Automated Updates


Did you know that when Notrium was released back in 2003 I continued working on the game for nearly two years? Most people played the first released version. That wasn't because they wanted to (I bet they would have wanted the latest version), but because the new versions didn't get as far and wide as the first version. I simply didn't have time to track down every site offering the first version, and every compilation CD with an old Notrium version. It was very frustrating, because I knew that the hard work I put into the later versions simply didn't get seen by people trying the game out. Notrium modders had the same problem, people trying out a mod might have had an old version of the game that wasn't supported by the mod. I wish I had thought of automated updates back then!

I just spent two whole days making a working update system. Simply put, it notifies you when a new version of the game comes, and updates it if you allow it to. It will ask you for admin permission (only if you have them), so it's compatible with installing the game to the Program Files folder on Windows 7. The updater even restarts the game once you're done, so an update is only one click away! This means we'll handle your updates from the next version onwards! From then on the lucky Driftmoon players (yes, the game is available here!) will be sure to get the latest version automatically when it is released!

I'm planning on reusing parts of the code I've created for a fanciful mod distribution system. My idea is that all Driftmoon mods could be distributed through the game, all you'd need to do to install a new mod would be to click one button.


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