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Stuck in rotating puzzle room

Death Knight 9 years ago
I am getting further with the game. The puzzle is too hard. I need a picture of what it should look like. Im not going to waste more time trying to figure it out. FYI I never ever solve puzzles so i just gave up always whenever they come up. It'd be different if I solved them once by myself but I dont remember when that happened.

Anne 9 years ago
Hello there! I'd be glad to try and help you out! I already replied to your private message (noticed that one first), but here's also a reply here on the forums.

Here's a screenshot showcasing one possible right answer to the rotating puzzle at the Monastery (SPOILER):

--> If you are just not a puzzle person, you can also easily use the skipping cheat to get past this one:
-Press Shift + F1 to enable cheats
-then move your mouse cursor to your desired location, and press Shift + 1 to make a magical jump to wherever your mouse cursor is (you can do this multiple times in a row, so just put your mouse cursor in the direction where you're trying to get to).
So if you just skip with Shift + 1 a few times, you can easily get to the other side of the puzzle, and back using the same method.

Here's also info on two other puzzles which are up ahead:
2) The sliding puzzle at Monastery, where you need to drag the pieces around to form a big duck picture:
--> Here's an easy way to skip this one: [spoiler]Walk to the wall on the right of the puzzle. See the two torches on the wall? Now walk right through the wall in between the torches, and push the lever at the end of the secret room you just found. Works, huh?

3) The eel puzzle in the tunnels at Nomon Docks: If it is, you can solve it just by pushing boxes on all but one of the holes in the ground. That way the eel doesn't have another hole to move to, and you can catch it.

I hope these helped you!
Forum » Stuck in rotating puzzle room

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