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Forum » You've played Notrium too much when...
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  • You've played Notrium too much when...

    Crazy 19 years ago
    I just couldn't resist...

    1: whenever you walk past plants youre alert because they might attack you.
    2: whenever you see something on the ground you pick it up and think "i wonder what i can combne this with"
    3: whenever you get cold or hot you think "but i thought i turned easy on"
    4: whenever it rains you carefully inspect the effects of the rain.
    5: whenever it rains youre afraid of it because it might be acid/ionized.
    6: you kill everyone in sight and then inspect their corpses for items.
    7: whenever you feel hungry you go and hunt small animals in your home area.
    Arcade 19 years ago
    When you..........

    8. Worship Ville like a god
    9. Start writting a mediocre story about Notrium
    10. Start throwing rocks at blue and brown animals.
    11. Eat synthesized food
    12. Are interested in educational television
    13. When your making a list on when you played Notrium too much.
    14. Try to combine sand and ice

    NOTE- most of these aren't funny. (When I mean most I mean all of them.)
    Crazy 19 years ago
    as in youre supposed to continue with the numbers. someone does 87-89 the next poster does 90 and on.
    Casanova 19 years ago
    15. When you go to the library to get books/videos on survival just so your mod has belivable stuff on it.
    16. When you can beat the game on hard under 15 mins.
    Click 19 years ago
    17. When you run around shooting into the air with a laser pistol and then scream: "I swear I saw a reaper there!"
    18. When you pick up any red plant you find and press it to a wound.
    19. When ville or quanrian or zex or torment or whoever else has a mod walks by, you bow down and pray to them.
    20. You try to stick a long metal rod into a pistol.
    cristallion 19 years ago
    21: when you press a butten on your shoe and when you don't move you think (am i out of ether?)
    22: when you see red plants try to find your maas token
    Eternal 19 years ago
    23:When you start a thread like this.
    Zombie 19 years ago
    24: When you sometimes just wonder if you woke up on the wrong side of the escape pod today.
    25: When you lurk about the NASA labs for those planetary defense robots for their antigrav devices.
    26: When you search for large patches of funky mushrooms to eat because you're hungry.
    27: When you stumble or trip and you wonder if you set your controls to absolute or relative today.
    28: When you wonder where the heck you put that food synthesizer and that ether you were saving.
    29: When you think about how nefarious a company's name sounds when you pick up a lighter.
    30: When you think a single scraggly looking stick can make a healthy burning fire.
    31: When you hoard eggs and dream of raising your own alien army.
    32: When you always keep that trusty flashlight in your pocket with your LED-equipped goggles.
    33: When you see a body of water larger than a puddle you scream and start running around, yelling about crazy modders and not being programmed to swim.
    Click 19 years ago
    lmao these are really funny...
    34.When you try sticking a earmuff onto a computer chip and think it's a battery recharger.
    Zombie 19 years ago
    35: When you think near-translucent black containers filled with mysterious materials make for good fuel.
    36: When your bumper stickers read, "I brake for firewood!" and, "Brown alien larvae on board."
    37: When you have never heard of a chicken or a cow.
    38: When you wonder why people just don't fabricate rations instead of processing beef.
    39: When you can sit in fires for days and emerge unscathed.
    40: When the only limiting factors in your life are Food, Batteries, and Health. Bugger physics!
    41: When you suddenly realize your life ISN'T made up of 1s and 0s!!
    42: When cookies suddenly become a precious commodity.
    43: When you pack an escape pod instead of a whole darned new ship!
    44: When your escape pods' security systems can be easily thwarted by a killing maching with a supervillan complex.
    45: When you never find the need to sleep... ever... WITHOUT COFFEE!
    46: When you wonder what those giant green poles outside with lights on the end are for.
    47: When Ville is not just the creator of cool games, but the nefarious Marine overlord!
    48: When you wonder what mod you are going to live tomorrow.
    49: When you wonder where all these buildings came from.
    50: When you wonder where all these PEOPLE came from!
    Lochen 19 years ago
    51: you get stuck in your chair from not moving
    52: you find your back covered in parts of the chair that have fallen out
    LunaticNeko 19 years ago
    53. When you must light a thing, you say "Where is the firewood?".
    54. In a fight, you don't use a rod as your weapon.
    55. You don't use batteries because you are not Android.
    56. When the sunset is at 16:00 and sunrise is at ~24.00.
    the duke 19 years ago
    Blah, K98 stole mine

    57. When you duck into McDonalds to grabs some straws to fight off thugs with, ignoring the long metal pole sitting by the door.

