Your opinions for combat: part 5


Last week we asked for your ideas on improving Driftmoon combat. We've read them all, and we really appreciate all the different views you've brought out!

We've pretty much completed the work on the new monastery level, and the new alpha version is just waiting for the combat mode changes. While Driftmoon is much more about adventure than it is about combat, I still want to perfect it.

From early on in the game you should get to make choices that make a difference on whether you win or not. Interesting choices. Which enemy to kill first? Which skills should I use against this enemy, and which ones should I save for later? My health is running out, will I kill the enemy with this shot or run away? Should I use a bow against this enemy?

I have to meticulously tune the combat balance for your choices to matter. Interesting choices are very difficult to make, so I have to change a lot of things, like what the different enemy types do and how they behave. I'm not going to reinvent the whole combat mechanics we currently have, but it will need a lot of love. And of course I will have to add interesting situations in the levels, not just randomly drop different monsters around...

It's a huge amount of work for me, but I'm certain it will be worthwhile. So you can look forward to a whole new level with about 1-2 hours of gameplay, as well as carefully tuned fights in the previous levels!

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