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Forum » Driftmoon finished? I must take to the Streets

Driftmoon finished? I must take to the Streets

Death Knight 10 years ago
I believe that as part of being one of the coolest rpg companies out there, I will once this is finished, do a nice advertising binge on your game. Im only doing this because Ville, Anne, and the other awesome people that worked on this, have truly made watching this game get better and better, a great experience for watching a game unfold.

If ville or anyone know when this game might be out (be it a week or group of weeks in future) I would like to know so I can take to the web and make your hard work pay off.

Anne 10 years ago
First, let me just say: Awesome!!!

To hear you'd want to do that when Driftmoon is finished, just really makes our day. The "advertising department" is the most neglected (and most-disliked) area of game-development for both of us, so we're extremely happy and thankful for anyone who wants to help spread the word about Driftmoon. If someone else wants to join in on your mission, we'll certainly not stand on the way, but rather yell hooray for each and every one of you!

And onto your question: Even though we're very close to the finishing line, it's not an easy one. What I can say, though, is that Ville is just finishing the last big puzzle in the fortress, while I'm 90% done on the dialogues of my last character - so I suppose that puts us just on the verge of our own complete play-through of the final area. Knowing as we tend to be slightly perfectionistic, that might mean we'll publish the complete beta in a couple of weeks ...or some weeks later, if we discover some parts we're not pleased with yet. But I promise we'll tell you as soon as we ourselves know the actual release date!

(Ps. The text above, this sentence excluded, has been approved by the next-to-almighty Ville.)
Forum » Driftmoon finished? I must take to the Streets

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