The year is starting!


I finally got my internet connection back! It's been very peaceful without it, I wholeheartedly recommend changing your ISP every once in a while - gives you a chance to catch your breath.

  • I wanted to mention a game developer friend, Mika Halttunen. His latest work is a Bejeweled clone named Jewels, which seems to be doing pretty well on the Android platform. And he's done a lot of PC games as well, my favourite being I have No Tomatoes. If you visit Mika's site, try to coax him into coming to work again.
  • As for work on Driftmoon, I've been retooling the first portions of the demo to fit the new story. It's pretty tedious work, since I want to put in as little text as possible, but still keep it interesting and meaningful, while communicating the story I want to tell. I've already finished the part where you are a smith in the past for five minutes. Plus I put in fadeouts and fadeins! Modders can now fade the screen out by scripts, and to any specified color. It could perhaps be used for showing a red screen if you get very badly hit, or pretending you're walking in a mist.

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