Voting continues (...and work on the sound engine)!


The voting continues. Last week we got 17% of all votes which means we reached first place out of 120 games!  Thank you everyone! This was only about 170 votes, so don't think your vote doesn't matter!

There are two votings left, so please vote for us this week and the next, and get all of your friends to help (we are following the instructions of the contest organizers, and advertising a bit ourselves )! You can vote at

In other news, I've been hard at work replacing our sound engine with a brand new custom made engine. We used to use Audiere, which turned out to crash at random due to threading bugs. So now I'm implementing a new sound engine from scratch. This is good old low level coding with threads and getting my hands greasy with bytes and char arrays.

My first choise was to use Microsoft's new XAct interface, but turns out it has horrible bugs if you don't use their own sound bank generation tools. Since I want to encourage open formats such as OGG, I'm going to use a lower level API called XAudio2. Unfortunately this means I have to write my own streaming routines and a lot of low level code. But it also means I have complete control over it, and it means our modders won't have to use any proprietary tools to create their audio. It's a bit more work for me, but hopefully rewarding in the end!

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