Your opinions for combat


I've had the flue for nearly a week now, so I've had an opportunity to think about the combat in Driftmoon. It's pretty hard to think about swinging a sword when your body tells you to crawl under a blanket, so I've gotten nowhere. I think I need your help with this.

Should the combat be:

  1. Similar to Notrium, only with much improved melee.
  2. Like it is in the preview. A lot like Diablo.
  3. More strategic, you command your characters to attack and they do the fighting. You don't deal out individual punches.
  4. Turn based. Action points. Like old Fallout games or XCom.
  5. JRPG: Separate combat screen with turn based rock/paper/scissor combat.
I liked the current system initially, but since I've played it for quite a while I've been craving for the player skill to be involved. Plan 1, combat similar to Notrium, would give us that. But recently I've disliked the combat in Notrium because it's so fast paced and difficult, and the melee combat is just ridiculous pounding with more luck than skill involved.  The melee would at least need a blocking button. And I don't know whether I liked the fact that running away while shooting your enemies was a good strategy. Perhaps the aim should be penalized if you're moving, and at least the enemies shouldn't blindly run after you waiting for you to shoot them down.

Which combat system do you prefer?

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