    58. When you think that sticking a glass tube on a lighter will create a weapon so powerful, so scary that dozens of highly trained marines will flee when they see you lighting it.

    59. When you dump an oily substance all over the floor of your bedroom expecting creatures to form that you can call your 'etherlings' that you must protect by closing and locking your door to keep them from wandering off.

    60. Upon sight of a red plant your joyously slit open your arm and gather your blood in a bag that you store away for later, then you forget to use the red plant and run off, then have to return to the red plant a minute later.
    Zombie 19 years ago
    61: You attempt to plug various electrical appliances into any blue-looking plants.
    62: Corn confuses you.
    63: You think there really IS no spoon! It wasn't programmed into the game!
    64: There is no fork either.
    65: You think tomatos would make good weapons, so you place a bushel next to your baggie of pebbles.
    66: You wonder why the plants on this planet look so much like those on earth...
    67: You think anything that grows underground will pop up and shoot you if you get near it.
    68: You avoid farms. See #67 for reason.
    69: Whenever you see a car, you scream in horror and yell, "YOU DON'T EXIST!"
    70: You are wary of doors in case radio-hungry hermits or planetary defense bots are behind them.
    71: You think oranges are some sort of advanced alien egg, due to their protective covering.
    72: You constantly check any bananas you see, to see if any of them shoot anything.
    73: You do not understand the concept of sugar or coffee, yet you never seem to need to sleep anymore.
    74: You think stuff tastes like chicken, but you don't really know what a chicken is...
    75: You think bakeries are explosive-manufaturing plants.
    76: You think lemons are some sort of new alien, because one squirted you in the eye and that HURT!
    77: You think Wal-Mart is a Ville Corp. front, and you frequently raid their stores.
    78: You spend hours trying to figure out some use for pillows.
    79: You wonder what cups are REALLY for.
    80: You devote yourself to harnassing whatever power cheese might have, after seeing a commercial for it.
    Klabautermann 19 years ago
    81: You can't figure out how to light firewood with a lighter and use a battery instead.
    Click 19 years ago
    82. You kill several green animals and chop their limbs off, only to drop them onto the floor and think that a magical small vine will grow up in less than a second to shoot at whatever's near it.
    Zombie 19 years ago
    83: You ignore your fridge full of food, and all the supermarkets around the world, and go hunting for some little blue aliens to kill and eat raw... Or treat yourself to some cooked brown alien! Mmmm!
    drgamer 19 years ago
    84. You can see the invisible aliens WITHOUT using the minimap
    85. You don't USE the minmap
    Zombie 19 years ago
    86: You spend ages trying to find that darned minimap!
    87: You try to update the version of life you are playing.
    Tyrian 19 years ago
    88. The game frezees because the clock in the upper right corner of the screen shows 9999999 and couldnt go more
    89. You try to stick various weapons, items and bodies into the piece of piper that has a ryhme
    LastDay 19 years ago
    90. You spend days under trees and when night comes you try to desperately make fire with a lighter, without using any wood

    (or burn wood with batteries, never lighter with wood)
    Zombie 19 years ago
    91: You constantly bug Ville to PLEASE program a darn toilet in, because you REALLY have to friggin' go man!
    92: You add in toilet paper too because these leaves are starting to chafe and you're starting to run out of ether and/or healing plant leaves.
    93: Ville constantly avoids you, due to the fact that you never let up with the toilet and toilet paper!
    94: You ask Ville to please add in some deoderant too... You don't bother yourself with your smell much, but that time you killed that alien queen by just lifting your arms WAS a bit much... But at least you never run out of food! (Edible fungus )
    95: You personally know the pain of ether burns... You still can't sit down without yelping! ops:
    96: You wish Ville would let you sleep... But NOooOOo! No programming in sleep for the Ville-meister!
    97: You come to know a pillow as an alien corpse filled with pebbles and leaves.
    98: When you hear of hurricaines on the news, you think they sound like good fun...
    99: You search under and in trees thouroughly... Maybe Ville or Quanrian hid an easter egg in one!
    100: You wonder where the difficulty slider went.
    101: After spending a few days around annoying, loud people, you wonder where the darned options menu went off to!
    102: You expect all computers to shoot flames out of them, or for their displays to consist of two gigantic red LEDs, housed in separate compartments.
    103: You constantly try to focus yourself to enter the dreamscape whenever you are around water.
    104: Mirrors scare you... That doppleganger is around here somewhere...
    105: You speak in Binary.
    Grim Reaper 19 years ago
    106: 110000111001 100011110011 111100000!
    107: 11000 0000111 110 01100011, 10011011010
    108: 1110000 01 10 111 00000
    Tomo 19 years ago
    110:u mistake poo for a brown alien corpse, so you cook it and eat it.
    111: You invade an army base with your pets dressed up in blue suits.
    112: You commit suicide and wonder where the load button is
    Jan 19 years ago
    113: Cookies are a figment of demented imaginations

