Quick Slots


If you have already seen our new quick slots, then I'd like to know where the secret camera is, since I only implemented the newest changes yesterday.

Quick slots can now host both skills and items. When you place an item in a quick slot, it now acts as a link - the actual item stays in its original slot. You can actually have the same item multiple times in the quick slots.

Now that the slots are shared by both skills and items, we felt the need to add more slots. At one point we had the whole bottom of the screen filled with slots, but eventually we settled for 14.

The little blue numbers next to the skills show how many points of mana each skill takes. You can queue up to ten combat skills. Combat skills are activated one after the other when you're in combat. Two skills (Bless and Tower Shield) are non-combat, they take effect immediately. I'll still need to differentiate them visually, right now you don't know which ones are combat and which ones non-combat skills.

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