My day job


This will come as a shock to a lot of you: I have a day job. And not just any job, I make games for kids! If you don't believe me, see the Graphogame demo for yourself:

I'm the lead developer for games called Ekapeli and Graphogame. It's really fun and I enjoy the diversity. At the moment we have a team of four programmers including me, and a whole bunch of researchers going about in loops trying to figure out how to teach kids how to read. Some of you may know my darling wife Anne used to be one of those researchers, but that's another story.

I make most of the graphics for the games, though the other programmers help me as much as they can. Usually we use Inkscape, mostly because I wanted to learn it a few years back, and I think it gives a nice childish look.

Most days I end up working on games for over 10 hours, with first my day job and then work on Driftmoon. Sometimes I get them mixed up, at work we've begun implementing roleplaying stuff into Ekapeli, and at home I constantly have to fight the urge to use very simple language and easy missions.

So what do you think? Do I have a risk of getting a little schizophrenic with the totally different games I'm working on?

PS. We switched to a faster server. Anybody notice the difference?

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