Ambient sounds


Right now we're working on ambient sound. The kind that's on the background, and makes the game feel more like a living world. If you saw the video and listened to the ambient sounds there, you're probably wondering what are we doing, there was ambience on the video! Didn't fool you? Alright, I admit it, the ambient sounds on the video were an addon, so we're just now working to add them.

What I'm currently planning is that we'll create soundscapes, a sort of collection of sounds that go together to create say, a jungle, or an ocean, or a cave. Then I'll create a tool to paint these soundscapes to the world, and we've got positional ambient sounds. So you can go to the beach and hear water roaring, and go back to the jungle and hear the birds chirping. The volumes of all these sounds are cleverly computed on the background, and all I'll have to do now is paint.

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