll just make it the pick-up effect.
    Admiral 17 years ago
    Pardon, 'button'?
    Pick-up effect, yes, thats it
    Like the Hatch in the Escape Pod but with the graphic of a city placed in strategic positions on the main map
    If no-one ever finished it that would make me the first (if i finish it)
    ModSlayer 17 years ago
    Name: Enviroment Crisis
    Theme: Youre in a Bio-Dome, and everythings gone wrong!
    Requirements: Some one to do the entire thing.
    Tools: Every day modern items like:
    Knife etc.
    Madgamer 17 years ago
    I wonder why we never thought of this?

    Apparently I've played the Laxius Power series and I haven't played it for about 1 year. Now when I come back to the site I see a game called Lax Team.

    Basically forum members with their real photos that prolly contributed a lot in one way or another. If you just play the game (Warning: Mature rated. Even says so on the game when you start) through you'll get what I'm saying... hopefully.

    Now why can't we make a Notrium mod that has US playing in some type of hostile environment? To just begin I might suggest with the beginning story. The ship we're on were shot down by something we don't know (feel free to insert) and landed on Notrium.

    I know what I made up is crappy but hey, all we can do is create a game like that eh?...

    ...Indinera is god at programming
    Anonymous1157 17 years ago
    I think we thought of that quite a long time ago. Nonetheless, it's a good idea, and one of us should get off our lazy @$$ and do it.


    What? Don't look at me. I still don't know if the fix for my bug was supposed to work.
    MageKing17 17 years ago
    If people would be willing to send me pictures of themselves, I would most certainly be willing to make such a mod. However, given the fact that the internet is notoriously insecure, I'd recommend not.
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