The Art of Arr!


We are too busy balancing the game and getting alpha number 7 ready to write anything ourselves, so we decided to let Hogpuff write for us. The following is verbatim from his new book:

The Art of Arr!

by Hogpuff the Brave
Follow in the glorious footsteps of Hogpuff the Brave, and your chances for success will multiply!

For strength and honor:

  • Carefully select the armor and weaponry you wield. I once forgot I had looted the Blessed Sword of Drakine the Hero from a tomb, and was only using a common soldier's dagger against the Rolling Rollo Horde. Boy, was I surprised when I discovered I had a better sword in my backpack! (Though, as I soon learned, standing up against a rollo is not wise even if you're wielding the Blessed Sword of Drakine. You're better of using your two fast feet.)
  • Develop your battle talents, and use them wisely! Don't forget to use any special moves you may have learned. Keeping a supply of mana potions in your backpack allows you to fill up your powers in a flash!
  • Always try to talk your way out of a fight, you might even make a friend! I was once able to talk the Mad Mana Mine out of exploding, and it didn't even understand human language, only ticking!
  • If you do end up fighting - and winning your fight - the battleground may occasionally contain useful weapons and other artifacts, which have not been damaged in the fight, and are still perfectly usable. We professionals call this "LOOT".

My strategies in tight spots:

  • A wise warrior knows when to turn back and gather his strength. A dead warrior is not a good warrior. (Although that phrase obviously ignores some fairly skilled undead skeletons.)
  • For a true champion like me, time seems to come to a halt when facing a life-threatening situation, giving me the possibility to carefully manouver my moves. In addition to going with the obvious health potion that restores your health, you can sometimes benefit from a mana potion, which brings you new defensive opportunities: The king of defensive moves is the Tower Shield, which allows you to completely block a number of attacks. A Shield Bash, which may stun your opponents, might also come in handy. And to top it all, I always keep with me a supply of Reverse Ooz powder. A pinch of that stuff, and you'll outrun anything!
  • Pick your enemies from a safe distance with a bow, and let your friends take all the hits. Your friends will love when you fire the triple crossbow at their backs. And just when your enemies and friends are exhausted, go in to get all the glory!
  • An intelligent adventurer always carries a good selection of food with him, and gathers more nutrition during his adventures. A storage of healthy food is essential for the natural healing process. It is also wise to carry with you some evil berry seeds. You can plant them in any location, and grow yourself food, when you've exhausted your own stash. Remember that the berries only grow when the person who planted them is near them - they won't grow if you leave the area completely.

I hope this has been useful to you. Remember that this information comes with absolutely NO WARRANTY!

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