The menu is alive!


This is Bobby the Stranded Skeleton. He's the man (or skeleton) behind our new menu, walking around and sharing his thoughts on being stranded and life in general. So the menu is really a map in the game, only without the player. I'm sure you modders out there will love this, as you can make the menu background a heated battlefield, or a flowing volcano.

So back to Bobby. I don't have too many quotes for him just yet, so if you're reading this, share your own sentences in the comments. My only requirements are that it's a really short text, and it must fit into being said by a stranded skeleton called Bobby. The best ones will get into the game!

Here's what I've written myself, to start you up:

  • I'm a poor lonesome skeleton.
  • Is that a boat?
  • Maybe I'll plant a tree here.
  • Well look at that. A new seashell!
  • Man, I wish I could swim!

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