Current Project(s)

Driftmoon Driftmoon is an exciting adventure-roleplaying game with a charming personality! The last hope of an enchanted world lies in an unlikely alliance: a hyperactive firefly, a queen panther with a whale-sized ego, and a fellow who's lost all but his bones. They'll take you on a journey like no other, full of amazing adventures, and fearsome foes. More info
Notrium Notrium is a realtime single player survival game. You have crashed on a strange planet filled with aliens. To survive you must find edible food, build up your base, create weapons and bullets, and fight all sorts of enemies ranging from robots to alien queens. You have a vast randomly generated planet to explore, and there are multiple paths to victory. More info

Games from when Ville was just a kid

Magebane 2 (2002)
Magebane 2 Magebane 2 is a single player strategic roleplaying game where you command three monks on a quest to recover the holy Amulet of Yendor. Each monk masters a different school of magic, and you must find a balance in upgrading your skills in order to defeat your numerous enemies. Also, you can find various items to enhance your abilities. More info

Wazzal (2002)
Wazzal Wazzal is a single player space privateering game. The game starts when you capture a ship to become an interplanetary pirate. The idea is to fly your ships in our solar system and accomplish missions while gathering a fleet of ships to fight even more dangerous enemies. More info

Bikez II (2001)
Bikez II You are a mercenary biker in a near future dark city. The local criminal faction, Bikez, has just signed a contract with you about completing a series of missions including a whole lot of killing and blood. Complete increasingly more difficult missions while gathering money to upgrade your four fully customizable weapons. More info

The Forge (2000)
The Forge The Forge is a gladiator fight game. Your job is to manage your gladiator from crummy division three to the final point of winning the famed division one. Each won fight earns you money to better equip your gladiator to fight even bigger foes. More info