    114: You are fairly certain that oranges are a lie.


    [ot] START [ot]

    LD's message: 109 decimal = 1101101 binary. Cheap windows calculator!

    [/ot] END [/ot]

    Just a translation of the binary parts!
    116: If you can tell me the 'encrypted' message that follows:

    01010100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01100110 01101111 01101100 01101100 01101111 01110111 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101101 01100101 01110011 01110011 01100001 01100111 01100101 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100110 01101001 01110010 01110011 01110100 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101110 01110110 01100101 01110010 01110100 01100101 01100100 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01100010 01101001 01101110 01100001 01110010 01111001 00101100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 01101110 00100000 01110010 01100101 01110110 01100101 01110010 01110011 01100101 01100100 00111010 10000100 11110010 01110010 00000100 11110010 01110010 00000100 10000100 00101110 10101110 11110110 00000100 00101110 10100110 11100110 00000100 00101110 11100100 01110110 10000110 11000110 00000100 10101110 11110110 10011010 00000100 10000100 01100110 11110110 11110110 01001110 00000100 10100110 10110110 00000100 10100110 11010110 11110110 01001110 01000110 00000100 10101110 11110110 10011010 00000100 10000100 00101110 10010110 11100110 01001110 10101110 01000110 00000100 10000110 00000100 01100110 11110110 00000100 01110110 11110110 11001010

    @Zombie: Please add spaces to your binary, because that long "word" breaks the site layout!

    PS: I didn't know the site, so I did it all by myself *g*
    No no, I just programmed some VB6
    ZeXLR8er 19 years ago
    I've moved some posts to the General Talk forum, but here's the rest of Zombie's post:

    117: The internet is only a beautiful dreamworld to you, because Ville won't make Notrium multiplayer.
    118: "OMG TEH CORN PPL! TEH CORN PPL!" you shout frantically, as you run away from an ear of corn at your local grocery store.
    119: The idea of changing your underwear is alien to you.
    120: Your bathroom rules are, "Heave it when you feel it, and leave it where it lies."
    121: Your stench kills things on other planets!
    122: You hear of these things called "TV Dinners" and you stand in the frozen foods section of your local grocery store wondering, "They're called TV Dinners... But why have I never seen a TV eating one?!"
    123: You declare war on the evil TV people, as you have discovered their secret by inspecting the TV dinners! They need dinners, so henceforth they must be alive! BONZAI!
    124: You are seriously starting to like the idea of killing some fat people and feasting on their succulent flesh.
    125: The mold growing under your armpits has started to grow mold.
    126: You have a sentient being living in the netherregions of your body, and you have named it Bob.
    127: Finland is a magical paradise land where your god and creator, Ville, resides... The only thing that even comes CLOSE to Finland for you is the internet... Which is how you plan to get to Finland.
    128: You have a little shrine to Ville hidden away in your closet, and are working on a fully-functional and full-size replica of him for your... *cough* ...pleasure... *shudder*
    129: You wonder why people would eat alien slime, as you examine a container of yogurt.
    130: You see a chocolate cake and suddely start wondering, "What the... Is this a way of recycling one's waste that I have never heard of?!"
    Zombie 19 years ago
    Heh... Thanks Zex... I almost had a heart attack when I saw all my numbers gone!

