Driftmoon Alpha 3


Here comes a new version of Driftmoon! As always, preorderers can access it on the secret download page. If you haven't preordered yet, you can get your copy for only 11,99€!

What's new

The most important new thing is that I've further improved the start of the game. This paragraph contains plot spoilers, so skip this if you don't want to know. Now you go into the tomb in search of your brother Robert, whom you'll eventually find after proving your worth to Eldar in a new quest. The Blessed Heart artifact is no longer stolen from you at the end of the first level, instead you can beat the bastard who in the previous version stole it from you. There's a new race of baddies, the lizardlike Rakan with a hissing speech impediment.

We've also meticulously tuned the game balance. The level bosses now require more strategic thinking to beat them. The new boss in the tomb level has a sword of dark flame that he can activate for short periods, and the spider boss now has a poison attack.

One of my favourite improvements is the addition of Evil Berry Seeds. You can plant them anywhere, and they supply you with new food every two minutes or so. It's good to have a few of them around in case you run out of food in some nasty dungeon. Or you could drop them to central locations and refill your food supply when you need to. The idea came from Notrium of course, but I thought it suited Driftmoon well.

Game changelog:

  • Improved the plot at the start of the game, especially the first level. Many tweaks and changes to the existing levels.
  • Improved level bosses.
  • Items dropped from dead enemies now show their names longer, making them easier to see.
  • Randomized the torch sound and the dragging sound starting positions. Now they sound less echoing.
  • Better poison effects, and antidote!
  • More frequent autosaving.
  • If the player is attacked in a conversation, he will automatically start fighting back.
  • You can find Evil Berry Seeds that you can plant anywhere to create a permanent food source.
  • Karma system. Certain deeds will gain or lose you karma. Your karma will affect certain characters, as well as prices in shops. I just haven't made any shops yet...

Modding changelog:

  • Add three script activation options: Start, Death and Never. Start activates the script immediately at the beginning of the level. Death scripts are activated when the bot dies, they are only applicable for bots. Never means the script can only be activated by other scripts.
  • Improved script edit view. Scripts take less space, so more complex scripts are easier to edit. Different script types are now color coded. Scripts can be dragged instead of moving one location at the time.
  • Explosion script action. Makes all nearby objects fly away as in an explosion. It's not very realistic, but it's better than nothing.
  • Dialogue replies can now be referenced from other dialogues. This is useful for conversation hubs, where the player can ask the same set of questions in reply to several NPC replies.
  • Script actions to wield/unwield an item.
  • Dynamic lights (such as torches) can have negative values = dark lights!

I guess I'm going to focus on the monastery level next. I've got a good plan, and a few buildings are nearly in place already.

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