New Food Counter


Some of you may remember that we changed the way food works in Driftmoon last spring. Now your food is slowly drained away while regenerating you health. I think it works pretty well, you can keep your health up, but it doesn't work so fast that you could eat yourself healthy in a battle. Also it gives the food some extra meaning in the game, a good reason to find it.

As I added a few more food types during summer time, they started taking more and more inventory space, as they couldn't be stacked. Combining them into one fixed the inventory space problem. After that I noticed there was an extra layer of complexity in place here, you first picked up the food, then opened the inventory, then clicked the food to eat it, and it went into your food meter. Now, after my recent change, all your food goes directly into a counter whenever you pick it up, no more opening inventories to click on Evil Berries and Food Cans. Saves inventory space and mouse buttons!

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