Driftmoon Now Available for Preorder!


We've been anxiously waiting to tell you this, so I'm relieved that I can finally open my mouth! We're now officially opening preorders!
Here are the main reasons to preorder now:
  • It’s 20% off!
  • There is no public demo yet, so the game is only available for preorderers. AND remember, we've come up with a completely new, brilliant adventure since the preview!
  • You will receive regular builds of the ongoing progress of Driftmoon, plus the final version. This will also provide you with a better chance to voice out your own ideas on the direction of the game and the modding tools!
  • With the alpha builds, you get full use of the up-to-date editor, to start making those beautiful mods you’ve been dreaming of!

Preorder Driftmoon for just €11.99! [easyfileshop id="1"]

This will get you the current version downloadable right away, and access to regular updates until the game is finished. You can pay with credit card or Paypal. You will receive an e-mail containing your personal license key that can be used to download all further Driftmoon versions.

Every bit of support helps us, and contributes to the development of Driftmoon. We're still some months away from the final release, but the game is progressing nicely, now that we can focus on content. Thank you for your support!

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