Alpha 8.2


As we're gearing towards releasing the demo, Driftmoon has been updated to Alpha 8.2. The harder difficulty levels now include more monsters, especially the Guardian level. I don't know how many of you like to play it on the hardest level, but for me it feels a lot more strategic now. Anyone new to the game should definitely play it on the recommended Champion setting.

Game Changelog

  • The Warlord and the Guardian difficulty levels now include more monsters.
  • Learned talents are now viewable on a separate tab in the stats screen.
  • Cheat commands are not enabled by default. Press SHIFT-F1 to enable cheats.
  • Fixed antidote potion description of the Poison Resistance talent.
  • Fixed crash when getting stuck in two webs without reloading in between.
  • Runs better if a graphics card has very little video memory.
  • Fizz no longer stays behind when you're attacking someone.
  • Bedroll.
  • Enemies regenerate health outside combat on Warlord and the Guardian difficulty levels. This makes it harder to camp in safe locations, whittling enemies down one by one.
  • New easter egg in the Bobby-menu. Can you spot it?
  • Camera is now slightly zoomed out when a ranged weapon is wielded.
  • Modding Changelog

    • Bot auto difficulty was getting reset.
    • Fix angle settings in createBot script.
    • Script action to change game speed.
    • Talent selection screen can now automatically fit and centralize up to 8 talent columns and rows, so you can fit up to 64 talents slots!
    • Bot type selector now has the ability to filter by text.
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