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Info from intern's mod

SuffNorgh 11 years ago
Hello there! This is Lauri (a.k.a that guy who is in game design internship in IK with bad English) and I have somewhat bad news. My mod, which is still called as "Lauri's mod" around here and "Ïr" in my head, is going to be released at the beginning of the next year. I am sorry about this of course but it has a very good reason to being late: Christmas holiday. I haven't done almost anything to this mod since 21st day since there is wayyy too much things to do IRL, like eating tons of chocolate for example.

BUT! When this holiday is over (hopefully I'd return to my appartment in middle of the next week) I'll start to spend most of my days for the mod. Hopefully you will enjoy or suffer while playing it.

I should (or not) inform much more to you guys but the curse of the IRL is overtaking is a GOOD pain...

Happy new year and overdued xmas to everyone, especially to my superiors Ville & Anne!
Anne 11 years ago
Hi Lauri, and nice to hear from you!

Don't worry about a day or two (or 20). I think our friends here at the forum are pretty understanding about deadlines that may change, after all, they've already gotten used to us. (Not that we ever miscalculate a deadline... OK, I admit it, we've sometimes stretched them more than a bit. But only because we've wanted to make Driftmoon as awesome as we can.)

Hope you enjoyed the Christmas time (even if it was IRL)! And have an fantastic New Year, Lauri!
Forum » Info from intern's mod

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