Terrain sets and pesky red squares!


I started working on a new map, and I decided it was too boring to texture a large map by hand. Since this was a forest map, all I wanted was to adjust the terrain for riverbanks, riverbeds and mountains. Since I am a programmer I get easily bored with repetitious tasks, and I decided to make the editor do the automated part.

Now the paint tool can also use a set of terrain to paint. For example if I paint the map with Jungle-set, the game automatically draws all slopes with the specified slope texture, adjusts the texture accordingly when we get to higher ground, and makes the sea blue and adds the beach texture to shorelines. I can of course force a texture like previously, so this new tool is just meant to help a modder get started.

I also wanted to add these fancy red squares! The game will now automatically block walking too steep slopes, and the red squares show where the terrain is blocked by the water or a slope. (Edit) And I forgot to mention the squares are only visible in the editor. In the game itself the slopes will be marked with rocky textures.

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