    131: You enjoy popping bubblewrap more than the average folk.
    132: Transit lines turn down your business because you frequently have a habit of bringing the hazmat teams in.
    133: Scientists are astounded at how the heck you are still alive, seeing as people make you wear a hazmat suit to keep the bad stuff IN.
    134: Fire good! Fire good! Burning bad! Burning bad! Cold good! Cold bad!
    135: You frantically search for your temperature bar because you think you have a fever.
    136: You could have sworn that minimap was here just a second ago...
    137: You scream in terror because you seem to have misplaced your health bar! You could be dying and not know it!
    Arc666 19 years ago

    138.Stay up past 12 looking for mods to extend play(Its 12 now as Im typing this)
    139.Shoot down anything that flys(from ducks to F-16s) by shooting pebbles out of a long metal tube
    140.Look at dogs and say "What a useless thing to enslave"
    141.Cower in fear when it rains
    142.Stalk Ville, even when hes cooking waffles...
    143. and bomb manufactuers of First aid kits and lighters so Ville Corp. DOMINATES! BLEH HA HA!
    144It gets hard to see and...*plop*...


    Thats all folks!
    Zombie 19 years ago
    145: You just arn't sure why those little 1s and 0s keep STALKING YOU!
    146: Paramedics find you in your room, wrapped up in blankets, your computer entirely disassembled. When they ask what happened you start giggling madly and screaming, "I NEED THE ITEM-FINDY! FINDY THE ITEMS! Must... Build the... Build the... Radio... Moddy the spacing sub!"
    147: Your social life has been buried long ago, due to your habit of accusing people to either not exist, or be slaves of a giganto-megacorp known as Ville Corp.
    148: Even styrofoam plates and cups won't talk to you anymore!
    149: You know the nutritional value of dirt.
    150: You use fire extinguishers to push people away from you and when they run out, you throw them away instead of using them as blunt weapons.
    187: You seem to have forgotten how to count. (number is really 151)
    152: Phurgawot gremmer ayund speel two!
    153: On Halloween you dress up as a female alien, then proceed to disembowel your neighbours.
    154: Whenever you obtain candy corn, you insist they are really pebbles. You load them into your candy cor-errr... "Pebble" shotgun and fire a round off at the storeclerk and then run off, madly clutching your bag of stolen candy cor-errrr... "Pebbles"...
    155: When examining the chocolate bars, you suddenly wonder why people would package, pay for, and eat fecal matter...
    156: You stare at the mystical cups of ramen and do not realize the goodness of them. You are lost because of this and shall be forever, until you repent and COME TO THE RAMEN SIDE!
    157: You spend your time writing over 35% of the things on a "You know you play too much _______ when..." thread
    158: You actually can think of something to write for the #158 on the aforementioned thread.
    159: You keep wittily describing yourself in the aforementioned thread.
    160: Every electrical device you own suddenly goes out because you ran out of batteries. You would have recharged them when they got low, but you can't find the darn battery meter!
    161: You insist doctors are just Aliens trying to steal your innards.
    Arc666 19 years ago
    162.When you assault Ronald McDonald for attemting to devoure children
    163.Raid army bases with pebbles and a flashlight
    164.Sneak onto private property and steal absolutley useless trash instead of golden statues of random mythical figures
    165.Put propane in a micro wave and expect nicley wraped generated rations to come out in a matter of seconds
    166.Hide in the woods during the night abushing anything that moves and devouring it raw(including boy/girl scouts BLEH HA HA!)
    167.ntkffjgpifjj(When you cant see straight enough to type)
    168.Run around in circles around youre neighbor punching the air screaming "STAND STILL DAMMIT!" while he is simply watering the daffidlls
    Arc666 19 years ago
    169.When you know enough about the game to post on this thread
    170.When a thread like this reaches this number
    171.When you started playing another game,went online for a walkthrough and stopped to post on this thread

    Ohh...I did didnt I?
    Nephilm 19 years ago
    172. When you no longer see aliens as enemies but as food.
    173. When you can beat a queen with just your fists.
    174. When you have managed to make throwing pebbles more effective than using the shotgun.
    175. When you can use the aforementioned technique to defeat the marine sargeants.
    Arc666 19 years ago
    176.When you can see the game perfectly in youre sleep
    177.When you can PLAY the game in youre sleep
    178.When you try to make sense of coding so you can make mods
    179.When youre brain sets aflame thinking of mod ideas...wait


    It can happen
    Nephilm 19 years ago
    180. Instead of seeing the game you see THE CODE of the game.
    Arc666 19 years ago
    181.You take either little red or blue pills every second
    182.You break in to restricted goverment vaults looking for documents to prove the existence of aliens and Ville Corp.
    183.You kill bank clerks with pebbles and use there wallet(and money)to make a fire and cook there corpses
    184You dream of the day this thread reaches 1000
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