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Graphics problems

Crowley 19 years ago
For most of the text in the game I can only see the capital letters. What I can see for example is the "Press enter to continue" text in the intro and come dialogue choices. At spaceports I can read "Leave spaceport" "Ask for missions" and "Repair/sell ships", but the other choices only show the first, capital letter. I can also read the planet information at the bottom of the screen fine. in the starting conversation and Furthermore, in flight all the ships appear completely white. I'm running Wazzal on Win98SE with nVidia Geforce 2 MX with the latest drivers and DirectX 9.0.

With full graphics there's also clear slowdown especially when thrusting jets are displayed. I have a 1,3 GHz processor and 256 MB RAM, which seems to exceed the system requirements quite nicely. What's wrong here?
ville 19 years ago
Sadly what's wrong here is that the game isn't all that compatible with Geforce 2 MX and the newest graphics drivers. You might be able to get the game to work with older drivers.
Forum » Graphics problems

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