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Tipping ain't a city in China!

Noctudeit 19 years ago
grr... I find this game incredibly frustrating, besides it being similar to asteroids (which I was never very good at) I never understand what it is that I'm supposed to do. Perhaps I just suck at the game and should give up, but I can't help the feeling that I'm just missing something that would make the game playable/enjoyable. Thus far, I have lost each and every single fight that I've been in. I just keep reloading, heading to the asteroid you are sent to in the beginning, and dying...any starting tips would be greatly appreciated to get me on my feet.
Click 19 years ago
Gather some ships before directly attacking...and make sure you have plenty of money to repair damaged ships.

The blue ships are really hard to take on, so make sure you don't ram into them. Try getting the same fighter as the one you begin with first.

Don't be afraid to go into overheat, it's not that bad for the beginning ship, try to play on 'easy' mode first, making capturing ships in the beginning eaiser...
Forum » Tipping ain't a city in China!

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