Ville Receives Sammon Tekijät Award!


I just got news that the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture awarded me the 50 000€ (about 66 000$) Sammon Tekijät Award for Creativity and Innovation! I'm deeply honored to receive it!

The Sammot Tekijät Award is a one time award given to ten creative young individuals. I was awarded for my career in game development. My latest project is of course Driftmoon (which is, incidentally, available for preorder). The Jury was very prestigious, consisting of a couple of ministers and many other important people, half of whom I suspect were cleverly infiltrated Driftmoon and Notrium fans.

I owe thanks to a lot of people, especially my friends and family. And a special thanks goes to the people who play my games! Over the years I've received feedback from thousands of players, and I've treasured each and every comment. I'm still eager to hear more.

What does this mean for Driftmoon? It means that a lot of people see Driftmoon having the potential to be a great game, and I'm determined to make it live up to those expectations!

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