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Forum » Hey guys! Hows the game coming?

Hey guys! Hows the game coming?

jeramiahjohnson (guest) 11 years ago
So I've been following Driftmoon for the past month and a half or so, and having purchased the alpha on Desura and played it through three times, I must say that I'm very impressed. I love the lighthearted and very mellow vibe the game gives off. Totally awesome.!

So, my question is, are you guys still shooting for a 2012 release? *is dying to finish the story*
Anne 11 years ago
Thanks jeramiahjohnson, great to hear! Don't you die on us now, we're just about to get everything finished.
We're definitely shooting for a 2012 release for the full beta version, which will have all of the content (and hopefully not too many bugs either). Our courageous beta testing group is already standing on their toes, waiting for us to send them the beta release, to be tested a bit before we hand it over to all of our other awesome players.

It's looking very good, but it's (still) difficult to tell the exact time, because we don't know what exactly will pop up when we test. Let's hope we make it!

Edited 11 years ago
ville 11 years ago
You have to read between the lines there a bit, the full release of the stable version will more than likely be January. I think it's actually better this way, because we don't have to compete in the Christmas sales.

Great to hear you've loved Driftmoon so much! That means a lot to us.
Forum » Hey guys! Hows the game coming?

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